Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm Posting Pictures....Guess What That Means!!

The computer's fixed!! The computer's fixed!!! The computer's fixed!!!! YAY!!!
Here's my random picture post of the last week!! :)

This is my parents' motor home. It's HUGE!! On the ouside you can see that they've pulled out the outdoor kitchen! There's a teeny fridge, grill, and sink. It's SO cool!!

This is just a few pictures of the amazing view we had from our campsite. It was just BEAUTIFUL!!!

Cameron had to be a usual! :P

There was a jet flying overhead and Cam wanted the jet to hear him, so he yelled at it! As loudly as he possibly could!

The boys played Mario Kart Wii nearly the entire time. Cam was using the steering wheel (which is stinkin' hard to use, by the way...) and was leaning clear over! It was quite the sight!

This is Steve's birthday. He is proudly displaying his was SO yummy!!

This is the cake my friends brought to the GNO! It was chocolate with bavarian cream inside....SOOOOOO yummy!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

FFAF on Hold....and some other things

So the word is that the computer is half-way fixed!! YAY!! Seriously, I love both my home teacher and his wife (who is my visting teacher!) They're such great people!! :)
This week has been pretty uneventful....which is a good thing!! I did take a GNO with some computer friends and they threw me a surprise baby shower. It was SO much fun!! I got tons more cute outfits and someone has given me a gift certificate for birth announcements. I have seen some of her work, and honestly, she's AWESOME!! All in all it was a night full of fun laughs, good food (crappy service, but that's a whole 'nother rant....) and good times. I SO love my MOFs!!
Yesterday was Steve's 31st birthday and it was wonderful! He said he had a freak-out moment where he realized he's 31 and he'll have TWO kids as of next week. (I kind of laughed at took him THIS long to realize all of that?!) I ended up getting him a "singing" was Star Wars...TOTALLY him! Then I got him the 2 editions of Gordon B. Hinckley discourses, which he's been begging for forever!! I totally shocked him...I think! ;) Then we went out to dinner as a family and ate ice cream cake. This was the first birthday of his that we've actually had a birthday cake for the man in our whole marriage. (Usually we're off camping for Memorial Day, and it kinda gets pushed off to the side.) I think it was a good day....happy birthday, Sweetie!!
My parents left the country this week....they went on their annual fishing trip to Canada, and I'm severely missing them. Every ache or pain I worry that they won't be here for the birth of this baby, but so far, things are going well, and they'll be back 2 days before the scheduled C-section!
I've decided to put free-for-all-Friday on hold for a while. Seeing how I don't really have access to a computer (unless I'm not at home...) and the fact that I'm about to pop out a baby in a week....It will return, but not for a while! Sorry!
We've also put Cameron in the Learning Center 3 days a week. He's SO excited to be going there. I think the kid THRIVES on structure, and I'm not structured at all. Starting next week we've even lined up transportation for while I'm recovering from the C-section. He's so happy to be doing things, and I'm glad he's out of the house. (Does that make me a bad mommy!?)
And today is my final day babysitting until AFTER baby Jacob is here. The kid is hilarious, and I'm going to miss having him around for a while, but I am going to enjoy having just MY kids around!
Anyway, that's what's going on in my life. I swear, I will post pictures when I get my computer back....PROMISE! :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back, But Not Quite....

Camping was great. It rained pretty much the whole weekend, but that was fine...I was in the motor-home the whole time! ;) (I even have beautiful pictures of where we ended up camping and the motor-home, but I can't share them now....I'll explain why in a minute!) I had contractions the whole time, but they weren't steady or regular. It was just a pain! (Literally!) I laughed and just had a great time!
Coming home was GREAT! I can't believe how much I missed my honey! Just seeing him daily makes me smile! I really wish HE could have gone with us, but dang work...
Anyway, the reason I may not be around so much is for a couple of reasons.....
1) Uh, I'm about to pop with this baby. I feel HUGE! (I'll post pics when I can...seriously, I've got QUITE the gut!) Walking around is a miserable endeavor, but it's still doable. If I do too much I end up having those contractions that I really don't need....and it's just not fun. So for the most part, I stay off my feet and relax. You can understand that, right?!
2) Our computer is STILL out of commission. The spyware is so ingrained into the computer that someone has to manually go in and take it off. The two computer places we trust in town quoted us at $200 and $170....ICK!! But Steve told me that our WONDERFUL home teacher said he'd do it for free. Honestly, can you love anyone more?! So when the computer IS fixed I will post more! I promise! Until then, I've got to sneak quick peeks at my parents' house or the library! POO!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Okay, major complaint coming up.....I HATE spyware!! AND spyware pretending to be anti-spyware!! I may have to freakin' clean out my whole stinkin' computer!! WHY!?!! :(
And after much internal debating, I've decided to go camping. My parents have an amazing motor home that will serve me well....equipped with a/c and even has 4 televisions. Yeah, it's not much like "camping" more like going on vacation. :)
My doctor did tell me to make sure and take it easy....guess what! I plan on it!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Little Updates

I've been whining TOO much about my pregnancy!! Seriously, why don't some of you guys just cyber-slap me? ;)
There ARE other things going on in my life, and I'm going to take just a little bit of time and let you know what some of those other things are.
Cameron was supposed to have summer school, but we've recently discovered that he doesn't qualify! Yeah, we were shocked too! Apparently, to qualify for summer school a child needs to have a deficiency (meaning after a school break they regress) or an emerging trait (which he doesn't.) His teacher told me that after Christmas and Spring breaks he continued to regression! Which is actually a good thing, right!? (I keep repeating this to myself....) So his learning is GOOD, not bad! The problem I'm having with the decision is that he really SHOULD have summer school. Last summer the boy knew ALL of the letters of the alphabet (which according to their counting is 52...upper and lowercase letters). When he came back to school this year, he had lost the letters, instead of knowing all 52, he only knew 18. He also knew the letter sounds at the end of last school year, this year, he only knew 15 sounds...see the regression? To hopefully keep what he's learned fresh, we're putting him back in the Learning Center several days a week. I'm crossing my fingers that this will keep the boy from falling backward.
I've fallen in love with a new book series. Anyone heard of Fablehaven? If you haven't heard of these books, I would HIGHLY recommend you look into them. If you love (or even just like) the Harry Potter books, then Fablehaven would be right up your alley too! I read the first book in less than 24 hours, then I read books #2 and 3 before the end of the week. And since I loved the Fablehaven series so well, I even read The Candy Shop War....again, in less than 24 hours. I have to say, the guy who wrote these books writes in such a way that it's an easy read, without making you feel stupid. He even puts in words that make you think, "Now what does that mean again??" Yeah, SO good!! I love love LOVE them!!
Our bedroom is now ready for another person to inhabit. We've cleaned and rearranged things so that we now can fit the playpen at the end of the bed, and can hang our clothes in our closet. Steve fixed the closet while I was at either a church function, or something....I wasn't around....and he finished it!! He's such a great guy!!
We've also got an air conditioner that we're installing in the bedroom window. I managed to get my dad (the carpenter-man) to cut me some wood so that we can have an air-tight seal. I had measured wrong initially, but we've since fixed the prego-brain's boo boo.
And, hey, we've been stimulated!! ;) We're spending a little on Cameron, who has out-grown most of his current clothes, and using the rest on unpaid bills. Yeah, we're "stimulating" the economy! :P
Things really aren't all bad! I just seem to complain a lot....sheesh! Things are working out VERY well, and I do love my life! Among the different doctor appointments, the NSTs, and Cameron's appointments my life is very busy, but I do love every minute of it. If nothing else, I always have something to laugh about!

Monday, May 19, 2008

What To Do??

So since finding out I was going to be having a baby SO close to Memorial Day, I decided that I would just stay home and NOT go camping, well, some things have changed and I just don't know quite what to do!
The place we normally go camping to is, in all likelihood, still snowed in, or extremely muddy and gross. With this being the case, my family has decided to go to another less snowed in spot for camping. Since there's less snow there, there's less ruts and bumps to make for an uncomfortable me.
I don't have to take my tent. My parents just bought a brand new motor home and have invited me to sleep in it with them. They REALLY want me to go with them.
Here's the problem, I'm not so sure I feel up to camping. Sure, I'll be just as miserable at home, but at least at home I'm 10 minutes from the hospital if anything goes wrong. But I REALLY do want to go camping. It's one of my absolute favorite things in the whole world.
On top of all of this, I was hoping to spend more time with Steve. I mean, we've only got a few numbered weeks with just Cam and the two of us before I'll be busy with baby #2. I do want to spend as much time with him as possible.....
I just don't know what to do. What would you do?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday, so SOON!?

It's Friday, and you know what that means....
It's time for Free-for-all-Friday!!
If you want to ask me a question – and anything goes – here’s your chance. You can ask about whatever you wish, no holds barred. I’ll either answer honestly, or I’ll tell you that I won’t answer.

Answers or How did I miss OTHER questions? :P

One Scrappy Gal said...
Have you had strangers coming up to you and trying to pat your pregnant belly?
Have you missed me these last 2 Fridays? :)
No one has pat my belly yet, but I'm sure it's because I just look like I'm fat! ;) Really, I just had my mom feel it this no weird people feeling me up!
And where HAVE you been?? I have missed you!
The Jones Family said...
Are you still having contractions or have they stopped?
Still having them, although they're not TOO bad. I even went in for my second NST this week, and they didn't detect any! *phew* Steve thought for SURE that I was going to have a baby last night! :D
(For those who DON'T know, I was having all sorts of contractions for about 30 minutes last night. I kept having them on and off, but nothing really bad. I'm sure it's just those Braxton Hicks Contractions I've heard about. The only REAL problem I'm having is that sometimes my contractions will bother me enough that I get a severe back-ache....otherwise, no problems!)
CareBearMommy said...
Even though you're a c/s mom, have you packed your hospital bag yet, for "just in case"?
Plus, how many times did you have to get up last night to go potty?
Uh, no packing of the bag yet...although, it's been on my mind a LOT lately (especially when I was having contractions for a half hour last week!) I just don't remember what kinds of things to PACK! :P
Five times....I think! :P
Melzie said...
Okay- I suck, a thought just hit me-- why is it you have to schedule a c-section? I know it's personal, but I was curious... I've only had 2 close friends have c-sec, one was an emergency one afte rmany hours of labor- the other, her doc let her decide how she wante dto deliver, and she had no desire to experience labor. :)
e being nosey... feel free to tell me to shut up.
You're not nosy!! :)
I'm having a c/s because I had one with Cameron.
With that boy, I was in labor for 23 hours and felt NO contractions, and no labor pains. (Don't feel ended up with me HAVING to have a c/s.) My blood pressure instantly dropped when the doctor had me get the epidural, and that initiated an emergency c/s, because they lost Cam's heartbeat. In the end they got it back before delivery, but still did the c/s because I was NOT progressing.
All that ever came down of the child was the skin on the top of his head. (My mom and husband told me that he had a point on top for a while.)
After that, we asked my doctor whether I HAD to do c/s for every child I had after or if I could try for a VBAC. He said, we COULD try, but would most likely end up having a c/s anyway. So I've just planned on having all of my children c/s. (Plus, my doctor told me recently that the baby is now SO big, that "it's a good thing you're doing c-sections!")

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Home Stretch

Well, things are moving, moving, moving.
As of this week, I now see the doctor weekly, with additional visits to the hospital.
Today we attempted to do a non-stress-test at my doctor's office, but her equipment isn't quite as sophistcated as my floppy belly needs. I sat and waited for an hour and a half for some good readings and got nothing! (On top of the crappy equipment, the baby was totally being stubborn. He was asleep for the majority of the time!)
The doctor told me that she wants me to go do NSTs at the hospital TWICE a week! TWICE!! (It's because I'm on insulin.) So now I get to go see the doctor AND go to the hospital! Such a joy! But I did tell the doctor I'd do whatever it took to get a healthy baby, and I mean it!
As of Friday, I have 3 weeks to go!! WOO HOO!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Call Me Forgetful Jones

Wasn't there a character on Sesame Street called Forgetful Jones? I feel like I resemble him!
Last week Cam brought home a note saying there was an "author's tea" where the kids read books that they wrote themselves to their parents. I promised Cam that I would come, I even stuck the note on the fridge to help me remember.....
Here I am, 9:00 at night, remembering that I forgot!! *DOH*
As I was telling Steve my brain-fart moment, Cam (who we THOUGHT was sleeping) comes to our bedroom door and says, "It's okay, mommy!"
Where have all my brain cells gone!? *GAH!*

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Safe And Sound

So yesterday was QUITE the day for us in my little home. It all started at 4:48 am.
We got a phone call...yes, THAT early in the morning. It was a reverse 911 call telling us that a person was wandering our neighborhood with a gun and we were to lock our doors and stay inside. That's all well and good, it's TOO early to be doing things anyway! :P So we went back to sleep after Steve ran downstairs to make sure that the doors were indeed locked.
Around 6:30 we got ANOTHER call. This time it was from my great-aunt (who happens to be the transportation guru for our school district.) She was calling because they had cancelled school for Cam's school (which is just down the street from us.) We thanked her and immediately turned on the news for information. Well, it turns out there was a psycho guy (who lives at the END of our road) threatening to shoot people. They had called in the SWAT team, and were trying to locate him. Soon after finding out about this crazy man, we got a phone call from Cameron's teacher telling us there was no school because of a security problem.
As we were in the middle of fielding phone calls and trying to figure out what was going on, Cam came in asking what was happening. I told him that there was no school, and he INSTANTLY began crying! We tried to comfort him, but it wasn't going over very well.
After a few more minutes, the news announced that the police had captured the man and things were back to normal. Soon after that news, my aunt called back telling us that school was back on. Then we got another reverse 911 call telling us that the situation was resolved. We were feeling better until my aunt called back and said that they decided to keep the school closed. (Talk about a confusing morning...)
After a while, I got Cam going on his regular routine (why not?) and settled into bed to nap for a while before it was actually time to get up. Soon after "relaxing" we got ANOTHER call from Cam's teacher telling us that the principal decided to have school anyway. (This thrilled Cam, after being disappointed 3 times that morning already....)
I guess the guy went berserk and even shot out his OWN apartment window. Thankfully, he's not roaming my streets anymore....but YIKES!!
All is well....thank you policemen! :)

Friday, May 09, 2008

Free For All Friday (and some exciting news)

At the beginning of the year my cousin gave us a car. It wasn't fancy or anything, and we decided to let my youngest brother drive it until he left on his mission....
This last weekend the transmission went out on it, and replacing the transmission is not even worth saving this car. So instead, we've traded the dud in for a stud.
This is the new baby, a 2007 Chevy Cobalt. My boys are in LOVE!! It's so cute, and not bad on the gas mileage.
It's also Friday....
If you want to ask me a question – and anything goes – here’s your chance. You can ask about whatever you wish, no holds barred. I’ll either answer honestly, or I’ll tell you that I won’t answer

Answers?! ;)

Mattsmom said...
Holy cow woman! That car ROCKS! Did you pay a bundle for it? I am MUCHO jealouso!
Actually we got a REALLY good deal on it. (There's ONE more left at the car lot we went to if you REALLY want it!)
Deanna said...
Sweet Ride! Were you able to get the window fixed in the van?
You can see the van in the background of the new car pic. We DID get it fixed....for $330!! :P YUCK!
Elena Manwaring said...
Now Jewelle's "Let's go riding in my automoblie" song keeps popping in my head. How fun for you!!!! And today's question is...What happened to Preparations A B C D E F and G? (Deanna, that was my favorite one from your list.)
I giggled a bit at your question! :) Sorry, but you know how they say that the world isn't quite ready for Formula 410? The world isn't ready to know what REALLY happened to Preparations A B C D E F and G! ;)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Babies Having Babies

While watching tonight's newscast, I was in SHOCK!! According to the news a 10-year old girl gave birth this last weekend to a baby. A BABY!! TEN YEARS OLD!! I'm absolutely mortified!!
I guess a man had raped the poor girl and he's going to court next week. But I feel awful for that little girl. And yes, even though she had a baby, she's STILL a little girl!!
I'm just sad, mortified and upset. How can this happen!?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

We Make Boys!!

So my little sister had her ultrasound today and they found out she's having a boy. She didn't MEAN to tell me, but it just slipped out! (But I SWORE I wouldn't tell....hee hee!)
Steve just laughed when I told him, and then he said, "Huh, no girls for us!"
And you know, he's right!! We have 2 boys (well, Jacob isn't QUITE here yet, but we count him anyway...) Steve's brother has a boy, Michelle will be having a boy, and on her husband's side of the family they've got 2 boys.
I guess it's just a sign that we only do one thing, but I think we do it pretty well!!
Congrats, Michelle!! :)

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Belly?? or Baby??

You tell me! ;)
(By the way, I'm 34 weeks pregnant in this picture.)

Friday, May 02, 2008

Free For All Friday is Back

It’s Time for Free-For-All Friday!
If you want to ask me a question – and anything goes – here’s your chance. You can ask about whatever you wish, no holds barred. I’ll either answer honestly, or I’ll tell you that I won’t answer.


Anne/kq said...
Don't you think my baby is cute? :p (Come see her at my blog...)
Are you SO EXCITED to be just one month away? Are you frantically trying to get things done like we did the last month (and didn't quite get them all done in time?) And have you bought the going home outfit yet? And do you have MATCHY outfits yet? :D :D :D
She's a DOLL! (And now that I know she's here I'm going to have to go back and read about her just a little bit more!)
I can't wait to have our baby. We've got almost everything finished...and I just wait for this pain to go away and hold my little guy in my arms. Seriously, I CANNOT wait!
Right now, we're in the middle of cleaning up our bedroom so that we'll have room for the playpen/bassinett. So far, we're doing okay, except we've got a TON of crap in piles in the room. A quick trip to DI will help that, I'm SURE!
I have a few cute outfits to bring him home in....haven't decided exactly WHICH one yet, but will soon. (And no on the matchy's hard to find them in such extremes in sizes...)
Liam's Mom - Gina said...
How did you get to be so lucky to have such crystal blue eyes?
Why are 2.5 year olds so impossible?
Uh, I didn't realize it was luck! My mom has blue eyes and my dad has green, I was destined for light colored eyes either way. (Just like my kiddos are....) If you want to see BEAUTIFUL crystal blue eyes, look into my son's eyes. Honestly, they're almost transparent!! SO pretty!
I think 2.5 year old are impossible, because they're trying to develop those personalities just a little bit more. They want what they want, but can't quite communicate the way they need to get what they want. Yeah, it's a pain....:P
Anonymous said...
Just how wonderful does it feel to have a sister? Wishing I had one.
Why are you anonymous today? :P
You know, having a sister isn't really what you THINK it would be. Sure it's fun to have another girl around, but really, the hormones, the fights, the clashing personalities....yeah, it's NOT what you think. Brothers are SO much easier when it comes to emotional problems.
This is NOT to say that I don't love my sister...I do, but somedays, it's easier to deal with my brothers....