Monday, March 31, 2008

Slow News Day??

This may be in bad taste, but I watched the news tonight, and just about busted a gut laughing at this. Is there SERIOUSLY nothing else going on in the world tonight?!
4th Grader Brings 3 Dead Kittens to School
By: Megan Boatwright
Parents from a local elementary school got a very surprising letter from their principal today. The letter said a 4th Grade Student brought three dead kittens to school in her backpack.
When Tom Herndon read the bright pink letter from the school, he just laughed.
"My first thought was a little humorous," said the parent.
After a little chuckle, he did get serious. "I mean I have cats so I took it seriously," said Herndon.
So did the staff at the elementary school. "Our biggest concern was we did not know for sure what the kittens had died from, and whether it was communicable or not," said Jeanne Johnson, Principal.
After getting to school this morning the kittens stayed in the girls backpack. At lunchtime she put one in her pocket, and took it to the playground to show her friends.
"We didn't know how much they'd been handled," said Principal Johnson. "Or by how many children so we just wanted to make sure that we were as cautious as possible."
Seven children, including the girl, went home for showers. The kittens were sent to the Public Health Department for testing, and the whole school got a copy of the pink letter.
The principal said, "It was our understanding that the mother of these kittens was a stray, and we understood that maybe our student had played with the cat before."
In fact to protect her daughter the girl's mother had told her not to handle the dumpster cat, and had no idea about the kittens.
"Imagine how you'd feel if your child brought dead kittens to school," said Johnson. "She was just really surprised."
The incident did work to teach kids at the elementary school an important lesson said 1st Grader Chance Herndon. "No petting dead cats, dogs or animals."
Um.....Are you serious about the mother NOT knowing about her daughter bringing dead kittens to school?? Can you imagine?
Girl: "Mom, I want to take these kittens for show and tell."
Mom: "Well, just this once....."

Saturday, March 29, 2008


My sister called me yesterday (she's been in town all week long...) she told me she had some "good news/bad news" information. I told her just to tell me what was going on.
The good news was that my cousin had her baby yesterday (congrats to baby Tayem by the way....I hear he's adorable!)
The bad news was that my grandma had a heart attack and was in the hospital.
Honestly, I was shocked by the whole thing. My grandma has been sick for a while, and has had what they have THOUGHT were heart attacks, but nothing has actually come from it. At first I was just in shock, and it didn't really sink in. But now, I'm freaking out a little.
I'm sure she'll be okay....after a while, but it's scary to think about my grandpa and uncle being alone. Neither one of them can function without her. I hope all turns out to be all right! (I was even awake for a few hours in the middle of the night because I started worrying about everything....yeah, I usually wait until I need to be sleeping before things sink in....)
I also started worrying about an article I was asked to write for the Relief Society newsletter. I was supposed to pick my favorite article from November's Ensign and write about it. Well, I didn't FIND my November Ensign until 2 days ago...and I've only read a few articles. I'm such a procrastinator....I guess I should write that soon....
I've also come to the realization that I have scout stuff going on this next month, and I have NO idea what to do. AAAAAAGH!! I need wheelly good ideas....anyone? :)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday!! :)

It's time for Free-For-All Friday!
If you want to ask me a question -- and anything goes -- here's your chance. You can ask about whatever you wish, no holds barred. I'll either answer honestly, or I'll tell you that I won't answer.

Answering Friday Questions

Mattsmom said...
On a scale of 1-10 how STINKIN' EXCITED are you to be having a baby this year?With just 10 weeks to go, are you getting nervous? Anxious? Or just happy?
I'm at about a 9.5 right now with my excitedness. I'm getting really anxious about the things I've yet to get done, but really, I'm just very happy and excited! :)
Anne/kq said...
Have you bought them MATCHING OUTFITS YET??? BUAHAHAHAHAHA! (I'm so evil. I'm gonna dress my kids in matching clothes for ever. Does that qualify as evil, if it's really cute?)
Matching outfits?? I honestly hadn't even thought about it (maybe it's the age-gap I've got going on....but would it still be cute with an 8 year difference?)
If I say you're evil, will you still love me? ;) (I actually think matching outfits are WAY cute, but I really hadn't even thought about doing that with Cam and the you've got me thinking.....)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sickies Here and GONE!! (I hope!)

I've been a miserable mess all weekend long. But I didn't have time to wallow in my sickness....I had to do things, and it wasn't fun.
Sleeping wasn't easy either....I found that I was sweaty and literally STICKING to my sheets. I thought only menopausal women did that!! YIKES!! The thing that made it worse was that I was FREEZING with all that sweating going on, so I HAD to have the blankies covering me. Honestly, it was NOT something I hope to ever do again!
I ended up going to church on Sunday so I could bolster our ward choir's poor little alto section, there's a whole 2 of us, and I think we did pretty well for our small, sicky numbers.
Then I spent all day yesterday recovering, and it completely helped!! I was feeling MUCH better (although my lungs need to be hacked up occasionally....) and I was able to do the things that I'm SUPPOSED to do today.
Cam has been such a trooper. He's been entertaining himself rather well, considering that mommy AND daddy were both laid up with the flu. He even prayed for us many times! (Thanks, buddy!)
Last night, on a random whim, Steve picked up my little "foldy" pillow off of my side of the bed. (I MUST sleep with this little extra pillow....don't ask me why!) And promptly threw it back down pronouncing, "Peeeew!" upon my lovey!
I asked him what it smelled like (thinking he'd respond, sweat or sick smell...something that he could say was stinky and worthy of the pronouncement.)
Then he said, in a matter-of-fact way, "It smells like your head!"
Uh, thanks honey! Maybe I need some better smelling shampoo! :P

Friday, March 21, 2008

Free For All Friday

It's Free For All Friday!
If you want to ask me a question -- and anything goes -- here's your chance. You can ask about whatever you wish, no holds barred. I'll either answer honestly, or I'll tell you that I won't answer.
(And just in case you think I've been slacking when it comes to my blog, you're right. I've been fighting off the crud all week! Cam told me yesterday, "Mama, you don't sound so good!"
Gee, thanks, child!!)


Deanna said...
Um...What is your favorite part about spring? and Two, what are you looking forward to most this comming week?
My favorite part of spring is the weather. It's SO nice...not too hot, not too cold, JUST right! (I feel like a fairy tale character saying that!)
I'm looking forward to relaxing this next week. I do have to babysit, but otherwise, I don't have to worry about Cam in school...just doing his regular after school stuff! (Oh, and no scouts...WOO HOO!)
One Scrappy Gal said...
When you shoot a mime, should you use a silencer?
What is one of your all time favorite books? I'm in a literary slump right now...
If I were to shoot a mime, I'd probably NOT use a silencer....who would care!? ;)
I can't think of just one book that's my all time favorite. Really, I love any and all fluff books. (Not the ones that make you think....just ones that are easily read for fun!) I guess I can't quite answer that one!
Melzie said...
I wasn't home... but-- I wante dto let you know, I waved to you on our way thru IDF. Joe told me to call-- but I was so crabby.... forgive me?!
OF COURSE, I forgive you!! I just hope you had a ball on your trip!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Crazy Dreams and Little Sleep

That's it for my "bad" news. :) I'm having insanely crazy dreams....ones where there's a psycho ghost baby who is EVIL, but I'm the only one who believes it. So I'm forced to take care of it. (This "ghost baby" was found in Cam's school....what she was doing there no one knows...) I've also dreamt that while Cameron and I went 4-wheeling in the middle of nowhere I ran across my parents. We had run out of gas, and were walking when we saw a castle. They were staying in the castle, that was modernly furnished on the inside, but after a quick peek, the whole castle collapsed with them inside of it. Cam instantly became super-heroey and saved them. Then that same night, I dream that I'm telling my mom about the castle dream. I even show her where the castle was supposed to have been.
Yes, dreams plague me! I get so deeply into my dreams that I sometimes forget where I am when I wake up.
On top of this, my hips are spreading, which causes me constant pain! Finding a comfortable position is not easy, and when I do find that PERFECT spot, Steve will invariably roll toward me and snore in my face or ear, depending on the side I'm sleeping on.
Such fun! :P
On a happier note, I saw my doctor and she's proclaiming that everything is going well. I have normal-ish blood pressure (top number was SLIGHTLY high...only 4 points up...), decent blood sugars, we're not worrying about the ketones, and I had a side-ache checked out (I worried it might be kidney problems....) and there was nothing to worry about....probably just the hip pain or just normal aches of pregnancy.
The baby is doing well. He's a mover. He likes to move VERY low in my belly. In places where Cameron just CANNOT feel! (Although he tries...) When the doctor measured my tummy, she said he's definitely NOT small. I guess that's good!
Now I wait a few more weeks. Then I'll be doing the weekly visits and more monitoring! As long as we get a healthy baby, I'm all for doing whatever it takes!
(OH, and I did NOT schedule the c-section date yet....I have yet to register with the hospital, and I think that COULD be an important factor....)
On another doctor related note, I found out that we may have to make a day-trip to Salt Lake next week for an NF1 study Cam is participating in. We thought we were finished until October, but I guess they need to do some more testing on the boy. *sigh* At least I'll get to see my study-coordinator friend, who I JUST told I was pregnant! :D

Saturday, March 15, 2008


At church last Sunday I had probably 10 people come up to me and ask when I was going to have this baby. TEN!! (I didn't think I looked THAT miserable!) And happily I could announce that I have 3 months left. In the same thought bubble, I realized, "HOLY COW!! I only have 3 months to get things ready for another baby at my house! I'm NOT ready for this!!"
Happily I can say that we DO have a lot accomplished:
  • crib and bedding.
  • general clothing.
  • car seats.
  • Boppie. (The COOLEST thing ever!)
  • burp cloths...although, they're in my downstairs hole....SOMEWHERE!
  • a bouncy seat.
  • extra blankets.
  • high chair.
  • play pen. (Which for the first few months will double as the bassinet.)

BUT there is SO much more that I need to get before I feel like I'm ready. I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed, but in a good way.

Things I've yet to get:

  • swing.
  • jumper chair (not necessary IMMEDIATELY, but would be nice for when he gets bigger.)
  • diapers and wipes.
  • air conditioning for the upstairs, where I feel I'll be spending the majority of my time.
  • bottles (not that I want to put him on bottles as soon as I have him, but it would be nice to have them for when I need them.)
  • binkies. (I'm HOPING this baby will be a good sucker, unlike his older brother...)
  • breast pump. (Yeah, for what you THINK I need it for!) ;)
  • the little head rest thingy that goes around babies heads when they're in the car seats.
  • baby monitors.
  • a diaper bag.

My only hope is that on Monday my doctor will allow me to schedule my c-section. (I've been told I have to wait until a month before the due date....I'm such a planner I want to get everything squared away NOW!) Such a short amount of time to get SO many things done! *sigh*

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So Glad for Teachers

Today was our normal Wednesday at Scouts. The boys were rowdy, and obnoxious, but thankfully, my partner, a former first grade teacher, has control. She's so good. I know she feels like the boys don't like her, but you know, I have a sneaking suspicion that they really do like her.
She comes up with the best games and the most fun activities for them. I feel like such a slug when I'm around her. (Gosh, I guess I AM a slug around her!)
On the way back to the Primary room from playing in the gym, one boy, the usual ring-leader, acted like he was going to ring the bell. The bell at church rings all throughout the building and can be very obnoxious. The other leader has warned them over and over about the consequences of ringing the bell. (Sitting like bumps on a log in the Primary room doing NOTHING!) I told him not to ring the bell, he begged, "PLEASE!? If you let me, I'll like you more!" I then told him that he could hate me all he which he told me that he would! (Then he giggled....I'm not too worried about a 9 year old hating me!)
I'm just very grateful for the training that teachers get, and wish that there was a way for me to get all of that training without going through all of that schooling! :P

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Being a Mom to my Mom

I didn't think it would come this soon, but I've been doing all sorts of things for my mom since her surgery on Thursday. Not that I'm doing a lot, but it's been quite an eye-opening experience. The poor lady is just miserably sick. She can't hardly eat or drink, everything she DOES manage to get down just doesn't taste. On top of this she's been stuck inside her house since Thursday, with little more company than her television and her dogs.
It's weird for me to see my mom this way. She's always been such a strong example to me of strength in being who you are. Maybe I don't remember her being this sick before, but it's hard to see her this way.
On Thursday she was so drugged up that she didn't even seem like herself. (Later she realized that two of the three drugs prescribed for her contained 7% alcohol, really making her loopy!)
Cam worries about her constantly!! She fell asleep in her chair the night after her surgery and her mouth was drooped open (since the poor lady couldn't breathe through her nose) and was snoring slightly. My son, the child who asks very blunt questions said, "Mama, is she dead?!"
I calmed him by saying that she was just sleeping, but I couldn't help but giggle.
Today, for the first time since having her tonsils taken out, I saw her actually CHEW some food. Honestly, it was like witnessing a miracle! It seems like she'll be sick forever, but I know that it's only temporary. I just hope I can help her out as much as she's been a help to me in my life!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Early Morning Wake Up Call

The other morning I was in bed, debating with myself about getting up and taking a shower, or sleeping for an extra 10 minutes. I guess I was supposed to wake up because my phone began to ring.
I didn't know the name or the phone number, but I answered it anyway. The woman on the other end sounded like an older woman and she cheerily greeted me with, "Good morning!! Have you showered yet?!"
I mumbled that I hadn't.
Then she happily chatted on about something else. I agreed with her.
Then she said, "The reason I'm calling is because.....Wait. Is this Leah!?"
I told her it wasn't.
She then said, STILL in a happy voice. "Oh, I'm sorry....wrong number!"
I think that was the happiest wake up call I've ever had!! (And it made me think about the grumpy way I wake up in the mornings. Someday I want to be like Mrs. Merry Sunshine!)

Friday, March 07, 2008

Updates AND Friday Fun

Some people know this about me, others don't. But I have been diagnosed with insulin resistance. A symptom of my insulin resistance is PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) which caused me to have a hard time getting pregnant. Because of my history with this "fun" disease, I've had to see not only my OB, but I've been seeing my usual, pre-pregnancy doctor. At my last visit (last month) he wanted me to start testing my blood sugars twice a day. Once when I first wake up (calling it my "fasting" blood sugar) then again 2 hours after a meal. He told me that my fasting sugars should be below 90, and my post meal sugars should be below 140. Well, after a month of poking myself, my numbers were NOT what he wanted, and at my OB appointment this week, I was given the drink for the glucose tolerance test. After I got it, and was psyching myself up for this "fun FUN" test, my doctor came in and commented on it.
I'd then told her that my other doctor had asked me to check my blood sugars, and she asked about my numbers. When I told her the numbers her face dropped from her happy smile, to a disappointed frown. She took the little glucose drink and said, "Well, good news is you won't have to take this test....because I'm failing you right now." She told me that I needed to get in to see my other doctor to get treated for gestational diabetes immediately.
On top of this new turn of events, I was also given a new prescription for iron pills. I've had low iron for a while, and we're finally treating it. (Steve asked me if I'd rattle if he shook me, I told him it depended on what time of day it was!)
This week has been filled with appointments trying to get all of this figured out.
Long story short, I now have to check my blood sugars before and after EVERY meal (so 8 pokes a day) and I have to give myself insulin shots once a day.
Thankfully, the doctor thinks we have caught this early enough to help baby boy out. I just hope all of this will be beneficial to me and the baby. (So far today, after having 2 doses of insulin, my sugars are COMPLETELY behaving themselves!! So I'm SURE things are going to be fine!)
I've also been a BIT preoccupied with helping take care of my mom. She had surgery yesterday on her deviated septum, and had her tonsils taken out. She seemed to be doing okay when I was at her house yesterday, but I'm determined to be helping her out as MUCH as I possibly can!! I just love her and want her to feel better!
And as always, it's FRIDAY!! Guess what THAT means!? :D
If you want to ask me a question -- and anything goes -- here's your chance. You can ask about whatever you wish, no holds barred. I'll either answer honestly, or I'll tell you that I won't answer.

Friday Answers

Mattsmom said...
I can never seem to think of a fun question for FFA Friday. I am so glad that you have caught the gestational diabetes so quickly. Hopefully the little one will thrive even if you are a pin cushion for awhile.
What are your families Easter traditions?
Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day at all?
How about that Easter candy...tis the most wonderful time of the year! In moderation of course!
Our family Easter traditions aren't much. The Easter Bunny brings too much candy, we go to church, and then we eat a fancy dinner at my parents' house. I usually make Deviled Eggs, but we don't color them like we used to. I also like to get Cameron a new church outfit.
All I do for St. Patrick's Day is wear green. (I don't want to be pinched!)
I'm getting bummed about Easter candy. I will probably just save mine for as long as I can. Only eating one or two pieces at a time. (That's what I did with my Valentines' day candy!) But you DO know my favorite all time candy is out now....right?? *drool* Cadburry Cream Eggs!
Elena Manwaring said...
Oh that's the pits. I also get gestational diabetes, but I have never had to do the shots, just strict diet control was enough for me. I can't imagine the shots, you poor thing!! So here's the Friday question: Do the shots hurt and do you ever get numb to so many pricks?
The shots actually don't hurt a bit! I guess I can thank my fat belly for something! *snicker* If I poke it just right I don't even feel it at all!
My fingers do hurt every once in a while from the finger pricks, but I've been given a little poker thingy (don't ask me the name of it...cuz I REALLY don't remember!) that allows me to poke my arm, which is completely painless. Plus, the new monitor they gave me takes a LOT less blood than the last one that I had. So all in all, it's not TOO bad!
Jewelle said...
Dawnyel,I have been visiting your site for awhile and finally decided to add a comment. (Oh by the way, I am in your ward. We used to do play group together. Remember?!) Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am to hear about the g.d. I got it somewhat with Lily, but didn't have to do all that junk. However, I feel for you about the finger pricking. My mom is diabetic and has to do that. Her fingers have finally calloused after many years of this but she says it still hurts sometimes. Maybe you will be lucky and this will all go away when the little one comes. Good luck!
HI JEWELLE!!! (Yes, I do remember you! I didn't know you were into blogging as well!)
Anne/kq said...
I'm glad that the shots are working for you! Some people are able to take a pill instead that helps control their blood sugar. Is that an option for you?
They never gave me that option, so I had no idea it was even available! :P I guess I can just stick with what works. The shots REALLY don't hurt!! :)
Kim said...
Bummer about the insulin shots, I was wondering how your body would react to being preggo and having PCOS/IR at the same time. What are the risks to the baby? Tell your mom I hope she heals very quickly, Kimby misses her! If you could take Cam anywhere for Spring Break, where would it be? Where would you have liked to go during Spring Break during high school? (Unlimited supply of whatever you would need for this trip!)
Usually there aren't many risks to the baby when mom has PCOS/IR. I think the mom does have a higher likelihood of developing GD though, but don't quote me on that.
If I could take Cam anywhere for Spring Break, I'd probably try to take him to Steve's grandparent's farm again. We had SUCH a good time the last time we were there. And they aren't getting any younger, so it's another perk there. But this year, all our money is being put aside for our big family reunion trip in August to Arizona. So no Northern Idaho for us this year! :(
If I could have gone anywhere in high school during Spring Break, I probably would have picked Canada (yeah, back then we all know WHY I would have picked that...) But if I were to pick NOW where I could have gone while in high school, I probably would pick Australia. There's it's JUST cooling off for fall, and I've always wanted to go there! :)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Random Picture Post

This is me at 26 weeks. I love this new shirt. It really makes me feel pregnant (and look it too!)
Is it just me, or does my nose look REALLY fat!? YIKES!!
This is the crib we've bought for Jacob. We love it. (Although putting it together was QUITE the challenge...the side boards were bent....yeah, but it's all good now!)
We bought this cute little crib set at a store where they sell gently used kid's stuff. The whole set (blanket, bumper, sheet, skirt, and coverlet) were a whopping $30!! SCORE!! The little green rag quilt is one that my mom decided to make when she found out we were pregnant. It's super cute. Inside of each of the squares is a heart (I traced them onto the material, so I contributed, right?)
This was last Saturday when Cameron and I got to babysit Jayden. He's getting really big now. When he was born he weighed 5 pounds, now, at nearly 3 months, he's up to 13!! Just look at those chubby cheeks!!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I love getting visitors. Lately I've had a couple of interesting visits.
A few weeks ago the Jehovah's Witnesses visited my house. It was a VERY cold morning, so I kindly let them inside to warm up a bit. These two ladies were very nice. They shared a message with me about being kinder to our loved ones. Then they left me one of their pamphlets with an article about how to keep your relationships free from arguing and stuff like that. (Okay, PLEASE don't make fun of my speech right now....I've got MAJOR preggo brain, and I just don't think well anymore!)
We had a very nice conversation, and I told them straight out that the reason I invited them inside was because I hope people will do the same thing when MY missionaries come to their home. (Yes, TACKY, TACKY, Dawnyel!)
The asked me if I was LDS, and I said I was. Then they quickly (maybe TOO quickly) packed things up and left my house. They promised they'd come back and talk with me again, but I'm not holding my breath. (Really, I've had the Jehovah's Witnesses come to my house MANY a time and they always PROMISE to come back, but they NEVER do! I must be lucky or something....)
After they left, I tried to read their article, but I didn't like the feeling of it. It seemed very argumentative in itself! :P So I put it away, and noticed that in their rush to leave they left a pencil. Yay....I scored a pencil out of the deal! ;)
That visit was nice, but they weren't the only visitors I have had lately!
Last week, almost one week from the day that the Jehovah's Witnesses visited me, I got a knock from some MORE messengers. This time it was MY missionaries.
Again, the day was cold and I invited the Elders in. Unfortunately, my husband was snoozing upstairs, and I was a lonely lady on the main floor, so they talked with me at the door.
They immediately noticed that I had a picture of Christ hanging by the door and asked me if I was a member. I told them I was, and they asked me if I knew my neighbors.
Sadly, I fear my neighborhood. My neighbors AREN'T the best people, but they can be nice. I just haven't ventured too far past my little apartment. I told them that I knew a FEW people, but not many. Then they asked me if I knew of ANYONE who might need to hear their message. Again, I was a bit ashamed and told them that whenever we have those lessons in church about being a member missionary, and praying to find those seeking truth, I never can think of a name.
Then one of the Elders, who I KNOW is barely 20 years old, stood before me and promised me that if I prayed and took the time to make a list, I would find someone who needs the missionaries. It was one of those times when I felt the Spirit confirming the words of a YOUNG man. I felt the power of his words, and I've decided to take his challenge. They joked with me a little about even if it was someone in Wyoming, they have connections.
The visit was short. Much shorter than the visit I had with the women from the week before, but it was SO much more powerful. I have no other words to describe it.
Visitors are fun. But there can be a great difference in the message they bring!

Monday, March 03, 2008

My Life Monday: My Life in Six Words

This week My Life Monday is BACK!! (And I'm SO thrilled about it! Even though Rachelle picked a TOUGH topic!)
Overactive imagination used here daily.