Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kid Funnies

I have had a couple of funny kid moments happen tonight, I MUST preserve them!! 
At dinner, Cam was nearly in tears. Summer school ended today and the child is highly anxious. He looked at me and on the verge of tears said, "Mom, what are we going to do for the rest of the summer?" 
I stared at him, blankly, and replied, "Nothing." 
He started to cry at this point and said, "REALLY!?"
I thought I'd be funny, and tease him to stop him from crying, so I said, "Well, we could sit on our thumbs all summer." 
Jake thought it was funny and started laughing.
Cameron looked at me dubiously and asked, "Really, mom. What are we going to do?" 
Jake said, "SIT ON OUR THUMBS!!" 
I said, "Yup, we'll sit on our thumbs, maybe we'll have a farting contest...." 
At this point, I made a disclaimer, "IF you try TOO hard, you might poo, but it could be fun...." Then Jake and I strained and made funny noises....
Jake then said, "Um....I peed." 
Yup, he'd peed his pants trying to force a fart. Guess that will show me not to tease when I can't live with the consequences. 
Then after bathing Jake and putting him in pajamas (the previous conversation happened at the dinner table....I know, totally appropriate, right?) he came over to me, leaned on my arm and said, "Mom, I figured out why dad's DS won't work." 
Earlier I had tried getting Steve's Nintendo DS to work so that Jake could play with wouldn't work for ANYTHING. I'm sure that there's some glob of goo in there that's throwing things off. Anyway, I'd given up.
So I asked Jake why he thought it wasn't working. He looked RIGHT into my eyes and said, "It's because I've been playing it for FIVE years." 
I coughed a bit and said, "What did you say?"
He repeated, "I've been playing it for years."
"No, how many years did you say?"
"Jake, you're only 4, I'm impressed!" 
Yup, my boys are silly!!