Friday, February 27, 2009

What A WEEK!

After my day with sick boys, I had a fun rest of the week.
Yesterday was Cameron's Blue and Gold Banquet. This was our first NOT as leaders, and just as parents. I ended up sitting next to a good friend who's life is kind of rough right now. She has some of the cutest kids I know, but they've all got some pretty intense medical problems (yeah, look who's talking? The mom of the boy with ADHD AND NF1.) We had a good visit, and I was glad that our ward combines with another I can see her more often!
Then today Steve and I did our errands. We went from store to store as quickly as we could, and got pretty much everything done. (YAY!) In the process, I got a new haircut...which I LOVE!! My hairstylist is so good with cutting my hair so it looks good for me. Today we decided that I need bangs....and I think it's a good fit...for now! (One picture was taken by Steve, the other by Cameron...can you guess who took what?)

New development: Jake is now cruising along furniture. I'm SO not ready for this yet. My sweet, non-trouble-making Cameron didn't do that until he was a year old. Jake's not yet 9 months old. I have a feeling Mr. Trouble will be into more things soon.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Last night Cam kept coming in and out of bed to complain that his nose was stuffed up, his throat hurt, he was coughing, his tummy hurt....
When I woke up for the day, I heard a loud barking cough from the boy. That was enough to convince me it was time for a sick-day...whether he liked it or not. (Just for the record, he did NOT like it.) I called the bus to tell them he was sick and didn't need picked up. I called the school and left a message that we were having a sick-day, and then I settled in for the day. Cam wasn't really miserably sick, but just enough to be whiny. :P
Then later on, after Jake's nap, I realized that Thrush has reared it's ugly head AGAIN! I called the doctor's office to make sure he didn't need to go in, and found out that we can go through the purple cycle SEVERAL times before it gets cleared up. Uh, nice to KNOW! :P
So here I sit at home with two sick little boys...each in their own way! *sigh*

Monday, February 23, 2009

I Can Do This....I Can Do This....I Can Do This....

My little tornado. His middle name should have been "Trouble."

He pulls himself up to EVERYTHING!!!! He even banged his mouth on a chair last night, causing gushing blood....and lots and lots of tears.

Friday, February 20, 2009

When Mama Plays...

...the baby will get into mischief! *giggle*

He climbed into this box ALL by himself...and got stuck. Little pill!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Today I noticed some little white patches on the inside of Jake's mouth. Just on the corners by his lips. At first I thought it was paper, I mean, he HAS been putting everything that's been on the floor into his mouth, and we've been shredding paper like crazy people. But when I went to "pull it out" it didn't come, and I noticed it was more like a yeast infection or something else. So I called the doctor, and the nurse said it sounded like thrush. Um...yay?
So today we went to the pharmacy and got some purple stuff (yeah, don't remember the name of it off hand...) and some anti-fungal foot stuff for me, and we're treating it.
Isn't Jake's purple mouth just LOVERLY!? ;)
Hopefully this won't last long...and none of the rest of US will get it. *fingers crossed* Until then I have a purple-mouthed baby...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Does Anyone Read Me Anymore??

I know I've been bad about commenting/reading everyone else's blogs in the past, but I *thought* I was doing better.
Two posts in a week and no comments.....
Maybe I'm talking to the great void....

Scoutty Brat

I finally got around to getting Cam a scout shirt, and then we actually SEWED the stuff on it! (He was supposed to wear it to school today, but being as scatter-brained as I am, I spaced it until now, and he's been gone for over an hour....Oh well!!)
Here's my proud little scout! (Isn't he cute!?)
We've also been trying out new ADHD medications with him. I liked the last medicine he was on except for the fact that he was ornery and VERY defiant. He did pay attention to things and was doing pretty well. The other downside to his last medication was the fact that his medical insurance just didn't cover it....period. It was too new to be covered, so we had to cover whatever they wouldn't, which ended up being almost $200 a month....ick!!
So we've tried him on Ritalin. Yeah, I know, the typical medicine, but I'm having problems with it. He's even MORE defiant, if that's at all possible, and even grouchier and meaner. I'm at my wits end with him most of the time. Since he had no school or therapy yesterday I about lost my MIND with the kid. He screamed, yelled, and threw tantrum after tantrum....I was ready to shoot him. Last night I told him that he NEEDED to start behaving better, or I'd get upset. He just shrugged it off and went to bed.
I'm HOPING that today goes better. I just keep telling myself that all this medicating stuff WILL get better....I just can't wait until we figure out the correct dosage and what works with him.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Home at Last!!

I can't use the excuse that I don't have my own computer at home to follow my favorite blogs...I'm now up and going with a NEW computer!! *doing a happy dance*
For the past 2 days I've been putting together all our new "office" area. We have a new computer desk (put together by me), a new computer chair (put together by me with my brother's help), a new filing cabinet (put together TWICE by me....dang directions...), and a new computer...set up by me. I'm sure Steve would have helped if he'd not been working when I was putting stuff together.
Because of the work I've been doing on the office area, Jake has felt neglected. Poor baby. He's been super whiny and cries at the drop of a hat. He refused to let me put him back to bed this morning after his early morning feeding....he slept with me. But now, it's put together, all that's left is to organize everything. *sigh* It sure feels good to get somethings accomplished!
And lest you think I forgot, Steve and I did treat each other for Valentine's day. I sent him a balloon bouquet and a singing card (I WILL be making him a steak dinner with the trimmings for dinner), and he got me some cute earrings, a bear, and CHOCOLATE!! :D It's been a great day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Um...You Eat What?

Cameron was snacking on some cherry flavored jelly hearts. Now, when I taste them I think they taste a little like cough syrup. So I really don't like them. (My mom has also mentioned them tasting like cold medicine...)
So Cameron was eating away and then said, "YUCK!"
I was a little shocked (the boy doesn't say "yuck" to any kind of candy...) I asked him what was wrong.
He said, "These are GROSS!"
I asked him, "What's wrong with them?"
Cameron said, "Mom, they taste like eye drops!"

Monday, February 09, 2009

Thoughts on My Mind

Ever since I heard about the octuplets born a few weeks ago, thoughts have been on my mind. My first thought was, "Right on! That mom now has insta-family, I'm sure she's been wanting a family for a LONG time! Yay for them!"
Then when I heard that the octuplets already had 6 siblings I thought, "Wow! That's going to be QUITE the family. I hope the mom and dad are excited for a big family...." Then almost instantly I heard that the mom was single and living with her parents, then my somewhat positive thoughts turned VERY negative. My thoughts now aren't very nice. I think that this mom is VERY irresponsible. VERY!! How can she put *that* kind of pressure on her parents, who I'm sure, just want to be grandparents to these kids, not their sole support! I'm angry with the doctors and clinics who allowed this woman, with no job or home of her home, to have all of these kids SO close and all at once.
I just don't understand.
Well, I understand the yearning for children of your own. THAT I do understand, but to bring children into that kind of situation, to me, is just wrong. I feel sorry for the grandparents. It's not their job to take care of this's just NOT! I feel sorry for these kids. Their mom brought them into this world alone, and without a father. Raising one or two kids on your own is hard enough, but to have 14 children depending on YOU?! I can't imagine!
I know that it's her children, her body, and her choice, but sometimes what you want isn't what you should have.
I had another nightmare last night, it woke me out of a sound sleep, and made me think hard about the things I've taught (or I'm teaching) my boys.
In my dream, one of my cousins was smoking and offered a cigarette to Cameron. HE TOOK IT! Not only did he take it, but by the time I found out about it, he was hooked. (And in my dream, he was the age he is now...) In the dream I tried over and over to stop him, but he would throw a tantrum and refuse to listen to me. (Like he likes to do whenever I tell him not to do something....) It was just all too real! When I woke up, I could *swear* that I could smell cigarette smoke. (I'm sure it was my *cough* LOVELY neighbor's.)
I couldn't sleep. So I tried to get my mind off of it by reading. While I was reading, Cameron woke up (early) and asked me what was going on. I told him about my nightmare, and asked him what he'd do if someone offered him ANYTHING that was bad. He thought for a while, and said, "Mom, if someone gave me cigarettes, I'd tell my teacher or you."
I just hope that I can keep steering this boy the right way. He's SO rebellious, I just don't know, sometimes!
I'm SO happy. Really, even with all these negative things going on in my life, I'm TRULY happy! Several things have just been clicking with me and my family. I really am blessed and pray continually that this joy and happiness will continue for a VERY long time!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Where I've been...

I really REALLY miss having a computer in my home. I don't have complete access when things happen that are blog-worthy! UGH!
I should have a new computer soon. I did our taxes on Friday, and with the direct deposit SHOULD be seeing some return money within a week or so.
There's so many things we've been putting off until we got taxes back, and poor Cameron has gotten used to us saying, "We'll get it once we get taxes back." Unfortunately for him, he still doesn't have understanding of time frames, and gets quite confused between a week and a month...sometimes a year. Silly boy!
This last week, my mom got all the stuff done (or going) for my grandpa to be in an assisted care facility. He moved in on Monday and we're thrilled! The boys and I went to visit him today and it's SUCH a nice place. I really like it. It feels like a comfortable apartment complex as opposed to any assisted care facility I've previously been in. I'm sure he'll be MUCH happier there. He's already had several visitors. :)
Jake's new talent has manifested itself....he spits. Yes, I know, babies are full of spit and saliva, but this boy, has mastered the raspberry. I laugh when I drive down the road and both boys are blowing raspberries. Not only do they spit at each other (which makes a mama proud) but they'll laugh and giggle at each other. There's nothing quite like the laughter of your kids to make you smile.
We've also discovered that Jake just likes to yank on his ears, for no other reason besides the fact that he wants to. Not fun for us when we THINK he's got an ear infection because of the way he's been yanking....UGH! My doctor's office is probably sick of seeing me, I'm sure! :P
Over the weekend we had a wonderful WONDERFUL Stake Conference with Elder Kim B. Clark (the president of BYU-Idaho). Saturday he asked the audience for input and had a GREAT conversation about how to strengthen our families, which I think my husband took to heart, because he's been SO amazing since then. (Not that he wasn't nice before, but he's so aware of me and my needs now....) Then we had great talks and testimonies given Sunday morning. All in all, I was very happy I went. I just don't understand when some people skip Stake Conference....
Otherwise, we've been just doing the normal routine. Jake did have a little bit of a cold that he's still fighting, but we're all good! (Thank heaven!)