Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

From my family to yours!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

News I've Been Sitting On....

I can't hold it back ANY longer!! I have been waiting to "announce" my news until I was able to see my doctor, but I can't stand it ANY LONGER!! (Did I already say that?? Then it MUST be true!!)
I'm pregnant!! (Yes, you may do a dance of joy!)
I've told many people I talk to on a daily basis, and so it seems like there are FEW people in the world who DON'T know my news....So I've decided to just "out" myself.
I've been feeling extremely nauseous lately, and at times worried that I'd lose it completely, but so far, I've been able to maintain. (The only thing that's keeping me from having full-blown morning sickness is when I eat. I SWEAR, by the end of this pregnancy I'm going to be a circle!) My pants are already causing problems, and I'm only seven weeks along!! I may have to make my own clothes, just to keep myself covered!! *snicker*
So if I'm not on, posting, or visiting you as much, you'll know's not that I don't love you, it's that I'm trying to get some sleep, and maintain my composure!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


It started out innocently enough. Cam has had 3 loose teeth for about a month, and lately, the ONE has been SOOOOOO loose that he can make his face look a LOT like Nanny McPhee's! (You know, scraggly tooth hanging over the bottom lip??) Last night I got tired of it, so I grabbed the boy, and began making some head-way on pulling that sucker out!
After squeaking and squawking for a while, it CAME!!
After taking many toothless smiling pictures, and convincing the boy that the Tooth Fairy only comes to CLEAN bedrooms (so she won't break her neck on toys lying about.) He began doing the "Nanny McPhee" face with the REMAINING tooth!! Enough of THAT!!
Mom held the boy down, and after more screaming and crying....OUT it came too!!
All in all, I'm a bad mommy....I yank teeth out! (But the Tooth Fairy is AWESOME, she gives 50 cents per tooth!! Except for the fact that the Tooth Fairy LOST one of the quarters....oops!)
Oh, and I'm thinking his Halloween costume is SUCH a good choice now....he's going to be a redneck! ;)

Friday, October 26, 2007


It's time for Free-For-All Friday!
If you want to ask me a question -- and anything goes -- here's your chance. You can ask about whatever you wish, no holds barred. I'll either answer honestly, or I'll tell you that I won't answer.

THE Answer

Elena said...
What's the best part about Fall?
There are SO many parts of Fall that I absolutely LOVE!! The changing leaves, the crunch of fallen leaves under foot, the SMELL of the leaves, the crispness of the air, the kids going back to school, the fact that Cam was BORN in Fall and Steve and I were married during Fall, the pretty decorations that come out, the fun holidays....SO many to choose, I can't pick one! Sorry!! :D
One Scrappy Gal said...
Got any good natural home remedies for bronchitis/chest congestion?
I have NOTHING!! Sorry. I highly suggest a trip to your doctor though!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I'm still here and kicking, but I'm just tired most of the time.
Steve is getting SO close to being finished with his play, and I'm THRILLED.
Cam has had all of his doctor appointments this month, and ALL is well there! (He's got THREE loose teeth, but won't let ANYONE touch them!)
And I'm engrossed in this book that I started reading last night. Sadly, with the kind of fast-paced life I lead (can you sense the sarcasm there?) I'm nearly finished with the book. When I'm finished with it, I will give you a more thorough description....etc.
I've also been trying to not be on the computer SO much....there was a talk in Conference that kind of made me realize that I've got an addiction, and it needs to be curtailed. So if I'm not on so much, don't worry too much, I'm trying to curb my habit. ;)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Scouting For Food....

Saturday was the day that little cub scouts all over the country went door to door dropping off sacks for people to fill with food for the needy.
The weather her has been pretty lousy all week long, and the weather wasn't predicted to be any better early Saturday morning. The Primary President called me on Thursday saying that she thought it would be better for our little scouts if we started depositing the bags early....on Thursday or Friday. Well, that really didn't work for me because I was super busy, and babysitting when I wasn't busy. So I had to stick with the original plan of Saturday morning.
So I got up early, took Steve to his pick-up place (he had play practice), and took Cameron with me to wait for scouts to show up at the church.
The first thing that was odd was that there was a hearse and little yellow signs saying that there was a FUNERAL! Well, there would be NO waiting in the church for us. So I sat parked on the road hoping my van would warm up. (Just the record, it never did...)
After a while one boy showed up. His mom asked if I needed help driving the boys around, and I told her I would be fine. She called another mom, and told me that they had thought Scouting for Food had been cancelled because they had gotten their bags earlier. So she went to pick him up, while I waited for any other boys to show up. Unfortunately, no others did.
Once the two boys got back, I loaded them up (they were both wearing roller-blades) and we were off. The rain was drizzling constantly, and the wind was howling, but the boys were in high spirits. I rolled down my window, turned on my hazard lights, and handed the boys bags as they delivered them. Cameron INSTANTLY began complaining. (I had him in the back seat in his booster, playing his Nintendo DS.) He told me to roll up the windows...but I told him that I couldn't. After a few houses, the boys got tired and red in the cheeks. One boy didn't have gloves, so when we passed my house, I stopped and grabbed some gloves for him to wear. While we were there, I also grabbed a warm blankie for Cam to throw over himself. Then we were off again.
The area we were assigned has TONS of apartments, and if there are houses, there are LOTS of steps. The boys were VERY careful, but in roller-blades it was difficult. Then the snow began to fall. It wasn't heavy, but it was bitterly cold!
Eventually, they began asking me, "Are we done yet?!" I told them that once we ran out of bags we could be finished.
We ended up running out of bags before we ran out of houses....which was fine, because we had been out in the cold for an hour and a half. They were troopers!!
When I got home, I went DIRECTLY to my bed, and tried to warm up. But NOTHING was working. I was shivering and miserable!! Steve got home from practice, and came to join me, but he wouldn't snuggle to help me warm up....he said I'd make him cold!! Eventually I piled 2 more heavy quilts on top, and was able to warm up.
All in all, I'd have to say, those people who get the food should appreciate the frostbite that was incurred in their behalf!! Because I'm STILL cold! ;)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

New Look

Cam was able to get new glasses this week, and so far they're staying up better on his face than his last ones. (He DOES complain that they hurt, but I think he's just not used to how glasses are REALLY supposed to feel on his face!)



I know you can't really see it from this picture, but I will get a better one soon! :)

Friday, October 19, 2007

It's Friday, Guess What That Means...

It's time for Free-For-All Friday!
If you want to ask me a question -- and anything goes -- here's your chance. You can ask about whatever you wish, no holds barred. I'll either answer honestly, or I'll tell you that I won't answer.

Answering your Ponderings

One Scrappy Gal said...
What's wrong with me and how can I fix it?
You're pregnant, raising two kids and you're without a husband. There's nothing "wrong" with you, you're doing more than the rest of us EVER dream of!! *HUGS* Just keep swimming!! ;)
Elena Manwaring said...
What do you know for sure?
p.s. read my blog first so that you understand my question. :)
Sheesh, a tag for FFAF!! Sneaky!! ;)
I know that little ears, not only hear you (even when they don't act like it) but they retain it for later!!
I know that during nap time, you WILL get phone calls, and they'll be the ones you HAVE to answer!
I know that if you are DYING to keep something a secret, you won't be able to!
Rachau said...
why are people so quick to judge?
And take sides.
You think there your friends but they turn on you as fast as sour milk!
I think it's because they *think* they know it all. I know that I was that way not too long ago. But growing up has changed that. Usually people who are quick to judge haven't learned to see people as children of God, and to love them for themselves.
I feel HORRIBLE that you're going through this pain, and hope that you will find peace again in your life soon!! *hugs*

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Things that Come Out of His Mouth...

Yesterday we went to see my parents and Cam instantly marched up to my mom and asked her how Grandpa was doing. (He'd been feeling REALLY lousy, and had told Cam EXACTLY how he felt.) Grandma informed Cameron that Grandpa was better, and then my son asked her, "He not feeling sh**ty no more?!"
OH MY GOSH!! Now, just for clarification, neither Steve NOR I use this word, so it HAD to have been the DIRECT wording of Grandpa!!
Then today, I told him that his doctor wanted us to take him back in next month to get his second round of Chicken Pox shots, and I guess he'd worried about it. Because, on the way home he asked me, "Mama, am I gonna get Pickin Pots!?"
What is a mama to do!?

Monday, October 15, 2007

More Paperwork on the Way

Tomorrow we're going to get our paperwork started on qualifying for financing for a house. I've got a TON of stuff to look up, and I'm NOT really looking forward to it.
Can't we just nap instead?? *sigh*

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Happy News

I got a call from Cam's geneticist yesterday and ALL is well!! His MRI showed very little change (the tumors are growing with him, and not out of proportion, which would signal problems!) We don't have to visit that doctor again until next fall!! YAY!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Free-For-All Friday

It's time for Free-For-All Friday!
If you want to ask me a question -- and anything goes -- here's your chance. You can ask about whatever you wish, no holds barred. I'll either answer honestly, or I'll tell you that I won't answer.


Rachau said...
Could you give me a recipe that is only made by you!
Something you might be asked to take to things.That you are well known for!
Also i would like to know why the sky is blue and we have bad rain?
I so miss you, woman!! *kiss kiss*
I'm well known for my banana bread and my pretzel salads. My brothers often make requests for BOTH at family functions or whatever.
Since I've shared my pretzel salad, I'll give you my banana bread recipe...just beware, IT'S SUPER YUMMY!! :D
Dawnyel's Banana Bread
1/2 cup melted butter
1 cup sugar
2 or 3 ripe bananas (my trick is to FREEZE the bananas, then let them defrost the night before I'm going to make the makes them mushy!)
1 tsp. vanilla
3 Tbs. sour milk
2 cups flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. salt
nuts (optional....but make it SOOOOO yummy! ;) )
Cream together butter and sugar. Add remaining ingredients, and mix until combined, but NOT can still be lumpy.
Pour into greased bread pan and bake at 300 degrees for one hour.
(If you double this batch, it makes 3 loafs!)
For your next question: the sky is blue because it would look funny if it was green. And I've NEVER seen a rain I didn't like! ;)
Jami said...
Oh, this is a good one!!! I'll have to think on it!
I'm waiting! :D
Kim said...
Did you and Steve ever find time to properly celebrate your anniversary? Hopin' you did! ;)
We DID find some time. We didn't really go out to dinner, but got some lunch and rented some movies. He also bought me a bouquet and a bag of Dove milk chocolate promises!! :D
He's a good boy!
One Scrappy Gal said...
Do you still think about becoming a sign language interpreter for the deaf? What stopped you?
It's still my dream to be a sign language interpreter! The thing that stopped (and is STILL stopping me) is my lack of sign language knowledge. When I met Steve I dropped out of school to be a wife and soon after that a mommy. But I hope that someday I will be able to finish college and get that the mean time, I've been learning a few signs here and there, and I'm an EXPERT on finger-spelling!
One Scrappy Gal said...
P.S. The first part of the song "God Only Knows" by The Beach Boys goes like this:
I may not always love you
But long as there are stars above you
You never need to doubt it
I'll make you so sure about it
Wouldn't saying "I may not always love you" make you doubt it? Seriously?!
Yes, it would make me doubt it! :S
Elena Manwaring said...
Any idea why flags were at half mast in MA last weekend? And were they half mast here as well?
I have NO idea why they were half-mast in MA...but they're half mast here for that soldier who died in Iraq. He grew up in town, and they are having his funeral on Saturday.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Craziness is Back!

Today's day "off" is filled....I can't even really do much here, but here's why I'm so crazy busy!

  • Need to do some shopping for den meeting today. I was smart and planned out the activities LAST month, but forgot to buy the supplies! *D'oh!* (We're making 2 liter bottle piggy I need paint, little wooden spools, glue, scissors, felt, pipe-cleaners....) OH, and I still need to get some of our boys their rank advancement bead-things. I'm still learning!
  • I have a meeting with our Service Coordinator....she's SO nice and helpful, but we have a LOT to discuss today!
  • Then this afternoon we have the actual den meeting....uh, yay?
  • Then tonight, almost directly after den meeting I have our annual Relief Society visiting teaching conference!! I think they WANT us to go or something.....I got an email about it, a hand delivered invitation, a phone call from my VT supervisor (the lady who wants to know what I'll tell the Lord...), and now a reminder from my OWN visiting teacher! (I'm HOPING I remember!! ;) )
  • And finally, I need to actually celebrate my 8th anniversary with Steve. It's his last day-off this week, and he REALLY wants to do SOMETHING! (He mostly slept yesterday....working graveyards will do that....) and then he had play practice last night. :P

Update: I DID go to the VT conference....EXCELLENT!! But I missed Scouts....Five minutes before I was going to leave, Steve accidentally stabbed himself with a knife. (he was helping me get things ready for my 2 liter bottle piggy banks.) And sadly, we had JUST (like 30 minutes previously) had paid off that particular doctor bill!! :S (By the way, he's okay, ended up getting 2 stitches and his tetanus shot!)

Monday, October 08, 2007

Random Picture Day

Our "snow-day" from Saturday. The snow was very heavy and wet. And we've LEARNED why trees lose their leaves in preparation of winter!! There were MANY trees around town that had fallen limbs, and the clean-up is STILL going on! Branches in the street is NOT good on the car!

Oh, and underneath these branches are our power lines!! YEAH, we were worried for a little while!! These trees are NORMALLY about as tall as our apartment building, but as you can see, they were (and still are) saggy!

Cam's happy birthday! Blow, baby, blow!! (Oh, and I actually MADE his whole cake by myself!! FROM SCRATCH!! Frost my buns and call me a chef!)

I was feeling extra crafty this weekend and actually MADE these pajama pants in about a half hour! (They're Cameron's Christmas jammies, but he doesn't know it yet! ;)

And I've already got some tile pictures made for Christmas, for my very in-active brother and brother-in-law!! *giggle* Yeah, I'm not very nice!! :P

Friday, October 05, 2007

Free-for-all Friday...WITH a Twist....

It's time for Free-for-all-Friday, again!!
If you want to ask me a question about Cameron -- and anything goes -- here's your chance. You can ask about whatever you wish, no holds barred. I'll either answer honestly, or I'll tell you that I won't answer.

The twist is the Cameron aspect....see, it's my sweet boy's seventh birthday today!! Happy birthday, Cam!! We love you SOOOOOOO much!!

Answers About Cameron

Kimby_L said...
Wow, can't believe how the years have seemed to fly by! I'm glad his appointments went well and he was able to have some fun between testing. My question which kind of centers around Cam: What is your favorite memory of Steve as a new dad? Oh, and, out of all of Cam's toy phases, which one has been the worst (e.g. Ninja Turtles, Dora, etc.)?
My favorite memory of Steve as a new dad would have to be when he gave him his blessing. He was SO worried (you were there the night before, so you remember!) He was so sweet with this little baby, and I knew that he would be a good daddy!
Cam's annoying toy phases, eh? Probably his toy cell phone. Anytime he has his toy phone, he morphs into one of those obnoxious cell phone people....interrupting conversations because his phone is "ringing," talking loudly, and just wanting to have it with him at ALL times!! It annoys me to NO end (which is why it's hidden somewhere where he CAN'T find it!)
One Scrappy Gal said...
Happy birthday Cameron!!
What was his pregnancy/birth like? Can you tell I have "new baby" on the brain? :)
When I was pregnant with the boy I was MISERABLE!! I was sick for nine straight months. I did have a nice 2 week reprieve from throwing up, but the rest of the time??? Pukage!! :P And oddly, even though physically I was ill and miserable, mentally I felt happy! I remember thinking that I didn't have to worry about body image (at least until one of my friend's mom's told me that I didn't LOOK pregnant....I bawled for a week after that!) I felt more beautiful then than I EVER have!
I had to be induced for his birth, and had cervadil and pitocin which did NOTHING for me. The furthest I got was to a 2-3 cm dilated. I never really had any serious labor. (I didn't know what a contraction felt like until AFTER I had the kid!) I had miserable back-labor, and had my mom and husband in the room with me. Steve was very concerned about the pain I was in, and my mom did the wife in labor thing, "OF COURSE she's in pain!! You did this to her!!" I never got angry or upset with the man, the whole time I was in the hospital!! Just my mom! :D
They had to monitor my blood pressure, because it was VERY high (200-something/100-something...) and every half hour the cuff would go off. I went in on the fourth, and nothing happened until the next day. That night I was having anxiety about having a baby, and the nurse, who was a family friend, gave me a shot of morphine!! It was the BEST stuff!! All night long my thoughts wandered...I didn't really "sleep" just had thoughts wandering, and no cares! Around one o'clock the next day, my doctor decided that if I had an epidural that maybe I could relax enough to dilate. Unfortunately, the epidural knocked my blood pressure down to 60/40! They lost HIS heartbeat, and ended up flipping me upside-down on the bed. This whole time I was sick and throwing up....and was just miserable. They kept taking away my little emisis basin, and I was freaking out because I wasn't finished!! The nurses were shaking my belly to get Cam back, and prepped me for an emergency C-section. Finally, after getting into the room, his heartbeat came back, and I was allowed one person in the delivery room with me. When asked who I wanted, I said my mom, because Steve couldn't handle it (the whole time I had been going through this, he had been kicked out of the room and not allowed back in at all!)
I didn't know, but the nurses gave Steve the option of coming in, and he turned it down anyway. (I've informed the man that the NEXT birth we have he WILL be in the room with me!! NO MATTER WHAT!) The anesthesiologist told me that I was pretty calm as opposed to how crazy I had been before. I told her it was because I didn't need to throw up any more! Then my mom came in the room and was in tears. I never really realized how scary everything had been! I remember seeing a lot of ceiling lights and blue for his birth....and my mom telling me, blow-by-blow what was happening. ("Your uterus looks like a boneless-skinless chicken!!" "Here comes your little boy....") After she told me that, I waited and asked if he was out. My mom told me that he had been out and gone for about a minute.
An hour after his birth I got to go into the NICU to see him. The pediatrician was there running all sorts of tests because he had inhaled the merconium, had an enlarged liver and they couldn't find his kidneys. (Not the kind of thing a first-time mom WANTS to hear...) The nurses were going to allow me to nurse the boy, but the doctor said he couldn't because he was NPO. He never was a very good eater, and I place some of the blame on the fact that I couldn't nurse him immediately after delivery.
His birth was pretty traumatic, and he ended up staying in the NICU for 6 days. He was 8 pounds 1 ounce, and was the biggest baby in the nursery! They were feeding the kid like he was a preemie...every 3 hours, even though it took him a full hour to eat one little bottle. Yeah, I have annoyances with how he was taken care of after his birth.
Thankfully, after 6 days, I was able to take him home, and just enjoy him!
Suzanne said...
Happy Birthday Cameron!!!
My son is 7 too and it's a good age. I've really enjoyed it so far!
Hmm...a question! What is his favorite color and favorite food? :)
His favorite color changes daily, today it's blue.
He says his favorite food is pizza, although, if he could, he'd eat hot dogs ALL the time!
mattsmom said...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIDDO! Are we old? Your son's birthday is making me feel old! HEHE HAHA
Cam...What is your biggest quirk?
I feel like I'm having a "duh" moment.....what's a quirk!? Is it something odd that only you do?? Once I can figure it out, I will let you know! *doh*
I guess his biggest quirk is his memory. The kid remembers EVERYTHING!! Even things that happened YEARS ago, he remembers!! Seriously, we can't do anything when he's around!
CareBearMommy said...
Happy Birthday Cam!
Blogger is being a dork. I posted a question on here yesterday about Cam, but when I just came back to check the answer, my question was, gasp, GONE! ANYway, I'll ask again... has Cameron ever lost or broken a pair of his glasses before?
Funny you ask....
This last camping trip, the boy lost his glasses IN MY TENT!! I was being a lazy bum and was still in my sleeping bag, but Cam, the morning person in our family, was WIDE awake and ready to get dressed. He grabbed his glasses and put them ON my chest, then got dressed. In the midst of his dressing, he grabbed the glasses and POOF!! They disappeared!!
I freaked out on the boy. Yelling, saying over and over, "We just can't afford to get you new glasses!!"
So we left the tent, and my dad, who had heard my ranting, went into the tent with Cam, and they searched EVERYWHERE!! Somehow, they had ended up underneath, YES, UNDERNEATH my air mattress!!
Thankfully, he hasn't lost them since!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Home Again, Home Again....

We're home, and I'm SO tired!! Here's a few highlights:
  • All of the appointments went well. He has a new eye prescription (new glasses, here we come...), he got PLENTY of radiation exposure (2 bone density scans, 2 back x-rays, and one MRI!), and we may or may not have to go back in 6 months for a follow-up MRI, depending on the results.
  • He was VERY VERY brave for his appointments. He only cried when they put the dilating drops in his eyes and when they were putting in his IV for the MRI. We're hoping that someday, he'll get used to these things and not cry as much.
  • If you don't have plans while on a trip, you will find yourself VERY busy!! On Tuesday, our "relaxing" day, we drove for an hour for a restaurant (and wasn't that impressed with it...) then rode on the TRAX to Temple Square to see the Tabernacle, the Christus Statue, and the roof of the Conference Center. We rode the TRAX back to the hotel, and hurried to meet some of my friends for dinner...we were late!
  • Grandma is DEFINITELY an asset on trips like this. (Except when she buys annoying toys at Cracker Barrel....dang guitars!!)
  • Finding a hotel with 2 queen-sized beds, and a hide-a-bed is HEAVEN! Finding a hotel with a breakfast buffet is WONDERFUL!! Finding that your wonderful Heaven has closed the swimming pool.....SAD news for little boys!
  • Apparently I count in my sleep! My mom told me this morning that I was very gently and slowly counting. Before she fell back to sleep I was up to 80!! (Can we say OCD!?)
  • According to Cameron "When I blow up, I want to be a soccer ball!"
  • And "bastick" is another way of saying "chapstick!"

It was very long, fun, informative and UNEVENTFUL!! (yay!) We don't know the full results of the MRI yet, but it seemed to go well. Cam cried afterward for his daddy, and then SCREAMED for grandma. (Only one parent/adult is allowed back in the recovery room with the children.) I did get some video of the whole MRI event, but I need to talk with a friend to get my cord for the camcorder. I didn't get him walking around like a drunkard, because I was helping keep him upright. I DID get him nearly falling out of the wheelchair though, so you can see SOME of his drunkenness! He really wasn't as bad this time as he was the LAST time. But apparently the last time he woke up early and they gave him some muscle relaxants....which REALLY helps his dizzy situation anyway! *rolling eyes*

This is Cam from this morning....PRE-MRI (and pre-IV!)

This is Cam riding on the TRAX, he LOVED it!

This is the view of downtown Salt Lake City from the roof of the Conference Center. It was the first time I had been up there, and it was amazing. I'm STILL trying to fathom that the roof area covers 10 ACRES of land!! WHOA! (That giant pyramid type thing is a sky-light, but with Conference coming up, they cover it because the natural sunlight wreaks havoc on the television cameras!)

But we're back, and things are fine. Now it's back to normal life! *sigh*