Friday, September 29, 2006

Quantity Time

I thought about complaining today on my post, but then I figured I wouldn't want to be known as the depressing blog! THEREFORE, I've decided to write about something happy!
For the most part I have the next two days to spend with my WONDERFUL husband! (He's been helping me out SO much, I don't know what I'd do without the man!) I may pop in here and there, but I'm planning on spending plenty of quality (and quantity) time with Steve...enjoying his company and enjoying General Conference with him! I hope all of you have a marvelous weekend! I probably won't be thinking about you...please forgive me in advance! :)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My Week at a Glance

I'm overwhelmed. I don't want to get into TOO much detail, so here's an abridged version:
  • I've been babysitting extra girls...way too much energy, and too much conflict for my taste!
  • A neighbor man died, and we're having to tell the little kids what has happened. It seems that they're handling it fairly well.
  • I've become the sounding board for my visiting teaching partner...I'm glad I can be there for her! She really needs a good friend right now.
  • Cam's IEP has come up and along with it have been suggestions from my FAVORITE (can you sense my sarcasm?) principal for DACC and more special ed! UGH! NO!! (His teacher agrees whole-hearted with me!)
  • A family friend's husband has turned into the creep who wouldn't give up! Supporting HER needs has become very important to our everyday lives! We constantly worry that he'll pull some crazy stunt that will end up hurting her or her children!
  • I'm seeing people's true colors in the face of adversity. Some turn to their own, selfish needs, others reach out in help of others, and some just close in on themselves. Dealing with these problems is what shows our true characters!

So, that's my life for the past few days summarized. All I can say is that I certainly hope that the kids I babysit will allow me a chance to sleep and recuperate! I need it!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Technical Terms

Today I went to Cam's school to help out in the classroom and the school psychologist pulled me aside and asked to talk with me. I wasn't too worried, since I knew he was going to be retesting Cam to see if he needed to continue in the special ed program. I told Cameron's teacher where I was going, just in case she needed me, and hurried down the hall. Mr. J told me how fun my son is and what a good kid he is. Then he told me that he had tested him on Friday and Cam had tested WELL below average. Then he told me the technical term for that was "mentally retarded." When I heard that phrase, my stomach turned and I was instantly upset.
Why do those words, while applied to my son, affect me in that way? I know it's a technical term, but it just gave me the mental image of a severely handicapped child.
I've grown up with a handicapped uncle, so I know how wonderful those kinds of people can be. I know that they are special, but I have a hard time with that term being applied to my child. Why can't they come up with a better word or phrase for that? I'm trying to convince myself that "retarded" is like the musical term "retard," which means slow. I figure if I convince myself that this is what they really mean, then the term "mentally retarded" won't affect me in the same way.
I had a similar problem when I went to see a doctor for myself earlier this year. He was talking into a voice recorder so he could have a record of who I am, and what my problems are. He kept using the term "morbidly obese" when he referred to me. And I really wasn't bothered by that term, probably because I KNOW who I am, and what I am. He apologized to me telling me that it was a technical term. I think him telling me that it was a technical term was worse to me than just saying it.
Why do we have to have these terrible technical terms? Why can't we find nicer ways to say these things? I've come up with a few options:
Instead of "morbidly obese," why not use "pleasantly fat?" Or what about "round?" Instead of "mentally retarded" why can't we use "delayed?" Or what about "slower than his peers?" I'd much prefer these terms, but for now, we're stuck with those dreaded technical terms!
The morbidly obese blob
and her mentally retarded child

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Wandering Thoughts for My Sunday Afternoon

GETTING OUT: I'm in need of a HUGE nap...but here I am...checking in on my blog and my blog friends. I guess it's just a way for me to feel a part of something else. I feel like I'm not worrying so much about my own "problems" and life...more like I'm getting OUT, so to speak!

SINGING TIME OLYMPICS: I have to share my excitement for the day: Junior Primary FINALLY pulled ahead of Senior today! (It couldn't be that I rigged the judges a BIT, could it!?) I was talking with the judges about how disappointed the junior kids are and asked that they be a bit lenient on them. Those kids TRY sooooo hard, and get very little positive feedback, so I figured that we'd indulge them today, and it worked WONDERS! Those kids sang with ALL of their hearts, and it sounded SO good! I'm so proud of them! They scored 146 points today, but because they were being rowdy, they lost one. Senior got judged a little more rough, and only scored 121 points. So now the over-all scores stand at: Junior-466 and Senior-455.5. (We need to find a way to get RID of that ".5!") I'm just so proud of the kids now though! We've been singing the songs now without ANY helps and they are doing great! (Can't say the same for the chorister, but hey, I'm trying my best!) I still have a few leaves left on my fall tree, then we'll be doing name that tune and putting animals and people on my Noah's ark. I love having games PRE-made! It makes my life SO much easier!

HORNETS: And who knew hornets could be SO ornery? My mom got stung yesterday by one particularly nasty one, and today one was chasing Cameron around...and he didn't do anything to bother it! We had to scramble for the safety of my mom's house! Scary! I'm just glad he didn't get stung! But now the poor kid is being kept INSIDE, just in case that hornet is watching for us!

CARTOON PLANET: Okay, so here is some of my "weirdness" showing through, but I just sat down and watched TWO episodes of Cartoon Planet today. When I was in high school my small group of friends had a semi-religious following of this show! We'd sing the Brak songs and just laugh at the stupidness of the whole show! I can't believe it's STILL on TV! (Don't get me wrong, I was sorely disappointed when it was taken off, but they're STILL showing it!) I still can't believe that I remember those songs! I was singing brother who is 10 years younger than me was looking at me and just shaking his head and clicking his tongue! (But he knew a skit too! SO HA!) I'm definitely going to have to watch this show MORE often! Watching it brings out the kid in me! :)

DEEP THOUGHT: "If you wear enough concealer, will you become invisible?"-my mom (and you wonder where I get it from!)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Blurb About RS Broadcast

I'm sorry about the extra post for today, but I have to comment on how much I LOVED the Women's broadcast tonight! I have been so emotional lately that the instant they started I was in tears. (What's up with that!?) Anyway, I can't believe how much they zeroed in on what I have been feeling this's amazing that we can learn SO much from these inspired women! (Even when we're dealing with a whiny child that we had to take with us at the last minute...) I'm really looking forward to next weekend now! :)


We went to preview our fancy, dancy photos taken last weekend and had a list of pictures that we needed replacements for. I thought, "Since this is a professional photographer, the pictures are going to be MORE expensive than I'm used to with my Walmart photo shoots. Hopefully it won't be more than $150 or $200."
We drove on the highway during a bad rainstorm/hailstorm/thunderstorm. There was only ONE accident, but my husband handled the car and my nervousness VERY well.
When we got to the studio there was an inch of hail on the ground, and Cam asked if we could play in the "snow." We hurried the boy inside...trying our best to distract him from the fun that he was missing out on. The lady who was going to show us our pictures told us that she had a few more minutes that she needed for downloading, and we could go see the pictures soon. We sat in the waiting room and looked through the many photo albums available to us, while Cam was stuffing his face with cookies. Soon enough the gal showed us into a room that had the feeling of a private movie room that you would see inside a celebrity's house.
They had a movie screen where we previewed our pictures. THEY were SO cute! I was hoping that the photographer had taken tons of pictures of Cameron by himself, but he didn't get very many. We watched the whole thing as a slideshow, then worked on whittling the list down to our top picks.
As we were shrinking down our list, we asked about prices. The smiling helper pulled out the price list and told us that we could choose from any of those packages. Steve looked at the first package available...the biggest one they offer, and immediately saw spots. The price was over $2000!! GULP! He hurried and handed the paper to me...the lady suggested that we look at the smaller packages. I looked at the cheapest one, and it was WELL over my mental $200 limit. We told her we knew what pictures we wanted, and asked to pick out the pictures individually and make our own package. We slowly went through our list and braced ourselves for the final verdict.
We did have a few things in our favor...we spent enough to get a "free" portfolio (normally $139) and we had already paid $75, and our gift certificate granted us ONE free 8x10...but our final price...UGH! $675!! Can you BELIEVE that?? GOSH! Well, there goes our Christmas budget for the year...I hope everyone doesn't mind getting pictures of us...cuz that's ALL we can afford. Poor Cam is only going to be getting small things for Christmas. We feel that getting these pictures will be worth the money we'll be spending. I just hope that we won't over extend ourselves even more!
That was only the FIRST of my ouchies for the past few days.
Yesterday when I was babysitting L and E I noticed that they were both wearing the SAME clothes they had been wearing on Wednesday! Three days in the same clothes makes for stinky, gross kids. Not only was poor L wearing the same onsie, but her hair was in the same hair-do that I had fixed for her on Wednesday! And when I had fixed her hair on THAT day she had food in her hair, making combing a crying experience for the girl. In my mind I realized that they hadn't been bathed since Tuesday at the earliest! How gross is that?! So after dropping Cam off at school, I gave both kids the bath that they deserved! Instantly L was happier, and full of energy. And baby E was happier as well!
My problem? How can I mention to the parents that I find this kind of thing disgusting? I can see not giving your child a bath EVERY DAY, but at least every other day! COME ON!
A few years ago I babysat my cousin's daughter, and he had the same disgusting habit with her...and I got fed up with being the primary care-giver for her, and not getting the results I had wanted! So finally I just told him that it wasn't working out for me, and I completely stopped babysitting any children for nearly 2 years.
I worried that if this was going to become a habit with this couple, I'd have to do the SAME thing...stop watching their kids. So when my friend came to get her kids, she noticed her daughter was in a different outfit, and asked if she had wet through her pants...I casually mentioned to her that I noticed that they were dirty and I had bathed them. She seemed VERY embarrassed! She told me that she had hoped that her husband had taken care of that, but it seemed that he hadn't.
Did I do the right thing? I feel bad about it, but I don't feel bad about how I made the little kids feel. I could tell that ALL they wanted was to be clean...
How would you have handled that situation? Did I go too far? What else could I have done? HELP!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Epiphany of Sorts

Without going into too much detail I learned a VERY valuable lesson in the wee hours of the morning today. I was pondering what was happening in my life and why all of those prayers I've prayed haven't been answered in the way I have hoped and wanted for so long. Then the thought came to me that I wasn't ready for it. If I had been given what I had wanted, my life would NOT be the same, happy life I have now.

Someone once shared a parable with me...and it completely applies to my life right now.

When you're a mother and your child comes to you at 11:30 in the morning asking for cookies, you tell him no. Then you give him a sandwich and some milk and tell him that what he REALLY needs is lunch. He may whine and throw a tantrum, but you are the mother, and you know what is best for your child.

When we pray to God for things, He may react like we did to our cookie-seeking child. We may be praying over and over for "cookies," but what we really need is some "lunch."

I've been praying for cookies for a LONG time now, and just realized the exact reasons that I've been told to eat my lunch. I am just SO grateful for an all knowing Father who looks out for me, and gives me what I need, rather than what I want.

I'm reminded of a song by Michael McLean...I hope he forgives me for sharing the words with you now:

All I ever wanted,
All I ever dreamed of
Everything I hoped and all the things I prayed for
Couldn't hold a candle to what I've been given
I've been given what I need.

A mansion on a hill or love like in the movies
Perfect little lives where no one has a problem
Instead of all those things I thought I really wanted
I've been given what I need.

Even when I didn't understand
When I thought you had no heart
Thank you for rejecting my demands
And always giving me the better part.

The words to this song sum up my thoughts completely and I'm just SO grateful for an early morning epiphany!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Are They Cotton or Silk?

I had a major flash-back last night...I remembered something that happened while I was working at Kmart, and I had a good laugh over it and thought I'd share with all of you.

Nearly 10 years ago, I was working apparel at Kmart. I was a very prudish girl, and was EXTREMELY innocent when it came to certain things. On this particular night it had been a LONG day and we were just getting ready to close the store when I got an odd call.
I was in charge of men's wear that night and I heard the page over the loud speaker announcing a phone call for my department. I quickly answered in my polite phone-voice.
Me: "Hello. Thank you for calling Kmart, how may I help you?"
Feminine-sounding, Southern-drawling man: "Uh, yes. Do you have thongs for men?"
Now I knew we did, since I had just stocked them THAT very day.
Me: "Yes, we do."
FS,SDM (Him): "Do you happen to know how much they cost?"

Me: "Uh, no, can you hold while I go and check?"
Him: "Sure."
I hurried over to where we kept the men's under things and found the prices. Hurrying back to the phone I was thinking about how I needed to hurry and wrap this call up, so I could leave for home. I was a bit embarrassed by the whole thing, but I tried to remain professional about it.
Me: "Sir?"
Him: "Yes?"

Me: "The thongs we have are $6."
Him: "Oh, my...Six dollars? Now is that for one pair?"
Me: "Oh, no, that's for 3 pairs."

Him: "Oh, (sounding pleased) three pairs. Now, are they cotton or silk, because I'm a male stripper and I need to know these kinds of things..."
At that instant my face turned bright red and I hurried and mumbled something about not knowing for sure and hurriedly closed up the conversation. I was humiliated, but I figured it was something I should tell my favorite manager about. He was on his break and I went over and proceeded to tell him the whole story.
He laughed so hard his face nearly went purple. I felt even MORE embarrassed. Then he said, "Well, Dawnyel, you should have invited him to come to the store and try them on for you!" That was IT! I was so humiliated and so embarrassed I instantly left him and had to hide in the fitting rooms until closing time.

Looking back, it makes for a great story, but geez! I was so innocent. My poor little head couldn't even THINK about a man wearing a thong, let alone modeling one for me! I still turn red just thinking about it! UGH!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Domestic Elk Escape...and How to Shoot the Owner...

I'm thoroughly annoyed with a local man right now! He's been in our local news for about a week now...and all he does is whine!
He runs an elk farm and last week many animals from his herd escaped. The governor issued an immediate hunt on the domesticated elk...fearing that the domesticated animals will intermingle with the wild population or spread disease. This man is furious. He's been saying that people are trampling his rights. UGH! What about everyone else's rights?
I'm so mad about it, I can't even think is a link to our local news station with stories ONLY dealing with this problem so you can read what the news has been reporting and think about it for yourself.
I believe the man is being EXTREMELY selfish and needs to think about what could happen to the wild elk population! AND I hope he rounds up his animals soon...because I'm TIRED of hearing about his problems!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Meme about ME!

Shelley from Spitting Prohibited tagged me for a meme. Now, I could say, "I'll do it later," but knowing me...I wouldn't! So here goes!
What do you like most about where you live?
I love that I can drive for just an hour (or less) in pretty much ANY direction and find wilderness! I love the mountains and there are many around here. (I've actually had this argument with a friend, and she disagrees with me that the mountains I see are actually considered "mountains." It's my I WIN!!) This area has many nice people too. It's kind of fun to just drive down the road, see someone you know, honk and wave...and receive a wave back! And I absolutely LOVE the fact that I live just mere minutes from a temple. It's so nice to just decide one day to do a session and not have to plan days, weeks, months, or years in advance! I love it! Oh, and I love the river that runs through makes it more fun!!
Is there anything strange about where you live?
There's really nothing to do here. There is cow-tipping, but it's not THAT fun....uh...
I can't really think of anything strange about this place...the roads are pretty straight...the people are fairly decent (we do have our token weirdos...) Uh....lemme think for a minute....
We do have a big celebration (actually this weekend) celebrating potato harvest. They call it Spud Days...I don't normally go to this, but there are lots of people that I know who plan and schedule their days for this time of year. Yes, I'm from Idaho....but do we have to have a big do-dah about potatoes? Oh, well!
What's one of your all time favorite music albums, and why?
The Tarzan soundtrack....simply because that was what my husband and I were listening to when we first discovered the FUN way to kiss! :) (I'm not weird...I just can't think of any other album that makes me smile like that music!)
Did you have a passion for something as a kid that you still have now? (If not - what is one of your passions now?)
I was a bossy-butt growing up...that hasn't really changed....but does it count as a passion? I've always loved to read and I still do...when it's a decent book. I also have a passion for being the best I can...and sometimes it turns into an OCD moment, but I still strive to be the best I can!
What do you like most about having a blog?
Venting and getting some support for my serious short-comings. I seem to CONSTANTLY be whining and belly-aching on here, but for some reason, people just keep coming back! I actually just started my blog so I could keep in touch with friends and family who don't live near me...but now, I just vent, record what I'm thinking, and let it all out!
Who to tag??? Uh....I think I'll tag Stephanie and Froggie. If they don't do this, then it's okay...I seriously have this phobia about tagging people for memes...AH!
And just as a fun update...For our singing time Olympics today the Senior primary widened their lead over the Junior primary by 2 points! So now the score stands at: Junior-321, Senior-326.5! I'm seriously going to find less strict judges for Junior and more strict ones for the Senior! :)
Oh, and one more quickie: I will take a picture of my husband's new wedding band when I find a camera that works. (Ours is busted...dead...and my mom's is packed away in her trailer...)

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Things are hopping here!
Yesterday I got paid from the two families I babysit for...and so we immediately cashed in the checks and did something we've been waiting several months to do...we picked up my husband's new wedding band.
Years ago, (nearly 7 to be exact) I bought my husband a respectable wedding band. Nothing fancy, just a yellow gold band. He was okay with it, but after a few months confided in me that he wanted diamonds too. UGH! Why didn't he tell me sooner? So for years we'd go looking in jewelry stores searching for his "dream ring."
Finally a few months ago, while we were getting my ring inspected to keep up on the warranty, we found THE ring. It was white gold, kind of a two-tone thing, with 5 little diamonds in the center. He just kept staring at it through the glass. I saw the sadness in his eyes as he thought about how, soon, someone else would snatch up that ring. I asked the sales person to pull out the ring for a closer look. Steve pulled it close to his eyes and admired the ring. I watched as he reverently put it on his finger and find to his amazement that it was a PERFECT fit. Well, that just clinched it for me...we had to get that ring. We didn't have much money, but I knew we'd have to get it! We ended up putting it on layaway and walking from that store with a little bit of a skip in our step.
And then yesterday, he officially got it! He was so excited when I told him earlier this week that when I got paid I was going to get the ring out of layaway. (His eyes sparkled like they hadn't in a while!) Once I got the second check he was all ready to head out! He was like a little kid on his birthday...ready to get his present!
When he put it on his finger it looked AMAZING! Like, before, I'd look at his finger with the ring on it and think, "That means he's mine...right?" Now, I see that NEW ring and KNOW!! It's the ring I SHOULD have bought for him when we got married, but now that we have it....I'm just so happy!
The other thing that has been keeping us busy is getting our pictures taken today. Lately the weather forecasts have been predicting rain (snow for those in the mountains.) We panicked and bought a cute umbrella, just in case.
Bright and early this morning we got primped and ready to go and we went on our drive. I wanted outdoor pictures...non-traditional and fun. I had scheduled to get our pictures taken at a local university garden.
We went there and the flowers were still blooming! I was so excited! The only problem with the whole thing? It wasn't raining, but the wind and temperature put us at a photo shoot in 37 degree weather! UGH! Poor Cam! He had a blue face, and purple hands...his nose was way runny too! The photographer was great and snapped picture after picture...trying his best to hurry so we could go back to the studio where it was warm!
We got TONS of cute pictures that I'm really excited to look through and pick out. I'm just worried now about the price of the whole thing....but we'll manage!
Like I said...we've been hopping! Now I'm hopping off to talk to my mom...I haven't talked with her decently ALL week! I so need to catch up!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Why I Love Rain

It's been rainy here this morning, and I'm LOVING it!!
I've mentioned before I LOVE rain! I don't think I've actually ever said why I love it, so I'm going to share! (Don't you feel lucky? I'm sharing just with you!)
Years and years ago...(I think I was 7 or 8) I went to church and heard the person who was speaking talk about when she knew God was real and that he loved her. She had prayed that if God was there He'd light up just ONE specific stained glass window, and it lit up. I remember thinking, "Gee, if God is real, and he can answer her prayer, why not mine?"
So that week I got down on my knees and prayed. I had grown up in the Church my whole life and I pretty much knew that God was real and that he loved me, but I wanted to know for SURE. I asked God to let it rain if He was really there. There was NO rain forecast for the weather, and soon after I prayed it began to rain. It wasn't just ANY was CRAZY rain! This storm was the biggest I had EVER seen in my life! People around me were commenting on how big this storm was. In the back of my mind I knew why it was so big, but I kept it to myself. I had felt the Spirit's confirmation that what I had prayed was true and that this was a sign to me that what I had asked was true.
Every time I hear a storm now, I remember that day and the feeling. But there are a FEW other reasons I love rain...every time something good in my life happened, came about on a rainy day: when I knew what to do about college, when I knew I was supposed to marry Steve, when I found out I was pregnant with Cameron, the days following Cameron's birth...
When Cameron commented on the storm this morning I told him that the day I had found out that he was in my tummy was a VERY rainy day, and that's part of why I love rain. He grinned and promptly asked me all kinds of questions about when he was in my tummy.
I always joke that I know it's going to storm (rain or blow) when I have a good hair day...and today is a GREAT hair day...oh, well! Bring on the rain!
As I walked him to school this morning with our new umbrella opened and hearing the rain tip-tapping on it, I was reminded again of how blessed I am! Every time I walked past a wet pine tree and the smell wafted to me, I just grinned. Life is good and even though I complain, I should remember the things I've been blessed with!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

My Hero

My husband is my life saver!! Normally my Thursdays are crazy and I'm way frazzled by the I'm calm and relaxed...thanks to Steve!
He pushed back his work schedule today so he could walk Cameron to and from school! Then once he came back he was in the trenches with me...holding fussy babies, cooing with them, and helping me out BIG TIME!!
On days like today, I am SO grateful that he is in my life! (I know...I should be grateful EVERY day!) Thank you, Steve! You're my hero! :)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A "New" Alphabet Song

Just to make a happy day (or warped...whatever...) Here's my opposite to the starfall website I put up the other day! :)

Uncalmable Mama

My husband and I were rudely awoken this morning by piercing screams growing louder and louder. Cam was running into our room screaming that monsters were in his room and biting his arm. Now, when he was younger I'd soothe the boy, and allow him to sleep with me in my bed, but now that he's BIGGER and harder to sleep with I refuse, unless it's for a short period of time. I searched all over my room to find out what time it was...using Cam's indiglow watch, scrambling for my glasses to read the VCR, but nothing was working. Finally Steve rolled over and mumbled something about it being 2:00 in the morning. UH...I need my sleep!! "Cam, everything is fine, go back to bed!"
My memories of the next hour are a blur of more screams, (on both sides) running back and forth from bedroom to bedroom, and frustrated cries. My son is almost 6 years old...I'm NOT used to this kind of behavior!! He normally sleeps through the night, and if he has problems, he'll cry for a while, but he'll quickly fall back to sleep! This screaming went on for an HOUR!! Both my husband and I had to be awake at 5:00...him to prepare to leave for work at 6:00, and me, so I could shower before I had to start babysitting at 5:30! We were sleepy! When Cam had woken us up we had been blissfully sleeping in a comfortable position. But after that hour of trying to calm things down so ALL of us could sleep, we were uncomfortable and grouchy! It took us a while to finally fall back to sleep, but it was a short time until the alarm went off!
Usually L and baby E will come over, and quickly fall asleep until 7:45 when it's time to get ready to take Cam to school. Not the case today. Baby E has been feeling neglected lately (Dad would rather play video games than tend to his screaming son...) and has not wanted me out of his sight for the ENTIRE day! On top of this, he's been having a belly ache lately...meaning...lots of puking and crying! He didn't fall asleep until it was time to take Cameron to school. By then I was EXTREMELY grouchy and tired!
I've devised this plan where I put L in the stroller and balance E in his baby carrier on top of the little stroller cover. With my friend's stroller it worked beautifully, but with mine...not so well! When I set the carrier on top, it balances on L's head! Forcing her to sit forward for the entire ride to school....not a fun ride for her!
So, we changed the accommodations for the pick up! E was IN the stroller (screaming) and L would hang on and walk with me. It worked, until she saw something else that was more fun! We managed to make it work...but at a VERY slow pace...L is only two, after all! We picked Cam up and for the rest of the walk home, E screamed his guts out!
At home, I went to feed the kids and as I was setting out the bowls of macaroni on the table, L went after Cam's bowl. He, naturally, told her no, and she instantly began screaming. (Here's where I get honest...) I had lost it by this time...screaming baby, lack of sleep, and now screaming toddlers?? Not a good combination! I screamed BACK to the little girl. Looking back, I know it wasn't a good move, but I was frustrated, and rather than beat the girl to death (my urge) I screamed! It was one of those primal screams...releasing all of my anger and frustration over my felt good, but as soon as I was done, I felt guilt! L looked at me with shock! I didn't know what else to do, so I stuffed her face with food.
After feeding the kids, I went to feed the baby, then feed myself. The baby was in one of his freak-out moments...and was screaming for attention. I ate my lunch quickly, and picked him up to soothe him! He calmed down and eventually fell asleep. I quietly laid him down and tended to the other two kids.
Not too much later E had woken up and was uncalmable. (Is this a real word? If so, then I'm going to use it ALL of the time!!) He screamed and matter what I did! He was fed, clean, and being held, but he was still screaming. I didn't know what to do! I was at my breaking point...lack of sleep, being screamed at all day long, and having fighting children....I did what I KNEW I had to do. I set the baby in his carrier...still screaming...and I took a time-out! I had lost it...I felt like I was losing my mind as well! I had enough and was FINISHED!! Poke a fork in me...I was DONE!!! I knew if I didn't put him down and take this time-out, then I would hurt the kid...and I DON'T want to EVER do anything like that!
Cam and L were staring at me like I was a crazy lady, which I had turned into at that point. I sat in my mama's chair, rubbed my temples for a few minutes, said multiple silent prayers for strength, and gathered my wits! At the end of this I wasn't completely calm, but something had had helped a little!
I soon calmed the screaming baby, and eventually settled the other kids enough to have naps! (I even napped for an hour as well!)
It was one of those days where I question whether what I'm doing is right for me and my family (being a stay-at-home-mom while babysitting other people's kids)...or if I really should consider doing something else! All the while I'm questioning my choices, a voice in the back of my mind was calming me down, telling me that I'm doing the right thing, but I need to take time to relax.
Am I the only one who wonders if I'm doing the right thing? Maybe I'm just a crazy lady who needs to be institutionalized! If I do, don't tell me...I don't want to think about it!
I'm seriously hoping that we don't have any returns from night terrors tonight...I'm already freaking out about tomorrow (my crazy babysitting day...) I need to refill my chocolate stash, and hope things go better than they did today!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


There is this lady in my parents ward who had announced in Relief Society that her golden plum tree was so full of fruit that it was breaking the branches and dying. She asked that anyone who wanted them to come and help save her tree. So yesterday my parents went...and I tagged along.
When we got to the tree the branches were nearly to the was DEFINITELY ready to be picked! So we started in on the job. It was really kinda fun! (I mean, I don't have to do it ALL of the time, so it's okay...) We ended up with 2 full boxes and three Walmart bags FULL of plums...and we didn't even scratch the surface! I noticed as I was picking the fruit off of one of the branches that it got higher and higher until I could BARELY reach it, when before it had been smacking me in the face!
ANYWAY, I took a box of them home, but now I have a new problem...What am I to do with all of these blasted plums?? Sure, I love munching on them for a snack, but I can't eat a FULL box by myself...Steve and Cam both say they don't like them...
If you have any helpful suggestions, recipes or help for me...please help me! They're ripe now, but soon they'll be a mushy mess on my kitchen table! :)

Monday, September 11, 2006

How Many Posts Can I Do in ONE Day?

I have some exciting news on helping my child with his school work. His teacher gave me an EXCELLENT website...and I just have to share!! :) Seriously though, I didn't realize Cam could be SO interested in one thing for so long! He played on this site for over an hour today!! This is now going to be a regular part of our days!

Where I Am: 5 Years Later

I guess you could call me a glutton for punishment. For the past I don't know how long I've been glued to my television...watching all of the specials, movies, and theories thrown about September 11th. I'm finding it hard to sleep...wondering what new theory I will miss if I sleep. The other night I stayed awake watching Inside The Twin Towers on was SO interesting to me. I found myself hoping beyond hope that the people I was watching on this show would make it out of the buildings and live long, healthy lives. I even found myself hoping for a different outcome to what had really happened. I was praying constantly that God would bless those courageous people, and help them to live a normal life, knowing full well, in the back of my mind, that my prayers were in vain.
I can't help myself. Last night I was on my couch for a solid 3 hours watching
ABC's presentation of The Path to 9/11. I hadn't even planned on watching it until I heard all of the controversy over it. To be honest, I hadn't even heard of it until then. So I watched in horror as I relived that time in my life.
The show started with the first bombing attempt on the World Trade Centers in 1993. Now, I vaguely remember this happening. I do remember talking about it for a while, but I don't remember all of the details...I was only 13 years old! I was more concerned at that time with who was going to sit with me at lunch than what was going on in the world. (My sad, but true, reality!) I never realized all of the scary things that were (and are) happening in the world. (I know that they say that show is not meant to be a documentary, but there are many true elements that have shocked me!)
Why do I submit myself to this torture?
It's because I NEVER want to forget the way I felt that day.
On that day, my world had changed (as I'm sure MOST of yours did as well). Before then I was a new mother with big hopes for my son. But, on that day, my hopes for my son changed. I, now, wanted him to grow up free from fear, I wanted him to know that people are basically good, and I hoped that he would be free from harm. I had worried that because of these problems that had (in my mind's eye) just started, my son would grow up in a totally different world than the one I had loved.
I had been glued to the tube then, like I am now. (I guess not much has changed in that regard.) And I also found myself turning more and more to my Heavenly Father for peace of mind and seeking for answers.
Today I am grateful for the things that I have in my life. I have a larger patriotic spirit that I never knew existed. I raise my son with caution, probably frightening him more than I should, but in a way that makes me feel at peace. I've learned that I can't rely on the outside world for must come from within my own home and heart. I feel like I've become a stronger woman, mother and wife because of the emotions that I experienced that day. I hope that I can only get stronger and learn to rely on the Lord more and more!

Where I was Then: 5 Years Ago

This post is a direct entry from my journal dated Tuesday, 11 September 2001:
"These acts shatter steal, but they can't shatter our spirits." --President George W. Bush
It all started with a phone call from my mom at 8:30 (MDT) this morning. Cameron (who will be one next month) was awake and he and I were giggling together in my bed. She asked me if I was watching TV. I said no and she told me to turn it on--I asked what channel and she said it didn't matter, I'd find it on pretty much every channel. I flipped through and saw a tall building smoking with a huge dirt cloud next to it. She told me one of the twin towers of the World Trade Center had a plane fly through and they were trying to decide if there had been a bomb on it. Then she said the Pentagon had also had a plane fly into it. On channel 8 they showed both pictures side by side. Steve came out and I filled him in on what I knew. Then Mom said good-bye and I was glued to the TV for the next hour or two.
At first I thought it was a joke. How could anyone really believe this tragedy could happen in the USA?! Then as I watched and listened I heard the reporters say that the remaining tower was leaning and they feared it would collapse too. Steve called work to let them know what was going on and to listen to the radio. Then as he called his family, the second tower fell.
When I saw that I felt horrible for those people and their families and I started crying. I can't imagine how they feel and what they're going through. The coverage has been going all day! Those planes were hijacked and the terrorists knew what they were doing.
People are saying that war has been declared against us.
As I thought about what's going on I thought 'This is the beginning of the end.' In seminary I remember discussing the last days when there would be a huge religious this the beginning of that war?! Things are so scary!
I worry and wonder, but I hope life will be fine and continue to go well. I'm so worried about those people and us!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Productive Day

I have a few updates that I thought I'd share with all of you who have been following my drama-queen life:
1. Communication with regards to my babysitting situation. My friend, L, came over today to discuss what they have planned for making babysitting work for me and for them. The poor girl was so tired she had a hard time focusing on what was going on. But she's talked with her husband, and thanks to the last few days of being shocked by many different sources, he's back to who he normally is. (He's been so tired and wiped out from his job that he's been ornery, grouchy, selfish...) He WAS shocked with my announcement of the extra fee for babysitting past the expected time. Their suggestion is that every once in a while he may need a break...especially if she's working a 12-hour shift too. So the NEW schedule is he will pick up the kids at the regular time (before 1:00) on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Fridays they request that L picks the kids up at 3:30. I told her that it sounds fine with me. I told her that mostly my problem with having the kids late was the mental aspect. If I know ahead of time (I told her I need 2 days notice of extra hours) then I will be fine. On top of this new schedule, they are paying me more money too! She realized that what I've been getting is WAY less than I deserve, and so now they're going to STILL trade out massages, but I will be getting $140 a month! I'm feeling much better about the whole thing. If this still doesn't work out for me (I have a break-down or something like that) then I will still have the option of quitting, but so far this has put my mind at ease.
2. Singing Time Olympics. This idea was BRILLIANT!! (Thanks,
Carrie!) The kids ate it up! Not only do the kids love the competitive spirit and sing better, but the primary presidency also has a say in how well they think the kids are doing. It helps the kids know how much better they have to do to earn a "10!" They did GREAT!! And the points are pretty close: Junior Primary has 149 and Senior Primary has 152.5. (I wasn't planning on any ".5's" but the kids really worked hard for it!)
3. I'm not the ONLY chorister in Primary anymore! Last week, while I was out of town, they called a new lady in the ward to be the senior primary chorister...and she's so good! She's the lady who had called me a
few weeks ago wondering if I could babysit her child on Mondays...and the one I had to say "no" to. I told her about my whole Olympics idea and she fell in love with it! So the Olympics goes on! :)
All in all, I had a GREAT day! Don't you just love it when things finally come together?!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Singing Time Olympics

I'm preparing now for the next two and a half months worth of singing times. Yes, it's crunch time...also known as the months leading up to the Primary Sacrament Meeting presentation. (They changed the name from "program" to "presentation." What's the difference?)
Last year the lady who was in charge in our ward worried that the kids didn't know the songs well enough, so she split them into smaller groups and had mini-choirs. I really DID NOT like it that way, so I promised myself that THIS year I'd drill those songs into the kids' heads so much that they'd be singing the songs in their sleep.
I have always enjoyed this special meeting in church for as long as I can remember. And my MOST favorite part was hearing the entire primary sing the songs together. So last year when she split the kids in to small groups for singing the songs I was highly disappointed. I didn't feel like it was the same thing.
ANYWAY...We've reviewed and reviewed the songs. And as usual there are some songs they know so well they are tired of singing them, and there are others that they mumble their way through because they DON'T know the song like they should.
As I've mentioned before I'm planning on doing a Singing Time Olympics, and now I'm getting ready to start it. I printed off the words I'm going to use for my point-keeping posterboard, and made them pretty. I've had my score cards printed off for a while, and now to implement the plan.
The plan is to have the primary presidency judge the kids (I may have guest judges come in every once in a while, but I'm not sure yet.) They'll judge the kids tomorrow according to how well they know the words. I'll have them judge the kids' knowledge of the melodies next week, and the volume on the next week. After judging in the three different areas, I'll have them judged in all three areas with an overall score. Each week I'm going to keep track of the scores that both Junior and Senior primaries have, then I'll transfer the scores to my posterboard...keeping it posted for the whole time we're reviewing. Which ever section wins the "contest" will win gold medals, but the other group will win silver medals...I just won't tell them that they'll BOTH get prizes...I want to maintain a competitive spirit.
For the first little while I'm going to have the songs picked come from my autumn tree. The kids will pull yellow and orange leaves off my tree and sing the song that's on the back side. I have a plan for the end of the month to do name that tune. I'm still trying to come up with fun ways to pick the review songs. I also have an ark set up where there are songs on the back of the animals and people that you put on the ark...I may have to update that and use it as well.
I had a dream about my new plan last night. It was weird (as most of my dreams are...) and in it I couldn't find ANY of the stuff I had planned. I was so upset, but managed to improvise. But, in my dream I had a poster with a sun on it...I guess they put the rays of sunshine on it, wanting to make the sun shine bright. I may actually use that idea, but I may not.
If you have any other great ideas for review games...please share them here. I'm hitting a mental block, and I hope I can get over it quickly! I'm really excited for this new singing time Olympics thing should help me keep the kids' interests while we're just singing the same songs over and over and over.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Hopeful News and Poetry

After stewing over my problem all night (and finishing off my ice cream and dosing up on Midol) I'd decided that adding the extra hourly charge would be a good start to fixing my babysitting/doormat situation. If this doesn't fix the problem I'm going to have to stop watching the kids...I don't want it to end this way, but I've gotta think about my family first!
So this morning when the mom dropped the kids off I told her what I had decided and she was totally agreeable with it. She told me that she sat down last night and had a LONG conversation with her husband, convincing him of the error of his ways enough to cause him to lose sleep over it. I wasn't happy to hear that this situation had been causing not only MY family problems, but theirs as well. From what she told me things are looking up (finally) and he'll be taking care of his responsibility soon.
Today when he came to get the kids (on time!) I told him about the solution I had come up with...telling him that his wife was already aware of the situation, but I wanted to let him know what was going on too. He looked a bit shocked about my solution, but I hope it scared him at least a little! I'm feeling hopeful about the situation. I don't want to be used, but I don't want to leave my friend in a lurch either.
Now, for something happy! :)
My husband's aunt sent me this funny poem...It totally fits my mood for the day, so I thought I'd share!

I asked the Lord to tell me
Why my house is such a mess.
He asked if I'd been 'computering',
And I had to answer, "yes."
He told me to get off my fanny
And tidy up the house.
And so I started cleaning up...
The smudges off my mouse.
I wiped and shined the topside.
That really did the trick...
I was just admiring my work...
I didn't mean to 'click.'
But click, I did, and oops I found
A real absorbing site
That I got SO way into...
I was into it all night.
Nothing's changed except my mouse
It's very, very shiny.
I guess my house will stay a mess...
While I sit here on my hiney!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

How Would You...

Okay, I've got a couple of gripes that I HAVE to get off my chest. It just hit the fan today and I don't know how to deal with either problem.
Problem Number ONE:
Today at school Cameron hit a little girl. Normally that in and of itself would be a HUGE problem, but there is more that just makes it worse in my mind.
The teacher caught it and disciplined him appropriately, but his in-class aide missed the whole thing because she was helping another child. UH! Why is she even there if she's NOT doing her job? She is supposed to be there to keep Cam on task so that he doesn't get distracted and doesn't disturb (let alone hit) other kids. I can understand that she may have been distracted for a while, but IT'S HER JOB! UGH!
Should I confront her about it? Or should I just let it go until something like this happens again?
Problem Number TWO:
Today was my crazy babysitting day (I had three kids to watch ON TOP of Cam...two of which are teeny babies.) Anyway, I had to start my morning bright and early, 5:30, and for at least two of the kids my job was to end around 1:00 that afternoon. Not a problem...if it had worked out that way...
Luckily Steve has had the last two Thursdays off and has been able to walk Cam to and from school...then I don't have to worry about how I'm going to get him there. But I'm still stuck watching a two-year-old who is VERY much into the "terrible twos" stage, a fairly content 3-month-old who only needs attention when he's hungry or poopy, and a very clingy, demanding one-month-old who wants to be held CONSTANTLY. I deal with the screaming from the baby J (the one-month-old) by letting him scream it out for the half hour or so that I'm caring for baby E (the three-month-old.) Little L (the 2-year-old) is pretty content to play with toys, making a mess, or watching cartoons. She does demand a sippy every once in a while, but she's pretty easy to care for.
What really frazzles me is when all three are demanding things at once. I can go from organized and collected to at my wit's end within seconds. (I had a bad breaking point today...just about killed anyone who crossed my path for those few minutes.) So, I've had a rough day, and to make things worse, the dad who is supposed to pick up his kids at 1:00 IS NOT THERE!
My friend told me when she dropped her kids off this morning that the plan was for him to get a ride from work to pick up the truck at his wife's work. Then he was going to come and get the kids after that. So he should be there around 1:00, 1:15 at the latest. I was looking forward to just watching J and Cam....2 kids would be HEAVEN after the day I had experienced.
Well, one o'clock comes and goes. No problem, right. I rationalize in my mind that he may have hit traffic. I think to myself, "I'll wait until 1:30...if he's not here to get his kids by then I'm calling his cell phone." I feel like I should give people the benefit of the doubt, because things come up, and it's expected that out of the ordinary stuff will happen...I can understand that.
So when he's still not there at 1:30 I call him. He gives me this story that the person who was supposed to get him from work couldn't come...they had other things going on. Okay, I can understand that, but where are you? Then he tells me that he ended up catching a ride with someone he works with, but the guy speaks minimal English, and C, the dad, speaks minimal Spanish. He tells me that he was BARELY able to give the guy directions to his home, let alone directions to a babysitter's house. UH! You couldn't give him directions to get your truck? He sounds sincere, but I'm beginning to think that this is just his way of getting away with leaving his kids with someone else so he can sleep. Granted, the guy has just gotten off a 12 hour shift, but what about me? I expected MY work day to end when he got there at 1:00, now he's telling me it'll be longer? At this point I'm MADDER than I've been in a LONG time, but I keep my cool, and tell him I understand.
Then C goes into this story about how he's just talked with his wife. She's not feeling good, he says, and she'll be getting off work early, and will pick up the kids when she gets off. She'll be there SOON! Okay, that means I only have to watch them for a short while until she gets there. I say good bye and hang up, waiting for L to pick up her kids.
She normally gets off work at 3:00...she got to my house to get the kids at 3:30! THAT'S NOT EARLY!! She apologizes and apologizes, telling me that she's upset with her husband. We discuss that he's probably using all this as an excuse, and how it's really not fair to me. She tells me that I need to tell C my feelings, letting him know that if things don't change soon, I'm going to have to stop watching their kids. She totally understands my frustration, and she's even sharing it, but her husband JUST DOES NOT GET IT!
So here's my dilemma:
I love watching these kids...I feel like they're my own kids most days. I love my friend L...she totally gets what I'm going through, and sympathizes with me. I want to continue to help out my friend, but I'm not getting through to the husband.
All I want is some respect.
I want things to work out so that if I'm told my day will end at 1:00, it WILL! I just want them to be honest with me...when they tell me something I want it to happen the way I was promised. Is that too much to ask? How can I deal with this husband who doesn't understand my predicament?
I'm tempted to tack on an additional charge...$5 for each hour over what they've told me. It seems mean, but I feel like it's my only option. I'm pretty much letting them use me as it is. I'm only charging them $80 a month...for 2 kids! I'm feeling used, and it's not fair that he's using me to get what he wants.
What do you suggest I do? Right now I'm going to take a Midol, eat my delicious chocolate ice cream, and fume some more. HELP!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Candles Make Me Happy

My husband indulged one of my many fetishes tonight...he bought me 12 new yummy scented candles! I'm so excited for the cooler weather when I will light them up, to smell up my house. (I don't light them during the warm seasons when I have the windows wide open...why waste the smell on the outdoors?)
The scents I've picked for this coming season are Pumpkin Spice and Warm Apple Pie. I love scents that make my house smell like I've been cooking all day long, but in actuality I did nothing!
I've always loved candles. I can't walk past the candle shelves at Walmart without stopping to smell each and every candle...I'll sniff and sniff until I can't sniff no more! It's one of those things that I can't help myself with, and fortunately my husband shares in my obsession! (Thank goodness for that!)
What smells do you love to fill your home with?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Weekend Woes

While driving home from our holiday weekend, I was looking out the window at the beautiful mountains we were passing by. Each one was different, but each had its own beauty and majesty. There were the short tree covered mountains. There were the tall, ragged, bald-topped mountains.

The valley spreading out around us was teaming with life...sagebrush, cows, flowers. I was in awe of the beauty that was so close to my home. I am truly blessed to live where I do. As I was getting into this attitude of gratitude and feeling the awe of the beauties around me, my dad slowed the truck and trailer down and pulled off the road onto the narrow shoulder.

The tire on the truck wasn't on tight enough, it was rubbing and we had knocked off one of the pegs that keep the tire ON the truck. (Not a good sign!) Chalk it up to another bad thing that had happened this weekend.

Just to make this post short (because it could get LONG winded) I'm going to hit the highlights.

Left with plenty of daylight, perfect for setting up tents.
Eating dinner with my abandoned cousins. (Their mom and step-dad went out for "date night" without telling them.)
Collapse into our cozy beds for a cold nights' sleep.

Wake up to a freezing morning.
Two hunter-men leave when the day is FREEZING.
After breakfast leave for our shopping trip to Salmon.
Buy WAY more stuff than we really needed! (Coat, shoes, chair, wind chimes...)
Cam breaks out in a rash, determine that it's hives.
Buy him some Benedryl.
Go back to camp to find more family has arrived.
Start preparations for dinner, only to find that my mom's trailer has some MAJOR issues (propane tank is leaking and there is a short from the generator to the trailer.)
Dad comes back early from hunting with heat stroke.

Uncle who was with him found him JUST in time.
As dad rehydrates and cools off, find that he has a flat tire on his truck.
Uncle fixes flat and helps cook chicken in dutch ovens.
Charcoal is NOT heating properly, must have bought a bad batch...seriously contemplating writing harshly worded letter to the company.
My jello salad is NOT set up...because there is NO power to the trailer I made it in.
Sit around the campfire and hear true stories about the scary people who live in my apartment complex.
Falling exhausted into bed for another cold night.

Take shower with Cam (who HATES showers and bawls the entire time.)
Get dressed and go to church.
Sit with Cam in Primary, because he doesn't want to be left alone.
Sneak away when he leaves for class.
Get back together for Sacrament meeting at the end of the block and find that Cam is tired and whiny...he bawls because he wants to sit with grandma, but his bratty uncle won't let him.
He takes his anger out on me...which means INSTANT removal from chapel.
Sit in the foyer with Cameron on my lap, making him fold his the process I'm getting kicked, slapped and eventually, BIT!
Make a bee-line for the abandoned Primary room where we have choice words.
Settle down and enjoy the rest of the meeting.
Go back to camp and nap in 100 degree tent.
Try to make dinner again, but have the SAME problems with the charcoal.
Dad leaves to deposit bucket of bear bait with crazy man.
Worry about dad with the crazy man...will he kill him? (I'm paranoid...can you tell?)
Dad comes back safe.
All gather to play fun new game of Tip of the Tongue...laughter ensues for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours...
Talk around the campfire...look up to the sparkling stars and wonder what husband is doing at that moment (probably working his graveyard shift.)
Watch pop cans disintegrate in EXTREME heat of fire (so cool!)
Crash around midnight.

Discover that after bear baiting Dad's truck now has ANOTHER flat tire.
Take tires into town to be repaired.
Put on truck and get ready to leave.
Eat breakfast, clean up camp and say good byes to family.
Hear rumbling noises as we leave town, pull over while dad worries that there are MORE flat tires.
Tires are "fine," continue on.
Get 40 miles out on the road, when grinding gets worse.
Pull over to find that the peg things on the rear wheel are busting off and the whole tire is loose.
End up losing 3 pegs before calling it quits....sit on the side of the road for 15 minutes.
Grandparents pull up (trailer-less) help by going to call AAA.
Sit in truck watching DVD, napping, and eating lunch.
Grandparents return with news that AAA only tows vehicles 10 miles...not gonna work.
Devise a NEW plan...tow trailer home on grandparents' vehicle.
YAY for small miracles.
Arrive in town and unpack!

Yes, it was eventful, but we were SO blessed. Just thinking about what could have happened if things hadn't been exactly as they were. We were being watched over, and I'm so grateful for that!

The funny part was that every morning Cameron would wake up when the sun came up. I would try to ignore the heat and light and sleep some more, but Cam would pop his head out of his bag and say, "Mama? Mama!? Mama, the sun is's time to wake up." The first thought that came to my mind when he said that was, "Who told you that? And WHY!?" My son: early to bed and early to rise. Where did I get such a sensible child?

Monday, September 04, 2006

My Life Monday

Yes, I'm back...and do I ever have some stories to share with you! But's Monday, and MLM is back! YAY!
This week's topic is jobs we've labored at. (Being Labor Day and all...) So, without anymore distractions:
1. Babysitting at a daycare. I know some of you are wondering if this is a real job....well, when you're 16 and not doing much else, it is. I was actually a permanent babysitter for this couple and they just happened to own a daycare center as well. So whenever they got shorthanded they'd call me up and have me fill in. There were so many fun memories of babysitting there: finger-dancing, getting beans stuck in kid's ears, telling kids wild tales that have probably sent them into YEARS of therapy....yeah, I was THE best babysitter!
Finger-dancing came about because some of the girls who were at the daycare knew I was in drill team and they constantly begged me to dance with them. Usually I was wiped out with watching multiple kids at once, so I made up this thing where I bend and pointed my fingers in a "fancy" way. They loved it and anytime I saw them after that, they'd call out my name, and begin to finger-dance.
The bean in ears thing was actually not something that happened while I was there, but it happened because I was there. Let me explain. I learned a cheesy magic trick where I can make a penny "magically" come out of an ear. When the kids were restless and wanted something to entertain themselves with it was a lifesaver. I did the trick and as you'd expect the kids ooh-ed and aah-ed. Their eyes bulged and they were IMPRESSED. One night a little boy decided he wanted to show his parents the trick, but he didn't have a penny, so he substituted a bean. As you can imagine, the bean got stuck in the kid's ear, and they had to take him to the emergency room to get it taken out. After that I always managed to slip in a disclaimer, that they COULDN'T do this trick at home!
It wasn't a big job, but it was something that got me some extra cash every once in a while.
2. Short-order cook at Kmart. I was almost done with high school and my parents were not thrilled with my non-job status, so I went down the street to the local Kmart and applied there. I didn't hear back from them, so I hounded the lady who was in charge of hiring. Eventually she gave in and hired me to work in the eatery. It wasn't much, but it was a job. I learned a lot of quick cooking tricks, and had a fun time there. (I even met my friend's husband while working there...although, I was the one who had a crush on the guy first.) Eventually I worked my way out of that corner of the store to work on the floor in clothing. (NOT fun!) But even with being out on the floor, I still was sucked BACK to that eatery. When I went to ISU I wanted to keep working one day a month there so I could come back during the summer, but they just decided to stop scheduling me all together. I can't say that I'm sad about it, but dang it, I wanted those snazzy buttons that I had collected! Oh, well...
3. Secretary for a carpet cleaning company. When my husband and I were engaged I had applied at multiple places for a job, but had no luck. Finally one day after we had been married for a while my mom was talking with the secretary for my dad's shop. She and her husband had bought out another man's contract with ServiceMaster Carpet Cleaning, and they needed a secretary. I was asked to bring in my resume, and was pretty much hired on the spot. It was a fun job...when there was stuff to do. They had me go through all of the old contracts and call the people to see if they wanted to continue to get their cleaning through us, I cleaned out the files and re-filed everything in their office, and answered phone calls. It was super boring after that. There were the few times when they needed extra help cleaning a smoke damaged home, and I was called out to help. (Have I mentioned my non-cleaning genes?) Those times I actually got to talk with other people and make new friends. It was really a good job. But when they found out I was pregnant with Cam they told me that they were really just looking for a bookkeeper, and they would keep me on the cleaning team, but they were worried about the chemicals and me being pregnant.
4. Stay-at-home-mom. This is my DREAM job! The glamorous days of lounging around my house in my pj's and slippers, sipping cocoa, and eating bon bons...who could ask for more!? HA! Okay, so it's DANG hard work, but I really love doing it. Taking care of my family gives me great pride! I love not having to send my son off to someone else's care...he's MINE for the time he's not at school or therapy. It's what I've always wanted to do, and I'm grateful that I can!
5. Doormat...uh, I mean...Babysitter. As most of you know, I'm the babysitter for 3 families...but that equals 4 extra kids. So far it's not been too bad, but once the kids get mobile, watch for the updates! :)
That's it, I haven't done much, but I've done something!