Monday, September 27, 2010

Must Share...

Saturday I went to the general broadcast of the world-wide Relief Society meeting. It was completely wonderful!
I usually go with my mom to her building, and when we got there, it was dark in the chapel. My mom is blind in one eye, and so her night-vision is horrible. (She doesn't drive at night anymore because she literally cannot see.) I had to grab her hand and lead her to the pew. We sat on the second row, pretty much by ourselves. The opening song was being sung, "Count Your Blessings." I sat and listened for a bit and started thinking about things. The first thought was, "I am truly blessed. I have so much to be grateful for, and now I'm honored to hear from a living prophet and church leaders tonight." I got teary and had to wipe my face.
After the song, the prayer was given, and in it, the woman mentioned that President Monson (the prophet) would be speaking. I was overwhelmed by a peaceful, excited feeling. He was going to be speaking to ME!
The meeting was wonderful, but the highlight WAS President Monson's talk. He made us all laugh and cry. It was wonderful. His topic was about not judging others. I've felt lately that I have been too judgmental. My younger brother, who's been rebelling for quite a while, made some comments a while back that has had me thinking.
My uncle was visiting at my parents' house and he asked my brother, Shad, what he was doing. Shad told him that he was working at Hot Topic. My uncle then asked him what Hot Topic was. Shad told him that it was a music store, and I added, "Yeah, it's where weird people go to buy weird stuff...." Shad then said, "It's where people go to be judged by others...."
I didn't think too much of it until the next day.
That Sunday I was helping my mom make dinner while my other brother was talking about how people had tried to enter the store he works at before it was opened that morning. I joked, "Keep the Sabbath day holy...." To which Shad said, "Judge not, lest thou be judged...."
Was I really that judgmental? I looked at myself and decided that I wasn't being very fair to him, so I needed to change my attitude.
Then when I heard President Monson talking about judging others, I was struck again. He told a story about a husband and wife. The wife would tell her husband every day that their neighbor, who hung her laundry out to dry, didn't know how to clean her clothes. She complained about what a lousy job this neighbor did EVERY day. One day, she looked and said, "Look, she's learned how to clean her clothes. What do you think happened?" Then her husband said, "I woke up early and cleaned our windows." Even though it's funny, and cute, it hit me. I need to stop judging others based on my poor view.
The whole talk was wonderful, and gave me hope that I can change and start to love others the way that Christ does.
I am trying harder to be a better mom to my boys as well. I've realized that I've been extra hard on them, and I need to give them extra love and understanding.
That meeting has helped me to see that I need to be a better woman, one who truly exemplifies Christ in ALL I do.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

Jacob is such a little chatter-box. And some of the things he says just CRACKS me up.
First off, he's on a birthday kick. He informs me daily that his birthday is June 6th. Then he tells me that it's soon. He's also been known to say that it's Tuesday. I guess Cameron being excited about his birthday is wearing off on Jake. Even though his birthday is past, he's ready for it again.
Next, he will say something, and even if it's a lie, he's VERY determined and will argue his point. For example, today I went with my parents to a dinner and we quickly buckled in the boys and we were on our way. After 10 seconds, yes, 10 seconds, he began yelling, "WHERE'S MY SISSER!?" I looked at him in shock.
"Jake, you don't have a sister, who are you talking about?"
"Really, you don't have a sister...."
"Are you talking about Cameron?"
*sigh* "Jake, you don't have a sister...please stop."
Who knows WHERE he got the idea that he has a sister from....but apparently she was lost.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm An Auntie Again!!

After a long time of waiting, Logan Eric made his debut into the world September 13th at 6:17 pm. He weighed 7 pounds and was 19 inches long.
I've yet to see him in person, but he's freakin' ADORABLE!
Congrats to my little sister and her family.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Not All Piano Concerts Are Boring....

Steve and I went to see Jon Schmidt in concert last night. Steve has loved this particular artist for QUITE a while, and I had only ever heard his music when Steve played the CD in the car. Otherwise, I was clueless.
Several months ago, Steve found a video clip of Jon on youtube where he was playing a really cool mixed song. Steve played it for me, and I was HOOKED! I love this song (and can literally listen to it over and over and over and NOT get sick of it!)
Then in April, Steve was looking on Jon's website and found out that Jon was coming to our area for a concert in September. We immediately put it on our calendar (the date the tickets went on sale AND the concert date) making every effort to go and see his performance.
As the days got closer, Steve had talked to a guy he works with and invited them to join us on a double-date. They got excited as well. And thankfully, the husband got us all a good deal on the tickets!
Then came last night.
I have only ever been to ONE other concert (Tim McGraw, 1997, state fair....was FANTASTIC!) but I have to admit, this was NOT what I had expected. Jon was entertaining, especially with his cellist friend, Steve. They teased each other (when Steve introduced Jon, he said, "Welcome our pianist for the evening......Jim Brickman!" *giggle* Then when Jon came out, someone in the audience called out, "WE LOVE YOU, JIM!!" *laughing hysterically*!) There was dancing WHILE playing (Yes, it looked hilarious, but it added to the song as well!) playing upside-down, and backwards playing. He even did a little bit where he pulled a random guy out of the audience to "jam" with him. THAT was cool!
He started out playing some familiar songs, then he called his friend, Steve, out and they played Love Story and Viva La Vida (two separate songs....for legality sake!) and the crowd went wild!
He played his new favorite song to play, "Game Day." My Steve told me that he LOVES this song and wants it. I have to admit, it was amazing and VERY moving.
At the end of the concert, the audience all stood begging, PLEADING for more, and as part of their encore Jon and Steve played "Dumb Song," and then took a vote. By applause we were voting on "Tribute" or "Love Story meets Viva La Vida." The applause was overwhelming. We got to hear Love Story TWICE! The second time they played it, they encouraged us to sing along. SO SO fun and SO SO cool!
The song that actually made me cry was "Renaissance Hymn." He explained ALL the symbolism behind it and it made it so meaningful and just amazing! I want that song now....
If he's ever in your area, I highly recommend getting tickets. You will NOT regret it!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thursday, September 09, 2010

VIP Soccer Time Again

After much debate, we have enrolled Cameron in VIP Soccer again this year. He loves it and there are way more kids to play with this time around. Unfortunately there are less helpers to go around, but they've split the kids up well and it's working.
The first night they had practice Jake insisted on going with me. As Cameron took off to join the other kids on the field, Jake toddled after him. He knew that we were there so he could play too. Once I grabbed the younger boy and took him to the bleachers, I had some explaining to do. I told Jake that we were there for Cameron, and that once he got older, he could play soccer too. He whined and moped for a while, then he decided to run. Needless to say, that first night, I didn't get to watch Cameron as much as I would have liked.
The second week, I left Jake with Grandma, and went armed with the camera. This year the team wears green, and Cameron is good old number 21. He's one of the older kids on the team, and he knows mostly what he's doing. He even managed to score a goal in their "game." He was VERY proud.
I'm so happy that people in my community have volunteered to put this program together for special needs kids. It makes them feel special and apart of something bigger than themselves. It's WONDERFUL!