Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Welcome to the life of a RubbaUndiesLuva

If you are reading this and want to know exactly what a RubbaUndiesLuva're in for some fun. Let me start with a quick introduction. I'm a stay-at-home mom with one little boy. For most of the time I'm a fairly normal lady, but when I talk to a certain friend of mine....I switch from normal to crazy. When we were younger we loved to pretend. We'd pretend we had families and mansions, cars, animals, and our favorite thing to pretend was that we were wearing GIANT invisible Rubber underwear.
We would often walk to school with our siblings and we were usually the ones who got left in the dust. So we made a game out of it. We'd pretend that we were wearing giant rubber underwear where we would each be in a leg, and our underwear was being stretched between us and whoever was way ahead of us. We would slow down even more to stretch or break the underwear link between us and the others. Yes, I know, you're thinking we're crazy. We were and are still.
That's basically the story of the rubbaundiesluva....which would be me. I am very imaginative and love being silly and having fun.
My little boy, Cameron, is so much fun. He's 5 years old and keeps me on my toes. He has always been fun....for the most part. He has been diagnosed with Neuro Fibromatosis and has learning delays, and some small benign fibroids. We just got this diagnosis last year and it's been an adventure to learn about it and what we can do about it. He's been in developmental preschool since he was 3 years old and is already burned out when it comes to school. The poor kid is on his 3rd year of preschool, but he seems to be doing well. He is also in speech and occupational therapy which makes for lots of running around trying to keep up. Right now his favorite thing to do is help mommy babysit our neighbor girl. Sometimes he can be too much of a help, but we're trying to teach him what is the correct way to help.
My husband, Steve, is a busy guy! He is working 2 part-time jobs right now and loves one and absolutely HATES the other. He is working fast food....which is the job he hates.....and is working with kids with special needs....which is the job he loves. He is also very involved in local musicals and has a beautiful singing voice...he just needs to use it more often.
I am a twenty-something, stay-at-home mom who tries to keep busy taking care of my family, but often I find myself wandering the internet looking for friends to talk to and have fun with. I dropped out of college....twice, and eventually hope to go back and major in sign language interpreting. I'm also trying for baby number two. We've been trying for 4 years now and are hitting all kinds of walls that frustrate us to no end. I just found out that I am severely insulin resistant, and I'm hoping that taking care of that will help us on our task of baby number two. In trying to get baby number two we've tried all kinds of things that may seem wacky and often frustrating to us. I first tried taking Clomid...which made my hormones fly....and I was very mean. So after trying that, I went to an iridologist. This lady told me that she could help me with herbs and natural ways to get pregnant. I still see her and the last time I went in to see her I was given different herbs. We'll see what that does for us. Now I'm also seeing a masseuse who is helping my body cleanse and rejuvenate. I've tried and tried all kinds of things, so I figure I should enjoy myself while I'm at it.
Hopefully anyone who reads this will find the humor in my life that I see everyday. Enjoy the ride....I know I will.


Mattsmom said...

well...well...well...I never knew why you called yourself a rubbaundiesluvva...I guess now I definately have new insite into your deranged life! HAHAHA!!!
Hopefully the medication you will take to get your insulin resistance under control will help things. I personally LOVE to blog...and read others...Chat with you later!

Anonymous said...

So, RubbaUndiesLuva.... I liked your blog. It's nice to know that I was the other friend in the leg of the rubba undies. It's even better to realize that the memory of the rubba undies has not faded into oblivion. Live on, Rubba Undies!

One Scrappy Gal said...

It's a small world!!

I wanted to learn more about you so I read your bio. It's funny that you want to go to college to study sign language interpreting because I'm deaf!! :)

My baby is in OT too. We have lots in common.

Rebekah said...

When I got a closer look at the whole name of your blog, I was like, "Rubber undies??" Ok, do tell. I love you Dawn! You're still just as crazy as evar! <3