Saturday, June 17, 2006

Life's Lessons Learned

I’ve learned a couple of things after yesterday’s babysitting adventure: 1) I may be able to handle caring for 3 kids, but not more than that...for a while. 2) I have a very helpful son, and little L is helpful as well, but not necessarily at the same time. 3) I’m really glad I was at my mom’s house so that she could help me out! It’s nice that baby E is still so young that he doesn’t really do more than eat, sleep, poop and fuss every once in a while, but when I have to take care of him, the other two jump right in and nearly stomp on the poor kid’s head. There were a couple of near fatal collisions. Fatal, because I was gonna kill the older ones for stomping the youngest one into the ground. But they were good and I think I was fairly good too. I’m just really glad that I don’t have 3 kids 24 hours a day.
I’m having some annoying computer problems. I have tried running my anti-spyware programs, but this message keeps popping up that I have an unsafe connection. It’s getting annoying! I’m hoping that my younger brother can help me figure it out...without destroying my computer completely! (He’s been known to do that before!) Anytime I’m on the internet for more than a few minutes it kicks me off! It tells me that some other program is using my modem (okay, so I have a SLOW dial-up connection, but it’s all I’ve got!) So I went through their whole thing trying to figure out what was wrong, but I’m still getting annoying results. So for my two friends I kept attempting to IM last night, I apologize for my stoopid computer. I’m sorry. Maybe we could talk another time...if I can get this to work again!! But for now, I’m trying to do as much as I can online WITHOUT signing into my two favorite IMs! (Like right now, I’m typing up my blog in WordPerfect and completely offline....much less annoying than trying to work with blogger!)
Cameron has such an imagination sometimes. Today he begged me to make his bed and I was confused. Since I’m a LAID back mommy, I don’t enforce bed-making (I don’t even make my own bed most days...) So I was wondering what he was talking about. So I took him in his room and showed him how to do it, so that someday he’ll learn to do it on his own. After making his bed, he asked me to make his bed into a tent. When we bought his BIG bed last year, we thought it would be nice to think ahead. We were hoping that by this time we’d have another child, but we still don’t. Anyway, so when we bought the bed, we bought the kid a bunk bed. Every once in a while I’ll take some extra blankets and drape them over his bunk and make a "tent" on his bottom bunk. So I took his blankets and tucked them nicely around and made him a tent. Then as I was trying to type up this post, the boy came into my room begging for toys off of the top bunk. He’s got the hang of going UP the ladder, but he can’t quite figure out DOWN. So I helped him and came back. Needless to say, I’ve been back and forth between the two rooms about 20 times now. I just went in there to take a picture of his "tent" and he was kneeling in front of his bed with his trucks and NO BLANKETS!! What!? I did all of that work and now they’re piled up on the floor! I asked him what happened and he told me that he didn’t want a tent. I think he’s just trying to keep me moving and active. What a kid!!
Now for my singing time tomorrow. The songs are going to be review songs: 'Dearest Children, God is Near You', 'Scripture Power', 'I Know my Father Lives', 'Follow the Prophet', 'Holding Hands Around the World', and 'Did Jesus Really Live Again?' As we sing the songs, I’ve prepped a teacher (our only male teacher) on what to do. I’m going to give him a cheap tie that he’ll wear to church. I’m going to have him come up and "judge" the kids on their singing. I’m going to give him some score cards. I’ll find a happy face or something nice for good singing, and a frowny face or something icky for not so good singing. If he gives the kids a good review, then we’re going to cut off pieces of his tie. He’s going to react to the cutting like he does NOT want it’s his favorite tie...etc... I’ve done this in the past with 2 judges and we have the room compete one side versus the other side. But then I find that I want to reward both sides, and I don’t really cut the ties the price of cheap ties at DI has gone up. I used to be able to buy each tie for a dollar, now the price is closer to $3-5! So I’m trying to save myself some money, and have the kids work TOGETHER with their singing. It’s going to be fun. They sing their BEST whenever I play this game. It makes me wish that I could do this during the sacrament meeting program, but I know that it’s too irreverent! It’s just something fun I try to do at least once a year, and so far, it’s been Fathers’ Day BOTH times! I’m excited for it!


Nikkie said...

I could never handel three kids! I think its tough with the one I babysit. I must be different when they are your own, at least thats what people tell me!

Mel said...

I'm not sure it's any easier when they are your own! I love the tie idea- I'll have to pass it along.

Stephanie said...

So smart to go to your moms. That would be the only way that I would keep from locking myself in the closet.

Tee-hee, I LOVE "Scripture Power"!!! I love to hold my scriptures up. Still a kid at heart!!!

Diana - Teacher Mom said...

I'm with Nikkie on this one. 3 kids is two too many. One is enough for me. For now anyway. I think two would be the most I could handle. I'm very bad at multi-tasking. It's nice that your kids help you out.

CareBearMommy said...

I talked to my hubby about your computer problem. He said that it sounds like you have a.... VIRUS! EWW! I sure hope you can get it fixed. Computer problems ain't no fun!

By the way, how did your singing time for Primary go today? That tie thing sounds like so much fun. Did your Primary kids sing a number in Sacrament today for Father's Day? Ours pooped out and didn't (although we DID sing one for Mother's Day). We're in the middle of learning "Hands Around the World," and our chorister re-vamped the timing a little bit on it. Sounds pretty cool.

Good luck with the babysitting thing. Going from just one to three has got to be tough. Are you going to be watching both kids on a regular basis any time soon?

ANYhoo... tell Steve Happy Father's day.

mattsmom said...

FUN idea for singing time! I LOVE IT! I will pass the idea to our primary chorister! It was fun to see you again Friday! What a coincidence that you were at your moms house...and that you were outside!