Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Scouts No More??

Today was regular den meeting for scouts. I had planned on letting the boys make display boxes for their pinewood derby cars (using shoe boxes....REALLY simple!) then we'd go to the gym and play games for the rest of the time.
While we were in the gym, the primary president showed up. She had been getting things all ready for the boys to go to day camp (three days AFTER I have the baby....) and was bringing all pertinent information to the other leader (who called me last night and INSISTED I take the summer off....who am I to argue!?)
Anyway, we got to talking while the boys were playing/arguing over something dumb. And the primary president casually mentioned that maybe after I have the baby I could get released. This was news to me. She asked me my thoughts about it, and I said, "I'm up for anything." (Trying NOT to sound over eager to be relased or anything....) And I actually mentioned that when Cam comes into scouts in October I was worrying about how things were going to work out. So *shhhhhhhh* I may not be in my current position for much longer! (Not that I'm thrilled, but I am!)

Monday, April 28, 2008


We've got a date for when Jacob will be cut out of me....June 6, 2008. I was SO hoping I could get 06-07-08, but Dr. H will be out of town. So the day before is what we've got scheduled. I can't hardly wait!!
The other exciting baby news is that he's "big." As soon as I was measured the doctor told me that he's definitely big. I guess all those cute, little clothes I got probably won't last very long!
Oh, now for the poopy news....the back window of our van WILL be replaced tomorrow, but instead of $'s going to be around $300!! Yeah, I hate these kinds of things!
And to end on a happy bit of news, at least for me. I've been noticing little things when I watch between some commercials I see a phrase, "the Mole was here" with a fingerprint in the background. I've been hoping and praying, and it's TRUE!! My absolute favorite show of ALL time is coming back, June 2nd!! YAY!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well, the retreat was WONDERFUL!! We laughed and talked for a LONG time! (I pooped out early, I went to bed at midnight, while everyone else stayed up watching a movie until 2 am.) I was SHOCKED at the amount of snow that was still in the mountains! In some places there were drifts that were about 16 feet high! (I WISH I had taken the camera so I could show you some pictures!) The roads weren't AS bad, the sides had snowdrifts that were 4-5 feet high. I'm doubting that the snow will be gone by Memorial Day weekend!
I ended up sharing a room with my mom. I had worried that my pregnancy induced snoring would keep her up all night, but she said she didn't even hear me! I was SO relieved. (Steve must have super-sonic hearing....)
Then today, I was lounging in the cabin while the other ladies were taking a walk in the snow (I had only brought my Crock-type shoes, so I didn't want to walk and get wet feet...) and I heard my cell phone ringing. I called back (the phone was upstairs, and I was NOT) and talked to Steve. He said that when I got home he had something to show me. I asked him what it was. He said, "Something." I got a bit annoyed and asked, "WHAT!?" He told me it had to do with the van, and then I freaked!
He told me that last night between 9:30 and 11:00 someone had taken a bb gun and shot a hole in our rear window of our van. The window was shattered, but the window was still intact. I got upset. I asked him if he'd called the insurance people, and he had, but since our deductable is $500, we'd have to either pay the deductable, or pay full price for a rear-window...out of our pockets. Since a rear-window is a little over $200, we'd decided to pay for it ourselves. The problem is that any window replacement place is closed for the weekend, and they probably wouldn't have that window in stock. So we'd have to wait until Tuesday.
I'm so bummed.....why do some people delight in destroying other people's things?! ANNOYING!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

So Long, Farewell....

I'm heading out for a women's retreat with my mom. I'm pretty excited about it. (Even though Steve is not too happy about the whole thing....I'm leaving him on my birthday, of all the RUDE things....)
So FFA Friday is off this week...sorry! Okay, so I'm not sorry! :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Can I be Done Yet?

Okay, so I've still got about 6 weeks until this baby is fully-cooked, but I'm wondering, can I be done now?
My bladder is a bouncing bag for this little boy, and I end up waking up 5-6 times a night, JUST TO PEE!! It's getting super annoying!
He's also REALLY low, which causes me all sorts of pains which, apparently, makes Cam amused. ("Mama, you walk funny!") Yeah, I waddle and my back hurts BAD!!
I've got pretty much EVERYTHING I need (or thought I needed) for this baby. I've had dream after dream about this child, and I'm SUPER anxious to meet him.
We even pre-registered at the hospital today.
I want to be done, but I guess I also want a healthy, fully-cooked baby! *sigh* Six weeks isn't THAT long, right!?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Alzheimers? Dementia? Memory Loss?

This last weekend was quite a whirl-wind of events. (Part of the reason I was so ornery about NOT babysitting...I had plans!)
On Saturday, my grandpa received the highest award given to volunteers in scouting, the Silver Beaver. It's QUITE a huge deal. My grandparents have been calling their children for a few months trying to get a head-count on who can come and who wouldn't come. I had one uncle drive in from Sacramento, and another flew here from Minnesota. Because of this, we actually had planned some big family get togethers, which are some of the things in life I look forward to most! :)
Anyway, I went with my family to the scouting awards and was very impressed with the program. Several other high scouting awards were given out to scouts as young as 8. (And because I'm so hormonal, I cried....) They even acknowledged some scouts who blew the whistle on a huge molestation problem 10 years ago. Seriously, this event was HUGE!!
Anyway, they got to the Silver Beaver recipients, and it went off really nicely. My grandparents stood on the stage and just beamed! It was great!
After the ceremony, they had a reception area in the foyer where you could greet and congratulate the recipients. We worked our way out the doors, and met up with my grandpa. He was sitting on a little chair underneath his name. While we were talking, hugging, and congratulating him, he kept saying over and over, "I had no idea they were giving me this award. This was all a huge surprise."
This is the same man, who less than a month ago was calling his children telling them about this award. He was the same man who repeatedly asked us if we were coming to his event. He absolutely KNEW about this. It was NOT a surprise.
But to him, it actually was. See, my grandpa's memory is gone. He remembers many useless facts, many stories from a LONG time ago, but he can't remember things from a few days, let alone a few minutes ago.
I'm very worried!
After his award ceremony, we went out to dinner with them. I sat right next to grandpa at the restaurant. We all looked over the menu, and grandpa kept saying, "I'm not very hungry, and this looks like it would be really big." So my uncle said, "Dad, why don't you order a kid's cheeseburger?"
Grandpa thought that sounded good and ordered one.
We sat around waiting for our food. It was probably only 10-15 minutes (we had a big group!) then came our food. The waiter tried to give Cameron grandpa's cheeseburger, but I quickly grabbed it and handed it over to grandpa. He looked at it, looked at me, and asked if that was what he'd ordered. We all assured him that it was his food. And then he said, "I am really hungry!"
He's actually been going downhill for a LONG time, but I just blew it off as being old, and not having many people around to tell his stories to. But recently, I've SEEN the downward spiral.
Again, I'm worried!
Then yesterday, we had all of the family around here get together at my mom's house for a big family dinner/party. We had a ball laughing, talking, telling stories, and just being together. During the course of the dinner the siblings (meaning, my grandparents' children) decided that they needed to address the issues with my grandparents. Their memory loss being the main factor in WHY something needed to be done. (My grandma has bad memory loss too, but hers isn't as bad as grandpa's!)
My mom asked me to keep grandma and grandpa distracted upstairs while she and her siblings went downstairs to talk. My cousins and I did a fairly good job of this, for a while. Then my grandparents started in on their, "Well, we'd better go," routine. At that point, they needed someone to drive them home (my uncle has been doing that while he's been staying at their house, and he was in the "meeting" downstairs.) So I hurried down the stairs (okay, so I waddled) and told the laughing siblings that grandma and grandpa announced that they were ready to leave. So in a quick minute, they decided that the meeting would be moved to a "quieter" location, my aunt's house. They grabbed grandma and grandpa and took them there to discuss their options.
I really wanted to know what was the outcome of the meeting, since I'm such a worrier, and waited for my mom and dad to get home. We ended up waiting for nearly 4 hours!! I told Steve that if they weren't back at my mom's house by 9:30, we'd leave, but they got back at 9:20!
The siblings, along with grandma and grandpa, decided on a few options and they're NOT going to be easy! But I do think they will be helpful.
My worry now is that grandma and grandpa will forget what they agreed to, and things will return to this state where no one quite knows what to do.
Growing old is NOT for sissies!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

A Little Annoyed

I just got a phone call from some guy in my ward wondering if I would be able to babysit his son for him tomorrow! UGH!! (Thankfully, I didn't answer the phone...I screen my calls, and didn't know that one, so it was only a voicemail.)
First off, I babysit during the week, so the weekends are my days off. DO you want to do YOUR job on your days off?? I didn't think so...
Secondly, Hello!! I'm freakin' pregnant, about to pop soon (at least, that's how I feel....) Give me a break!!
Thirdly, whoever does this is in my ward and KEEPS giving people MY number. UH, I don't do ward babysitting unless I REALLY know the person, and only in emergencies. The last time I babysat for a ward friend it actually turned HORRIBLE on me...I ended up being used by people I considered my friends, and I just don't feel like going through that kind of crap again!!
Fourth, why not freakin' call a young woman in the ward?? That's what I'd do if I wanted a ward babysitter.....
GIVE ME A BREAK!! I am not the ward's resident babysitter.....
If anyone knows who is doing this, PLEASE let me know....I have a few words I'd like to share with them.
Do I sound like a spoiled brat!? I really love other kids, I just need a break...honestly....and I absolutely LOVE the people in my ward....again, just been burned too many times!

It's Friday!

It's time for Free-For-All Friday!
If you want to ask me a question -- and anything goes -- here's your chance. You can ask about whatever you wish, no holds barred. I'll either answer honestly, or I'll tell you that I won't answer.


stevie kay said...
What's your favorite song of the moment?
I'm having a hard time coming up with an answer to that question right now. Honestly, it varies from day to day.
If you want to find what KIND of music I listen to, check out one of the "young country" stations on the radio. I love most of the songs they play on those channels....
But favorite song of the moment?? Yikes, I'm going to think on that one for a while!
The Jones Family said...
I finally thought of a question! How did you and your family like Ruby River? What did you get, and would you recommend it?~Jewelle
We LOVED Ruby River. The food was EXCELLENT!! (Although a bit pricy!)
I would have LOVED a steak (I've been craving a good one for a while) but since rare meat is a no-no when pregnant, I ended up getting the smothered chicken....minus the mushrooms, substituted sauteed onions. It was SO good, but with a squished tummy, I had to take most of my food home. (And I LOVED the deep fried baked potato...even though it's NOT the healthiest food around....)
I've BEEN recommending it since. With a disclaimer that the food is DELICIOUS, but pricey!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Keep On Truckin', Right!?

I had one of my regular 2-week appointments yesterday, and things seem to be fine. The only problems I'm encountering are with my blood sugars. Lately the fasting sugars have NOT been the best. I have to call my other doctor sometime this week to see what needs to happen. (I think the problem is that I'm now SUPER SUPER hungry, and I can eat a bit more, so I do....and it's not the things I *should* be eating...) I should really TRY to not eat sugary sweets after dinner.....
The other issue is I'm starting to swell. Not as bad as I did with Cameron, by any means, but after church on Sunday I did notice my feet were puffier than normal. I guess it's a good thing I've got ugly foam shoes that will allow me to wear shoes even if my feet are hideously fat.
Cameron has been going with me to these appointments, and he LOVES to hear the heartbeat, even though he thinks he can help the PA find it. Silly boy!! Not that I'd let him touch my naked belly anyway, but ya know....
And after my HAPPY Spring post, it snowed today! I think I may pout just a bit....I want SPRING!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wait, is this SPRING!?

The weather was AMAZING! (And I'm glad Steve pushed me out the door to enjoy some of it...)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Free For All Friday and Happy News

It's time for Free-For-All Friday!
If you want to ask me a question -- and anything goes -- here's your chance. You can ask about whatever you wish, no holds barred. I'll either answer honestly, or I'll tell you that I won't answer.
And just for fun, my baby brother (who's birthday happens to be TODAY) got his mission call last night. We figured since my other brothers served state-side, he would too, but we were wrong. Braiden will be serving in the Phillippines Quezon mission. He leaves July 30th for the MTC. Because of the late date, he'll get to be here when Jacob is born. SO I'm excited on two accounts!! YAY!!
Also, my other brother, Daren is graduating from BYU-I today in applied math with an economics minor. He's hoping to become an actuary. He's so smart!! Congrats to him!! And Happy birthday to Braiden!!


Elena Manwaring said...
Congrats to your brother. He will love his mission. Now for the question....hmmmm...What is the strangest name for a child you've ever heard?
I've heard a few strange names, but one of the oddest would have to be Tayem. Yes, I realize this is my cousin's son's name, but I just can't think of this as a NAME! Oh, each their own I guess.
Deanna said...
How awesome for your brother! One of my brothers is in Cambodia - Quite a culture difference!!!!!
question - What were other names you had picked for baby before you decided on Jacob? & what is the weirdest food you've EVER eaten?
There was only this ONE name for our baby. I realize most people go through a lot of names before deciding on THE name, but I got this name long before the baby was even concieved. We did have a few middle name changes, but we've settled on THE right one.
The weirdest food I've EVER eaten is probably frog legs, and you know, it is just like everyone says, "It tastes JUST like chicken!!"
Mattsmom said...
What is Jacob's delivery date? I know you told me you tried to set it up...but I can't remember when it is.
Have you ever asked Steve to go out late at night after a strange food craving for you?
The date we've tenatavely set is June 5th. I VERY desperately want to see if I can convince my doctor to schedule the C-section for 06-07-08....wouldn't that be a COOL date!? But since it's a Saturday, I don't think I'll be able to get it. Who in their right mind would SCHEDULE work for a weekend if they can avoid it!? ;)
And no, I haven't asked Steve to get me any food late at night. I guess I'm pretty mellow when it comes to those kinds of things. (Plus, I usually convince myself that my random, yeah, random, not so much strange cravings, will eventually fizzle out and I'll crave something else...)

Thursday, April 10, 2008


So I mentioned going to a party last Friday. I have to admit...I had a BALL!! I drove with a few other ladies to Salt Lake for fun, and boy, did we ever have fun!
For some reason, laying on the floor taking everyone's picture is a tradition....SQUEEZE!!
We even managed to have a "smelly" party. (The stuff I sell....ya know?)
Dinner was so yummy....Cafe Rio. Anyone heard of it!?
All in all, a fun night, that I WISH had lasted just a BIT longer! Thanks MOFs!!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Why Does This ALWAYS Seem To Happen??

Tonight, while having Family Home Evening with my family (parents, grandparents, and aunt's family) I was preparing to read a story to the group. I put the footstool in the middle of the floor (between my youngest brothers, who were laying on the floor, being bums...) and I felt the stool behind my legs as I slowly let gravity take effect. As I was "sitting" my brother calls out, "Dawnyel, don't sit...." But it was too late, I was past the point of no return....I ended up crashing to the floor. I'm in PAIN!! My tailbone was broken twice before this, so falling full-on weight is NOT the best for it. The pain is shooting up my back and I'm just feeling like this is only the beginning....tomorrow will be TORTURE!
As I mentioned, I've broken my ol' bum twice before. Once when I was 6 months pregnant with Cameron....I fell down some stairs in a fifth-wheel, not realizing they were there. It wasn't much fun AT ALL!
The first time I broke my tailbone?? I was at a scout pack meeting, just finishing doing the Watermelon cheer (yeah, I remember EXACTLY what I was doing....) and I went to sit down....and kept going and going until SPLAT...CRACK!! Who did that?? Why, the same brother who pulled the stool out from underneath his pregnant sister tonight!! That's TWO!! One more and you're toast kid!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

I Swear, I'm a Good Example....

I fell asleep during the second session of General Conference yesterday. I had every intention of listening, but I was slightly exhausted from a huge party from the night before....I know, I know, my own fault, right?
I was woken up a couple of times by Cam. Why?
"Mama, stop snoring, I'm trying to listen!"

Friday, April 04, 2008

Free-For-All Friday

It's time for Free-For-All Friday!
If you want to ask me a question -- and anything goes -- here's your chance. You can ask about whatever you wish, no holds barred. I'll either answer honestly, or I'll tell you that I won't answer.

Answers for FFA Friday

Amy said...
Are you happy to be having another boy? I hear so many things of people secretly wishing for one gender over the other, what about you? Do you scrapbook?
I'm EXCITED to be having another boy. (I've actually wanted to have 2 boys FIRST...) Steve was the one who, at FIRST, was disappointed because we were having a boy, but he's happy about it now too. I guess finding out early really helps mentally prepare you! :)
I feel like I'm a washed-up scrapbooker. I used to do it religiously. (Like at least once or twice a week.) But then life happened and I don't think I've scrapped for years! (Notice the's been a LONG time!)
The Jones Family said...
How hard was it to give up the sugar during this pregnancy? My doc says I am probably heading that way, I want to know how many days I am going to be grouchy from not getting sugar!~Jewelle
Thankfully, I haven't had to give up sugar. I'm on insulin, which actually counteracts the GD fairly well. There are actually days when I need to boost my calorie intake (because I lose weight when I'm pregnant instead of gaining like you're SUPPOSED to....) On those days I totally justify taking a whole lot of candy as my remedy.
I'm sorry that you're heading that direction. If you have any other questions PLEASE don't hesitate to call or talk to me!! I love rambling on about myself! ;)
Elena said...
Did you do your visiting teaching last month? ;) BTW, I counted you, hope that's okay.
Does half of the people count?? I actually just TALKED to two of the I counted it, but as for going out and doing actual "visits," uh, I slacked off. My poor partner now realizes that I'm a bad partner, but I think she puts up with me! (And I've told you to count me....PLEASE, you know more about me than any other VTer I've ever had!!)
Mattsmom said...
Do you ever watch soap operas while eating bon bons? Isn't that the cliche' SAHM thing to do? I think all men secretly think that is what we do all day. I once actually did it (minus the soaps). The bon bons were yummy!
I HATE soap that bad?? My mom used to watch one when I was growing up, but I have never and have no DESIRE to ever watch one now. Yeah, it's a little cliche, but I think the normal SAHM thing is to go a bit crazy and find her computer friends to comfort her! ;) (Is there a place around here that SELLS bon bons?? Those sound really good right now!)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Wishing I was Creative Right About Now....

Scouts for tomorrow is cancelled....why, you ask?? Well, the "official" reason is because my partner can't be there, so I don't want to have to find a sub or do it myself. The real reason? I've got NO good ideas on what to do with rambunctious boys for an hour.
Our themes for scouts are off, but just a bit....We're doing January's theme: Cub Scout Car Show. Yes, I realize that we don't HAVE to follow the themes for den meetings, but it's SO much easier for me if we do. My problem is that I have no good ideas. We are having our Pinewood Derby at the end of the month for Pack meeting, but that's the ONLY thing that's really set in stone.
Not only this, but I really have very little going on in my life that isn't scheduled. I feel like I'm in a rut. Yes, that rut will be changing soon, but I'm just getting tired of the same ol', same ol'....
The little boy I babysit is even showing me that he's tired of doing nothing as well. The poor kid has a box of toys that I let him play with downstairs, but I refuse to take him into Cam's room while Cam's at school. He lights up whenever anyone pays him attention, because, honestly, I'm very good at ignoring his whines and complaints.
I'm having problems figuring out a decent color scheme for my blog. Right now, I think the orange is a tad too much....why can't I have a cute blog?!
Maybe it's just a bad day....maybe I'm a lousy person.....maybe I just need to get creative! :P