Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What's that Smell??

I just keep getting further and further behind in my blog-reads...forgive me!!
This week is just crazy for me!! I have something going on EVERY day! Tomorrow's going to be insane, although, Cam doesn't have there's ONE less thing to worry about!
Today I was reminded of a funny story that I just HAVE to share...
When I was going to school in Pocatello and lived in the dorms I had one friend who had a small problem. Now, it wasn't major, but for her, it was unavoidable! She was a farter. And it wasn't just a "fluff" fart...she had the peel the paint kind of smelly farts. We'd tease her, but if we went to a dance and would stand in our little circle of friends dancing, all of a sudden she'd be GONE! But part of her would linger. Pretty soon, the whole group would be forced to move!!
The funniest thing about her problem was that she constantly had a small can of air freshener in her dorm room. You would just walk down the hall and run into an invisible wall. The wall smelled of roses and farts. Yeah, not the most pleasant of smells....
Luckily, she's overcome this problem (or the last time I saw her I didn't notice...) Thank heaven!
One time when our family was camping, before my Grandma died, she told me, "Dawnyel, girls don't fart, they fluff." I laughed and as we went on with our game (hand and foot canasta) I continued to have a problem of my own. Pretty soon the smell was overwhelming and my Grandma (queen of sarcasm...) looked me straight in the eye, and with as straight as a face I've EVER seen, she calmly said, "Dawnyel, YOU fart!"
So there you have it...if you didn't know it before...Yes, Girls can be stinky, and EVEN fart!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Random Blabber

Okay, so I'm not FINISHED watching baby J...yet! My cousin is still working at her current job until the 6th of March, then she's trying to find another job! HOPEFULLY, this will all work out, so I can keep watching him! Although, if we have another day like today, I may go crazy!!
Today Baby J was looking wiped out! He came over just red in the eyes and with that sleepy look! His usual naptimes are 9 and I tried to get him going....uh, a few snags.
1. We had a fairly good snow storm move through last night, and I wasn't about to take him with Cam and I out in the snow in his stroller with the snow this deep! So once I got home from taking Cam to school, I had to shovel our sidewalk...pushing naptime and snuggle time back...just a bit! 2. He was super cranky and crying out in pain for a long time. And guess what!? No pain killers! It was NOT fun...although, a cold, milk bottle helped for a while.
Yeah, I was feeling pretty calm...even when he was screaming out in pain, and Cam was covering his ears begging me to make him stop crying. *patting myself on the back* Luckily, with him being SO tired, he had two REALLY good naps...even if they were off from when he NORMALLY takes them!
This week is my "go see the doctor" week. For some reason, all of my doctor appointments landed this week. Yesterday I went to see my diabetes doctor, and he's decided to put me on some more meds. Whoopie!? Luckily it's covered by the patient assistance that I'm on....YAY! And I continue to lose weight. Not a LOT, but after the last few weeks where I've been GORGING myself on chocolate, I'm impressed! And he really wants to put me on this cool weight loss drug that is, so far, only approved for people with full blown diabetes. He says that they're looking into starting a study on people (like me) who are morbidly obese with pre-diabetes. I told him that if they do it...sign me up! He took my name and told me that he can't guarantee anything, but if it happens I'm in!
Then today I had my eye doctor appointment. I haven't been to the eye doctor since the beginning of 2005, and I've been wearing my glasses that I got the prescription upped in was definitely needed!! My right eye has taken a definite turn for the worse...which he fixed just by flipping those funny lenses. He's going to try me on disposable contacts, which I had a hard time with a few years ago, but says if we can find something that works, it will be worth it! (When I tried them before, one eye would be fine, but the other would spin uncontrollably, and I HATED it, let's hope we can find something this time!)
Then on Friday I have my dentist appointment. This is the one I'm NOT looking forward to. I've slowly been getting my dental work done. Starting in December when I could NO longer stand it, I have been getting teeth pulled, extreme cleanings, and fillings. The thing that is KILLING me, are the fillings!! Why does it not hurt until after they put them in?? I mean, I haven't had ANY pain with my cavities, but once the filling is put in...OUCH!! It may make me lose even more weight....I won't be able to eat!!
I had a really good talk with my sister today. We talked for a while and just laughed and giggled. I love her so much!
I've got a new reader!! It's kinda funny too...she's my visiting teacher!! (HI, ELENA!) I wonder if you can count it as a visit if you read their personal life on their blog!? :D
I'm so HOUSE-hungry right now!! I've decided that I'm more house-hungry than I am baby-hungry!! I drive past a for sale sign, and just dream! I want a house, not an apartment...I want wide open space...not hearing my neighbor's screams through the walls. I WANT A HOME OF MY OWN!!
The message board that I LOVED, is down. I'm so frustrated!! Luckily, we have a back-up board to go to, but it's just not the same!! *SIGH*
I'm dreaming constantly about a baby girl....does this mean she'll be coming soon, or am I just getting my hopes up!? The weird thing about the dream....the name Steve and I decided we want for our little girl didn't fit. She just didn't look like that name! So, in my dream I completely renamed her...and I've decided I like it better...what do you think Steve will think?
After my doctor's visit yesterday I went to visit a good friend who I haven't seen forever!! (Well, since last summer...) And I had a ball! :) I hope I didn't bother her just showing up unannounced! I love just chatting with friends, laughing, and catching up!
And after having that really fun post last week, I've decided to make every Friday free-for-all question day! It was SO much fun! SO start thinking now!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

My Life Monday: Love/Hate Foods

I had a beautiful post written, but do you think Blogger could leave it be for me?? NOPE!! GRRRRRRR.....
There are just a few foods that I hate, just a few: mushrooms (aka "slime-doggers") and seafood. Try to give me either, and I just may puke on you!
If there is miniscule mushrooms, I'll find it, and probably gag. Last Sunday I tried making one of those frozen crock pot meals of stroganoff, but didn't notice, until SUNDAY MORNING, that there were mushrooms in it. Let's just say that Steve, who LOVES mushrooms, didn't like it either! But I did pick out the mushrooms, but anytime I bit into something remotely soggy, I thought it was a mushroom and just couldn't handle it! ICK!
Seafood just tastes and smells fishy! EW!! I like the taste of shrimp, or I did when I was little, but one time I got sick on some shrimp, and I haven't been the same since.
When we go out to restaurants I encourage Steve to get the foods he loves, so I don't have to cook them. It works out pretty well, he gets what he wants, and I don't have to deal with them!
The foods I LOVE are many....but I will only name a few: chocolate and Texas Roadhouse's Chicken Critters.
If you know ANYTHING about me, you already know my cure for PMS....chocolate. When I get even slightly cranky, Steve will ask if he can buy me some Bryer's Brownie Mud Pie Ice Cream. (I've got him trained!) It's so LOADED with chocolate that it's almost a sin...almost! ;)
And Chicken critters!? Oh, I can't get enough of those! Anytime we got to Texas Roadhouse I get the SAME thing: Chicken Critters with extra honey mustard dipping sauce, a loaded baked sweet potato, and a house salad with ranch dressing. Oh, I'm drooling just thinking about it!
If you want to read more MLM's, visit Rachelle's blog!

Book Meme

The Rules of the game:
1. Find the nearest book to you.
2. Name the book and author.
3. Turn to page 123.
4. Go to the fifth sentence on the page.
5. Copy out the next 3 sentences and post to your blog.
6. Tag three other people.
Since I'm SO into Church nearest book is Fire of the Covenant (I've either read or listened to this book 4 times now, and currently re-reading it for the 5th time...LOVE IT!!) by Gerald N. Lund (yeah, the guy who wrote The Work and the Glory series!)
"'Class starts in fifteen minutes. I can't even say hello to them. I don't know a word of Danish.'"
Geez, I thought I'd get more out of it than THAT!! Oh, well! I just bawl when I START this book, but if you are curious about the plight of the handcart pioneers, or more specifically the Willie and Martin handcart companies, this is a MUST read!
To be totally honest, if I could do ANY one thing in my life...I would love to just read and study about the early years of the Church. It's so interesting and just fascinating to me. My favorite year in seminary was the D&C year...when we got to study those stories in SCHOOL! It's just my favorite! Steve will tease me about knowing SO much about the W & G series...any time there was a quote from the recent movies, either on TV or on the radio, he'd look at me and ask, "So, what was happening at THAT part!?" (I've only read THAT series all the way through 7 or 8 times....but some of the individual books I've read MANY more times!) And the sad part, I could tell him...
I tag NO ONE....if you feel so inclined....go for it!

Sunday, February 25, 2007


For the most part, I love blogger, but today?? GRRRR.....

Friday, February 23, 2007

Answering Questions

I didn't realize how many fun and serious questions I would get when I posted that last post.
I DID answer the questions on the other post, but I just feel like doing it a more ORGANIZED fashion! (Have I ever mentioned my OCD capabilities!?) (OH, and I want to thank Cat for letting me steal that idea from her!! THANKS! *pets kitty*)

Carrie said...
Here's a question for you.... would you PLEASE wander through your very strange childhood memory of being locked in the outhouse while on a camping trip? I need a good laugh.
Carrie: Maybe one day I'll have unrepressed those memories. I try REALLY hard NOT to remember those 2 LONG hours. Maybe tomorrow's post!

(AND since today is yesterday's tomorrow...)
Many moons ago I went camping with my family and some family friends. There was one boy in the other family, Joe, that I always felt humiliated by. He was like MY older brother: teasing constantly, knowing just how to push my get the idea. Anyway, Joe was wandering around camp one time, and he was just being his normal self, not doing anything out of the ordinary, but I was worried he'd spot me and begin to tease me. So I hurried into the outhouse. It was in the middle of the campground, and kind of far from where we had camped. I went in, and peeked through the windows (which were WAY high above the hole) to make sure he was gone. After he had left, and I had used the facilities, I tried to leave the smelly outhouse. The door was STUCK!! I pushed, I pulled and eventually, I laid down on the floor to sniff the fresh air coming through the crack under the door. I stayed in that stinkin' outhouse for TWO hours!! TWO HOURS!! I had tried screaming, crying and tried opening the door on my own, but nothing worked.
Finally, I noticed my dad walking around and I screamed for him to help me. He came over and opened the door for me! He asked me what happened and I told him. He began laughing, and said, "Well, sh**!" Then he laughed even harder!!
To this day I hurry in and out of outhouses as fast as I can! And I check the doors ALWAYS before I close them!!

Rachelle said...
Oooh, a question. Hmmm, who is your hero and why?

Rachelle: My hero is my mom. (Yeah, cliche, I know...) She's shown me the kind of woman I someday hope to become. She's just amazing to me in her strength, love, and testimony...I want to be just like her! (And because I can, here's a recent picture of my mom on her cruise with my Gramma Sue and her sister Pat! Aren't they too cute!?)

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...
Ooooh, I love the pretty yellow. My question is: What's your favorite recipe?

Millie: I HATE cooking...almost with a passion!! BUT...I do have a scrumptious yummy recipe that I have to make...Can't Leave 'Em Alone Bars. The best thing about this recipe is, that it's EASY!! It's a white cake mix, 1/3 cup oil, and 2 eggs. Mixed until combined...squish 3/4 of mix into greased 13x9 inch pan. Set remainder for later. Melt together 1 cup chocolate chips, 1 can sweetened condensed milk, and 1/2 cube butter. Pour melty concoction over crust, then crumble remainder over chocolate. Bake in your oven at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes...cut and cool before eating. YUMMO!! (And so addicting!)

Kristine said...
Ok...What is your favorite decoration in your home and why?

Kristine: My favorite home decoration is my new Willow Tree thingy my husband bought me for V-day...very cute! :)

One Scrappy Gal said...
Do you ever get that...not so fresh feeling?

Scrappy #1: Yes...often! *EW!*

jen said...
Are potato flakes actual dried potato or potatoey tasting chemicals?

Jen: Being a native Idahoan (yes, that's what we're REALLY called!) I know that potato flakes, while not NEARLY as yummy as REAL potatoes, are actually dried potatoes! Now you know! ;) (And I do really know, because my aunt works currently for a flaking factory, and dh USED to work for a flaking place! Just driving past those places makes your nose curl...they really REEK!)

One Scrappy Gal said...
Are flintstone chewable vitamins OK for adults to eat?

Scrappy #2: From what the package says, yes, but do you really want to announce, "HEY, I'm going to take my Flintstone's right now!!" ?? *snickering*

FrogLegs said...
More fun if you answered everything, LOL! ;) j/k.

Are you considering adoption? Do you have a time limit to try for baby #2, or will you just say #1 is enough if #2 doesn't come naturally?
Froggy: We have been considering adoption on and off for a few years now. We actually ALMOST adopted in 2005, but the birth parents decided to give the baby to someone that neither one of them knew (birth dad was my cousin.) So while we were *THINKING* about adopting, we got pregnant! Yeah, but then I miscarried, and the baby that we had felt sure was ours (thru much prayer and many positive confirmations...) ended up being born at 26 weeks and lived for a few hours and then died.
I haven't really set a time limit for trying for #2. I've just always thought, hoped, prayed that baby #2 will come to us before I turn 30, but seeing how I've had SUCH a hard time...I've decided that I will NEVER (and I do mean NEVER) stop trying. As long as I have my own uterus and ovaries, I'll not ever prevent a long as I can. So if #2 decides not to come to us naturally, then I guess adoption is our only other route.
I've tried for as long as we've been trying to have another baby to convince myself that one child is enough, but my heart, spirit, and my WHOLE soul knows that I cannot be satisfied with one child.
There's so much more I want to say, but I think that I'll just make it TOO I hope that answers that question! :)

Anne/kq said...
You know that one thing that you're always wondering, "If I'd done this, would my life have been any different?" Three part question: What is it? If you could go back and change it, would you? Why or why not?
(Feel free not to answer that, I know it's REALLY personal.) Anne: There's SO many different things. The one that comes to my mind is if I had never switched from Ricks College to ISU. I went to Ricks for ONE semester, and I hated it!! Many of my friends were going to school there and seemed to love it, but I just did not. It could be that I was constantly commuting, that I just didn't feel like GOING to school, or some other reason, but I was NOT happy there. So after that semester I started my paperwork for going to ISU. And I had decided to LIVE there, not just go to school there. So I packed up and moved to Pocatello. While living there I ended up meeting Steve. I KNOW, beyond anything that if I hadn't LIVED in the dorms, when I did I would NOT have met him. So if I could go back and change that decision, would I? Nope. It was hard and put me severely in debt, but I would not have met Steve. I probably would have gone on a mission, and if ALL of this had happened, I would not have my son. There's SO many things that wouldn't have happened if I hadn't done that one thing.

One Scrappy Gal said...
I was the same Scrappy for both questions. I was just bored. :) Another question... if you were stranded on some remote island...what would be the ONE item you would want to take with you?
Last question - are you keyser soze?

Scrappy #3: LOL!! I know...but when I was answering the questions in the comments portion...I had to do something to keep your questions separate!! :D Now to answer your question: If I were stranded on a remote island?? Uh...a plane! *GIGGLING* Okay, for real? Probably a pocket of those with all the cool gadgets that poke out of it...And for your FINAL question...keyser soze?? Uh, sure! :D

If anyone still wants to ask me questions, feel free (Ask on the previous post, and I'll transfer it to this post...OCD!)...I'll keep this "Free Question" thing going through this weekend, then I may not feel like answering any more! :P

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

If you want to ask me a question -- and anything goes -- here's your chance. You can ask about whatever you wish, no holds barred. I'll either answer honestly, or I'll tell you that I won't answer.
If you like, post this yourself and do the same.

Is It REALLY The End?

I don't know what to do....tomorrow will most likely be my last day babysitting for a while...maybe forever!
My cousin, C, has been having me babysit her little guy, Baby J, since he was ALMOST a month old. He's been a complete joy to watch. Honestly, our whole family gets excited when we know it's Tuesday or Thursday, because that means we get to watch J. Cam will pray the night before we watch him FOR him. ("Please bless us to watch baby J, tomorrow...") And now that he's older, starting to crawl, cutting teeth, and gibbering, we're not going to be seeing him anymore.
Watching Cameron interact with baby J has been eye-opening. I thought for SURE after watching little L that I would HATE babysitting, but I've realized, nope, it was just THAT situation. Cam loves baby J. He will get down on his belly to play with J. It's so nice. There's NO fighting, and Cam does all sorts of things to help out. It's been nice. Maybe it's the fact that we've had J since he was little, or the fact that Cam is older and more willing to help. It's shown me that when we DO finally have another baby, Cam will be a wonderful big brother! Whatever the reason for Cam LOVING Baby J, I really couldn't tell you the exact reason, but I'm honestly sad to see this end. I've been getting my baby-fix in each week by babysitting this little boy, but now....anyone have a baby I can watch!?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


It seems like every time I turn around...there it is....waiting to be watched! It's not that I go looking for it, but when I come across it...I can't help myself, I've GOTTA watch!
Since the first time I watched it I was in love with the plot, music, and just the idea that it might have a sliver of truth to it....I was in love. Granted, the first time I watched it I was 12, and very much into that kind of thing.

Saturday's Warrior is one of my all time guilty pleasures. I know, the plot is cheesy, the story is complete fantasy, and the music? Well, it's a musical...

When I was that young, naive 12-year-old watching this funny movie I was dragged in by the Julie story-line. The fact that she was in love with being in love...that was ME!! I love the song that she sings to her "true" companion in the "pre-existence," Circle of Our Love. I grew up thinking, "When I meet that one guy I'm supposed to marry, it will be JUST LIKE THIS!" The whole slow-motion, love-struck, musical would be mine!

Of course, when the actual moment came...there was NONE of that, but we were in a heavenly choir!! *snickering*

Whatever it is, I just love the cheese and will forevermore love the cheesiness of this movie!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Cop Update (yeah...I'm Not Feeling Like being PC!)

Sorry it took me so long to update...I've been doing OTHER things!
As an aside, right BEFORE the cop showed up, Cam broke the light cover on his bulbs in his bedroom....seems like the kid is bad with glass this week! So while I'm upstairs vacuuming the floor, Steve is letting the cop into our house! I go down, and Steve is telling the cop his story (yet again) in the hallway. I pass them, and the cop asked to go into the living room...Steve agrees.
Anyway, when Steve is really nervous (and who wouldn't be with a cop questioning you in your home over something like this...) he uses his hands like crazy to talk. He was nearly FLYING with waving his hands around....He told the cop the SAME story, and at the end, the cop asks, "Why would these people want to accuse you of doing something like this?!"
I wanted to pipe in with, "Well, the whole world is out to get us...Don't you think if we KNEW why he wanted to accuse us, we'd be able to inform you about WHY!?" (Dumb cop!)
Then he asks him again, if it came down to it if he'd take the poly-graph. He said that his lawyer recommended that he NOT take it, and he would stick with that advice. The cop then continues to pressure him into taking it...saying that if he doesn't take it, then it looks like he's guilty. He says, "I may look guilty, but the story WON'T change, and you know what happened." The cop says something like it's just to show whether you're telling the truth or not! (IDIOT!)
So he tells Steve that he'll write the report (which is exactly what Steve, and many of his employees told him BEFORE!) and says, "Whatever happens, happens!" He tells us that there really isn't any proof against Steve. DUH!
After the cop left, I asked Steve exactly WHY this cop wanted to come and talk to him IN our house. He said that when he talked to him before (yeah, I kinda messed that part of the story up...he was talking ON the PHONE with the dork!) he told Steve that he wanted to see his face when he told the story. It seems to me, that this cop really DOESN'T believe Steve...which is completely STOOPID!!
Honestly, I hope we're done, but it seems like the cop is just trying to assert his influence....I just want to SCREAM!!! (((((IDIOT!!!!!!))))))

The Story of Steve, the Purse, and the Police

This post should go on my husband's blog, but I'm going to tell HIS story here! (I'm so nice that way!)
Last week, while he was at work, some people came and made a fairly normal order. Once they got their order they came BACK to the counter, and told my husband that they didn't get the sauces for their kid's chicken nuggets. Steve was very nice about it, and said, "I'm sorry, here you go, and if there's anything else I can do, let me know." Soon enough this couple left, and the day went on, like any other day, I suppose.
A little while later, the husband came back to the restaurant. He was livid! His wife's purse was missing, and he wanted to know where it was. Steve told him that none of the employees had been out from behind the counter, because they were so busy, and that if he waited, Steve would go and look. He took a few other employees with him, and they looked, but couldn't find it. The man then, in his fury, left. They thought nothing of it.
The next day, the police showed up, asking to talk with Steve. He went with them and told them the story. The police informed him that the woman was accusing Steve of stealing her purse. WHA!? The couple said that Steve had said something about if there was more than $400 in it, then it would be returned. (He never said anything like that!) They just KNEW it was Steve that took it. He told his story again, and said, "None of us had time to go out and even LOOK for her purse, but we did. And you can ask my employees!" The police did, and all of them agreed on the story, but the police said they wanted to give Steve a poly-graph test. He said, "Why does it matter? My story will be the same!" Then they set up a time, and are coming to ask him about it AGAIN today.
Steve even went so far as to talk to a lawyer in our ward yesterday at church. The lawyer told him what to tell the police if they try to push him into taking the poly-graph. His words are, "Tell them to SHUT UP!" Uh, I told him he'd better find a DIFFERENT way to say it, or he could be in SERIOUS trouble!!
What is wrong with this story?! Our city police, in an attempt to find the "truth," are HOUNDING my husband. And after his story was proved true by his employees and other witnesses! WHA!? I guess I should clean up me and the house, they'll be here in a few hours!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Spending Time?? Nope...

Where have I been!? Spending our tax refund, naturally! On Friday I went to the dentist, and while my face was STILL numb, I went to pick up my wedding ring. The guy didn't understand what I was saying, but I managed to get my slurs out. (Me: "Hi...muh nuhme is Dawnelllll. Eye'm heere to peeck up my rig.") I put it on, and holy moley, it looks HUGE! Before my "big" diamond looked pitiful in my setting, but now? WOW! Maybe it's because there's like 6 prongs on this new crown, and my diamond is just kind of floating there, but whoa! I love to just look at it sparkle! (Just ignore my owies...I have this weird habit of picking at my fingers and making them icky!)
We paid off our furniture purchase from last year (before the interest was tacked onto the total.) And we feel happy, and content....for now!

And I just thought (while I was downloading pictures) I'd show you what my loving husband got me for Valentine's Day. I got him "smutty" things, and he got me a WillowTree statue of a couple in a loving embrace! (He also got me chocolates and a book, but you know...)
Oh, and on a super happy note, while Steve and I were running around yesterday (like the crazy people we are) we met up with some good friends! I asked the husband (he was without his wife) where she was, and he told me that she was in the car. I started making a crack about her being lazy, then he told me that she'd just had twins. WHOA!! I didn't even know she was pregnant!! She's someone that I'm not EVER upset to hear good things about. She struggled for 5 years before finally having her first daughter, and has had to go on major fertility drugs to get her son and now her baby girls. I ran out to their van to chat with her, and she was just beaming. She said that her trick THIS time was a new medicine that they use for breast cancer patients. She told me that after ONE month on this drug she got pregnant with her twins. I'm thinking about talking to my doctor!! ;) Seeing someone who's struggled with infertility, the way she has, overcome....I can't even tell you the happiness I feel for her! (I feel that there's gotta be hope out there for me too!)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

What WAS I Thinking?

When I said that I'd be an assistant den leader? Sunday callings are WAY different from middle of the week callings!! WAY different!
For the past 2 weeks I've been going to scouts, hoping to pick up on what exactly I'm supposed to be doing. I've done my online training thingies, and filled out a background check form (uh...yeah!) and now I'm coming home from scouts thinking, "What is going on?"
Last week was my first week, so I just chalked everything up to me being new, and just not knowing exactly what to do. (Even the den leader I'm supposed to be working with doesn't really know what to do with me!) So I just cut papers, and tried to keep Cameron (yeah, had to take him with me...) occupied and the boys busy. That was insane!
Then this week, I prepared myself a little bit. See, we've been having the boys make decorations for next week's Blue and Gold Banquet. The monthly theme is something tropical (I would look it up, but I'm too stinkin' lazy!) ANYWAY, they've been making dried bean mosaics of fish and other undersea critters, and then painting their own surf boards. Did someone order some crazy?? Yup!!
The boys last week did pretty well, the surf boards took a few hours to dry, but it went off fairly well....with the exception of them not listening to how to properly behave in the church....but they're boys, right!?
Anyway, this week we had a few glitches. A new boy came, and he was not one who gets along well with others. I wasn't in the room when it happened, but I guess he started a fight. NOT GOOD!! Then the boys were just on major sugar highs (coming straight to scouts from their Valentine's parties at school) and just would NOT pay attention.
My question now is, what was I thinking? That scouts would be a piece of my last calling?? I do realize that it took me YEARS to feel comfortable there, but I hope it doesn't take me long to get comfy here! All I can do when I come home is fall down, exhausted, and pray that I can find a way to get to know these boys, and help them to grow into better scouts, and young men! Boy, that's not asking for much, is it!?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Just Another Day

It's the day! The one that's supposed to be more romantic than the rest....but for me...It's just another day.

In the past we've tried to have fun surprises for one another, and they have been fun, but it just seems to me like you should show your spouse, family, WHOMEVER that you love them every day! (Maybe that's why it feels like just another day!)

Our plans for tonight are:

Order Chinese food from our favorite place.

Eat and laugh until we're full.

Pull out one of the many DVDs that we haven't watched yet and snuggle on the couch to watch.

Then go upstairs for a very fun night.

That's it....since we have no babysitter, and no hope of going out for the evening, we just planned a cozy night-in.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and share it with those you love!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Excitement and Obsession

Here are a few thoughts running through my mind right now:
  • I can't wait to get off the computer (uh...wha!?) and watch my recorded version of Heroes. It seems like every so often I become completely obsessed with a television show...this year's winner is Heroes. I can't get enough of it. I HAVE to watch each episode at least twice before watching the next one. I like watching and seeing if I can figure out the mysteries in the show. Here's a little proof at how *woo hoo* I've been over this show: Last night I was watching last week's episode, since the new one was going to be on tonight, and I had a whole 5 minutes where I froze the screen...trying to figure out Claire's dad's first name! Obsessed?? I think so!!
  • I can't wait for Valentines' Day! I did my shopping today. Usually we get our tax refund around this holiday, so we go all's really fun! I bought Steve a CD that he REALLY wanted, but told him that it was unavailable. He freaked out and went directly to ebay to buy it! PUNK! I can't even have ONE surprise with him!! *pout*
  • I went shopping for the REST of his Valentines' Day presents at a special store. I would put on here exactly what I got him, but it's a little racy....let's just say, that night ought to be very FUN! ;)
  • I need to finish filling out all of my scouting information. I have a form that I need to get all filled out before next week. I just don't wanna do it!!
  • I'm still giggling at my sweet hubby. After I changed everything on my blog, he was reading the bottom...where the comments are and saw "utha luvas." He looked at me and said, "What's a 'ooothah loooovah?'" Thanks to him, I've changed it to "otha luvas."
  • I finally checked my myspace account last night for the first time...probably since last year, and found 2 friend from my cousin, and the other from my younger brother. Why am I scared to say he's okay to be my friend?? Maybe because his page is exceptionally FREAKY!?
  • My little town is not as safe as I had hoped. Last night there was a shooting at one of our Walmarts. How could this happen?? The really scary thing, the shooter is STILL on the loose!! I guess it's another reason to NOT shop at Walmart...especially on Sundays!
  • I'm in heaven!! Nick at Nite is showing reruns of one of my all time favorite sitcoms....Growing Pains. Mike STILL makes me swoon....Ben does too, but didn't he recently come out of the closet? *sigh*
  • Why is my chin super hot?? Nothing else feels this warm...Weird...
  • WHY can't Blogger offer more choices of fonts?? I LOVE the new look to my blog, except for my title. I chose what I thought looked best from what they offered, but I would love, love, LOVE a pretty flowy script. Yeah, I'm weird, but I just like changing things up every so often!
  • Do you pronounce the word "often" as off-en or oft-en? Hmmm.....

My Life Monday: The One I Love

Years ago, I was an angry teen-aged monster. I would mope and just be a boar to be around. (This was usually when I was around my family....treat those you love the most the worst...)
Once I was sulking at a family reunion we were having many moons ago, and one of my many aunts noticed. My mom is one of 12 I have MANY aunts!
Anyway, she walked by me and just said: "Do you know how much I love you?" I stopped right then with my sulking and just stared at her. She didn't say or do anything else, just left me with that thought.
Since this aunt showed me some love, when I'm sure I was pretty hard to love, I've always felt a close relationship with her. She's such a strong lady, and I am constantly amazed by the way she shows her love. It doesn't matter how we act, she loves us.
I guess what I'm trying to say, is that it's easy to love those who are kind and friendly, but it's amazing to love those (of us) who are ornery and grouchy. I've ALWAYS admired and loved this aunt, and I just want to thank her (if she ever reads this) and let her know that her small token of love has profoundly affected me.
Since that comment I've tried to randomly show others that I, too, love them. Sometimes it catches them off guard, but other times...I get THE perfect reaction! Thanks to this aunt for showing me the example of true, pure love!
(Yes, I realize the assignment was to write about somebody you love, but I felt that I needed to remind myself that at one time, I was the somebody that someone loved!)

Friday, February 09, 2007

More Tests for Cam

A few months ago we took Cameron to see his geneticist at Primary Children's Medical Center. He had to get an MRI....the reason it took so long was because they had to sedate him. It was a very long day, and at the end, the doctor told us that there were 2 major concerns that the radiologists had with his MRI. He had a fatty deposit at the base of his spine. It could be nothing, or it could mean that he has a tethered cord. Causing all sorts of problems with his lower body muscle control, and eventually problems when he gets older.
The other thing they were concerned about was his lower lumbar area. They thought it might be aggravated lymph nodes, but they can't rule out a tumor. So his doctor recommended that we go back in 3-6 months. I was not really happy with this outcome, but what else could I do?
It's been 3 months. And when I was talking with my service coordinator yesterday I mentioned that the geneticist said that he wanted to see us in 3-6 months, and I'd probably call him that day about it. After she left I was just sitting there when I got a call from, who else? The geneticist. Coincidence?? Who knows!
He told me the results again, and told me that after discussing it with his supervisor and the radiologist they'd like to do another MRI. He had mentioned maybe doing a CT scan (no sedation), but after discussing it, they decided that an MRI would be best because they could also do a cine (pronounced: sinny) test where they could determine if he's got a tethered cord. BUT he also wants to sign us up for ANOTHER study where they'd look at the scoliosis a bit more. I don't know what all is included in THIS study, but I agreed to sign up for this one as well (the fact that THIS one pays made it an easy choice!)
It's just super annoying to not have specialists IN MY AREA! Not that SLC is that far away, but it's far enough. Enough that it's 6 hours plus of driving all in one day.
I'm thinking that THIS time, I want to stay over night IN TOWN!! (We stayed with my sister in Logan for the first trip...STILL took us forever to get to SLC the next morning!) I'm going to try and convince my mom to help pay for a hotel room! (My mom goes with us to EVERY appointment...Cam uses her as his security blankie...)
NF1 usually IS something that runs in families. BUT it's a dominant trait...meaning that if Cam had gotten it from me (my maternal grandmother DOES have NF1) my mom and I would BOTH have to have it, and we don't. His is a mutation. If you're familiar with genes at all...his is called a gene deletion. Basically, he has NF1 because in his DNA there is a whole gene missing that turns OFF the NF1.
When we go to do these tests we prepare him by telling him that some nice doctors are going to be helping him. His FIRST question is always, "Are they going to hurt me?" The last time we did the stuff for the study they told me that they had to draw some blood. I warned him about it...BIG mistake!! The kid freaked out when ANYONE came into the room...ANYONE!! Then when we went for his MRI and I knew they'd have to do an IV...I didn't warn went MUCH smoother! The thing about the drugs they give for the MRI is that it works IMMEDIATELY. Not even a minute had gone by and he was asleep! He was way loopy afterward, but didn't have a bit of a problem...except for walking and standing up straight! He's a good kid at his appointments.
I'm going to try and set up the appointments for when Cam is out of school...I printed off his school's schedule, and we're looking at either March 1st and 2nd or the last week of March. Either way, I'll most likely be there in March. (Hopefully the roads won't be so bad!)
So here we go again! Luckily the doctor doesn't think he has the fast growing bad tumors, but he doesn't want to take any chances!

Thursday, February 08, 2007


It's my blogoversary, but I don't quite know what to do about it...should I repost my first entry? Should I review what's happened to me over the past year? I guess all I'm going to do is just mention it. I just reviewed the year, and anyone can access my first post in my sidebar. I will give you some stats about me though:

  • In 365 days I've posted on my blog 288 times. (This is the 288th!)
  • I hit one hundred posts on June 14th. (That was just 126 days after starting blogging!)
  • The most posts I've had in one day was on February 28th. I had just learned how to post I posted FIVE times!
  • The most comments I've had on any post is 14. (Yes, very small compared with others, but HUGE for me!)
  • My favorite format for posting is centered and in Trebuchet font. Yes, I have to change it every time I post, but I just love the way it looks.
  • I've changed the template for my blog only twice. But I'm contemplating a new look soon!
  • The topic I wrote about the most this past year was my babysitting drama. Thankfully it's over, but for a whole 8 months it was my life.
  • The second most common topic for me was anything Cameron. Yes, I am his mama, but gosh...he's ALL I talk about!
There's a look at what I've done to you over the past year. It's been fun, and my family has gotten sick of hearing CONSTANTLY about my blog...but I've enjoyed the friends I've found, and I'm grateful for the therapy I've found putting my thoughts into words.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I'm Naked

I was talking with Steve on Sunday, and showed him my wedding ring. All week, when I looked at my hand I noticed that my center diamond...the BIG one....was bent. I wasn't sure if it was just me, or what, so I asked Steve to take a look at it. He was furious! He told me that if I'd had questions about my ring I should have IMMEDIATELY taken it in. (We have a warranty on both of our rings, that covers most of the damage that happens to them...) I promised him that after my dentist appointment on Monday I'd take it in.
I got to the mall before most stores were even open. So I sat and waited for the gates to rise. (I waited in the children's play area, and my mouth was still numb. The little girls playing there kept staring at me while I tried, in my own way, to smile back.)
Anyway, they finally opened and I went in to show them my ring. The lady took one look at the diamond and said, "It's a good thing you brought this in now, if you had kept wearing it, the diamond might have fallen out." I asked her what could be done, and she told me that since my crown is gold (came with the ring...) and it was bent, that the only thing was to replace the crown with a stronger, longer-lasting metal. I sighed.
A few years ago, we took my ring in to get the prongs re-tipped. They looked at the big diamond, and said, "Re-tipping will do you no should just buy a platinum crown." At THAT time the price was pretty good, but we didn't have the money for it. So we put it off. Now all of our procrastination was coming back! It was now necessary to replace the crown, or risk losing the diamond.
I asked her what I needed to do, and how long it would take, and she told me that they'd have to order the crown, and it would take a few weeks. I guess it's a good thing we just did our taxes, because part of them are going to have to go to getting my ring back from the jewelers! So, until right after Valentines' Day, my finger is naked. It feels SO weird. I've worn my ring, day and night, for SEVEN, going on EIGHT years!! It's weird to go in to take a shower, pull off my watch and glasses, then go for a non-existent ring!
I was hoping to wear Steve's old band until then, but we've misplaced it! I've been wracking my brain for the last several days, but I have no idea where I've put it! Oh, well. Life goes on!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Thoughts on My Mood

I dislike this time of know what I'm talking about....
I get frustrated at the drop of a hat. Anything Cameron says is skewed, and makes me moody. An innocent comment is blown into something that it was never meant to be.
DARN IT!! I hate PMS!!

Monday, February 05, 2007

My Life Monday: Pet Peeves

BLOGGER: I've had such issues with Blogger today...I'm just gonna curse for a minute...bear with me.....(#*%*#&% BLOGGER!!)
I have many pet peeves, but when I can't make the Internet work, UGH! Pet peeve!
EARS: Another thing that just gets my panties in a bunch (to use a favorite saying...) is when anyone...Steve INCLUDED....touches my ears. My ears are OFF limits. I don't know what it is about my ears, but I just cannot stand to have anyone else touch them. I can touch them, heck, I clean them daily! But to get anyone or anything else near them without my expressed permission?? NO WAY!
OCD BEHAVIORS: Not making my tacos in order is another thing that bothers me. YES, I know...I'm in serious need of some therapy....
Tacos must be put together in THIS order:
Refried beans,
Taco Meat, (juiceless is preferable)
Shredded cheese,
then olives and/or sour cream.
I cannot put my tacos together in ANY other order!! Like I said, I know it's weird, but if someone hands me an ingredient OUT of order, I can't do just bugs me!
CARDS: When I'm playing cards I must have them stacked in a straight pile. No cards upside-down, angled or off the pile. When we play M'ou...I get in SO much trouble over that rule!! SO MUCH! My brothers love to mess with me ON PURPOSE when it comes to this obsession I have.
MY NAME: When someone says my name wrong, after being corrected, I have issue with this. Now I understand that "Dawnyel" is not your run of the mill, average name. I GET IT!! But once I correct you, please say it friend's dad, who's known me for 23 years, STILL says it wrong! UGH!! The worst though, is my mother-in-law. Yes, I love her, but she refuses...absolutely, flat-out, REFUSES to call me "Dawnyel," she calls me "Dawn." No matter HOW many times we tell her, "Dawnyel," she still calls me "Dawn!"
NOT ACCEPTING COMPLIMENTS: When you give someone a compliment, and they don't accept it...that's just wrong! I realize that you may NOT feel the way I just mentioned, but geez, take the compliment...say, "Thank you," and be done with it. No need to elaborate, or belittle yourself. BE GRATEFUL!
Okay, there you have it, things that just bother me! If you read
Rachelle's list, you will find that I completely agree with there's some MORE! I try not to get easily annoyed, but there are JUST somethings....

Sunday, February 04, 2007

And The Answer Is...

Sunday is nearly over. I absolutely LOVE having church start at 1:00! Maybe it's the teen-ager longing to get out of me, but I love being able to sleep in.
Yes, as I mentioned earlier, I was released from my calling as Primary Chorister. I was so sad over it too! But my NEW calling is: (funny enough, when I asked for guesses, someone got it RIGHT on the nose!!)
Assistant Cub Scout Den Leader (or whatever they call us now!)
I'll be working with another lady (who funny enough, was the Primary pianist when I started as the chorister) and we'll be working with the Wolves and Bears. Our ward is in the process of finding someone else to help out with the Webelos. I'm nervous, excited, and ready to go. I definitely felt the need for my setting apart (which turned out very well...being admonished 4 or 5 times to seek the Spirit) to help me feel more comfortable in this position. I can't tell you how strongly I feel about being set apart...I tried doing a calling for almost 4 years WITHOUT being set apart, and I hated, HATED it! I could never figure out what to to do it...or anything. I was frustrated beyond words. Then when I got the calling again, I was all upset over it, but got set apart. That was the ONLY difference. I loved the calling (and now I'm sad to be leaving it!) Thoughts came so easily, and ideas just worked out!
Now I'll be working on getting certified and learning what to do. I'm pretty excited!
Another "perk" of being in this new calling, I get to attend the "big people" meetings. I haven't done that forever!! For pretty much my entire adult life, I've been in Primary. I don't know if I'll know how to behave...sit still...or anything. That's where more nerves are showing. Although, Steve is THRILLED to get to sit by me in Sunday School! ;)
Tonight was the SuperBowl, and sadly, the team Steve was rooting for won! ;) I thought I could "root" for the Bears, but I just wasn't really into the game. The Colts fought hard, and deserved to win, even thought I was more interested in watching the commercials. Laughing at some, and rolling my eyes at others. The one that REALLY got me was the Snickers one, where there's two guys working on an engine, and one guy starts eating a Snickers. The other guy bites onto the other end of the candy bar, and for a split-second the two manly men "kiss!" EWWWW!!! Then they immediately decide to do something "manly!" They rip open their shirts and pull some of their chest hair off! OUCH! I have to admit, it did make me giggle!
The thing I used to look forward to most on SuperBowl Sunday was the half-time show. I remember YEARS ago when Michael Jackson was the half-time entertainment and it was really impressive and something I enjoyed "rocking out" to. (As much as you CAN rock out to MJ!) Now, we have Prince. ICK! I cannot stand the man. The whole time we were commenting on his "do-rag." WHY does a grown man wear something like that!? Especially when it has a fancy bow on the front!?
I wouldn't have been so upset over it if he had sung some of his songs, but he was singing OTHER people's songs! Sure, he sang Purple Rain at the end, but he was singing Tina Turner (Rollin' on the River) and Foo Fighters (don't ask me what the song was, I don't listen to youngest brother had to point out that it was a Foo Fighters song!) How upsetting. Thanks, Janet Jackson for ruining future SuperBowl half-time shows FOREVER!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Inside a Rubba Undies Luva's Thoughts

Alone. That's me right now.
We signed Cameron up with the Learning Center. He went there this last summer, but we stopped sending him once school started back up. We really didn't want to overwhelm the kid, but it seems he's really needed to go. All week he's been excited about it, asking when he can go. I told him yesterday that instead of mama picking him up from school a van would come and take him to the Learning Center. He was so excited! I just hope he's not rotten for them. Lately, he's been extremely cranky in the afternoons. (Nothing like needing a nap!) So now on Fridays all I have to do with him is drop him off at school and I'm all on my own until nearly 3:00 in the afternoon. Whatever will I do with myself!?

Then, Cam's also been pulling his hair OUT of his head. Last summer he cut a patch of hair from that same spot, but now he's got a bigger bald spot, and I don't know whether to worry about it or just let it go. When I ask him why he pulls his hair out he tells me, "Cuz I wanna." Maybe he's just seeing if he can bother me. But to stop him from yanking it out I've buzzed his head...with the hopes that he can't get a good hold and make his bald spot bigger! Let's hope!

We've been having a weird occurrence here lately. Our landlord scheduled an inspection last week. I wasn't bothered by it, I think it's good that he wants to see what's going on in these apartments. But instead of just him, or his son (the repair guy) coming, it was him and a couple of guys who were looking into buying the building. Weird!

The first time this happened I didn't really think much of it, until our nosy neighbor said we were probably the only apartment that they went inside of. Then the other night we found a note on our front door from our landlord asking us to call him. We were a little curious about what he wanted, but didn't worry too much! He wanted to know if he could show our apartment to someone else the next night. We agreed, then looked at each other. Why does he like showing OUR apartment? Is it the fact that these apartments allow smoking and pets and we have neither!? We really don't know the reason, but after letting more people wander through our home last night the landlord kept thanking us over and over.

And the Groundhog predicts early spring? Yeah, right!! We'll see if THAT one comes true!!

The SuperBowl is on Sunday. Not that I LOVE football, but in our family we're all about finding ANY excuse to have a big family get together! And who doesn't love watching commercials that make them laugh!? I may just end up rooting for the Bears anyway, just to BUG Steve! ;)

Now what am I going to do? I've got an hour and a half until Cameron comes home, and I'm finished with my blog. *sigh*

Thursday, February 01, 2007

My Own Personal Lecture

Lately I've been pondering some things in life. One day, earlier this week, I had a meltdown. It was NOT fun. I just got to feeling pretty sorry for myself, which is pretty ridiculous! I have so much in my life, and I shouldn't be feeling that way...EVER! Then I opened an email that had such a beautiful message I just stopped. It was exactly what I've been needing to hear! So I thought I'd share it with all of you...or maybe just to reinforce it in my own head again!
"Along your pathway of life you will observe that you are not the only traveler. There are others who need your help. There are feet to steady, hands to grasp, minds to encourage, hearts to inspire, and souls to save."--Thomas S. Monson
Why wallow in our own pity...we should be helping others who are lost or need help. I know I mentioned a better resolve to do this, but I've been neglecting it. We're never alone on the path we travel. There are others who have been where we are, who know what we're going through, and there are those we can help. We need to reach out. Not stay in our own little bubbles.
Okay, now that I'm finished with my own little lecture....
I've also been listening over and over and over to the soundtrack from the Broadway musical "Wicked." I'm SO in love with this music, and the story. Just hearing the music makes me imagine how the play would look (if I were the director and had the ultimate budget!)
In this play it tells the story of the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz. Her story about growing up different and why she "turned" wicked. I've been so obsessive over this play that I've looked up all sorts of things online about it. (I've even read the spoiler pages...I really am obsessive!) Now my only thing is to actually SEE the play! If it ever gets anywhere NEAR my hometown I'm there! When I listen to the songs I think about how I could apply them in real life. There's one part of the first song where Glinda asks the munchkins, "Is anyone born truly wicked, or is wickedness thrust upon them?" Then she goes on to tell them the story of how this poor green girl grew up. It's a good message about not judging others before knowing their full situation! LOVE IT!