Saturday, June 30, 2007

Some Things NEVER Change

Today went SO much better than last night!! I got to talk to more people, and had a more fun time. I think I reverted a bit though. I was a LOT shyer today than I really am, and then, well....

Believe it or not, no alcohol was involved!

High School Reunion

Tonight I went to my 10 year high school reunion....and it was BORING! Maybe it was the fact that NONE of my group of friends was there....or the fact that the event was poorly planned, but I really wish it had gone better. There is more tomorrow, so I'm hoping for more fun.
Tonight I did catch up with a FEW people...included was my second grade boyfriend. And for those of you who love my memories as much as I do, I present: The Story of the "Net."
When I was in second grade there was a chain link fence at the back of the field. It was broken at one part, and it was discovered that you could easily convert that little part of fence into a net which could easily hold a little kid.
One time I was at the back of the field playing with my friend, Carrie, and Chris and one of his friends came up to us. Somehow...I don't really remember how, Chris and his friend had managed to get me into the net. After I was trapped, Chris began *kissing* me!! I was moving and trying to get out, but NO ONE would help.....NOT EVEN CARRIE!!! She just stood there and laughed!!
Chris was at the reunion tonight and was wearing a ring, I asked him where his wife was, and he said, "I'm not married, I just wear this ring to throw off stupid girls." At that I pretended to be offended and tried to walk away. We had a good conversation.
I saw my friend, Jared, who decided that he was gay. He's balding, so I asked if I could rub his head...and he let me! :)
I had a good conversation with our former Student Body President, Kalana, and her husband. They told us many horror stories of their years in Los Angeles. Their wards were VERY different from the Idaho wards I know!
Then we had a special presentation of those who have died. A quick update on those who are in the military (one of the guys I had A HUGE crush on is in the Navy...he was one I really had hoped would be here....he was a fun guy!) And then they showed a quick nine minuted video of a tape we made in my seventh grade World History class. I was one of the ones showed....and all I said was, "My name is Dawnyel, and I like to read and camp." Simple....but HORRIBLE clothing choices!! The BEST one on the tape was a girl named Andrea, she got up and said, "My name is Andrea, and I'm obnoxious!" Then she proceeded to belch!! I caught up to her and she was HORRIFIED!! But she is pretty much the same as she was in school....laid back and fun loving!
Tomorrow is the family oriented activity. I hope that it goes better for me than tonight! (Maybe I'll have a friend or two to hang out with!)

Friday, June 29, 2007

Free For All Friday

It's time for Free-For-All Friday!
If you want to ask me a question -- and anything goes -- here's your chance. You can ask about whatever you wish, no holds barred. I'll either answer honestly, or I'll tell you that I won't answer.


Anne/kq said...
If you had to have one meal for dinner every night for the rest of your life, what would it be? You could have anything the rest of your meals, but dinner every night would be one meal and one meal only, no additions, changes, or subtractions.
Sheesh, I think that after eating the SAME meal FOREVER I would hate it, so I'm going to say my favorite meal ever: (which after a few weeks would NO LONGER be my favorite) Chicken Critters from Texas Roadhouse. Dipping sauce would be honey mustard. House salad with ranch, and baked loaded sweet potato.
One Scrappy Gal said...
Is tofu nasty? I don't have the guts to try it.
Also... how are you spending the 4th of July? Doing anything interesting?
The one time I saw tofu, I really didn't have the guts to try it I can't tell you if it's nasty....sorry.
On the 4th of July we walk to the parade in town (we live just down the street from where it passes through town.) After the parade we go to a picnic...usually it's at my Grandma F's house. Then we nap in the afternoon until it's time to head down to the Snake River for "the biggest fireworks show West of the Mississippi." Where we find a spot amongst the MANY people and watch fireworks until 10:30 (listening to patriotic music...MY FAVORITE part of the fireworks...) and then we *try* to get home before midnight. It's a VERY fun day!! :)
Nikkie said...
What Makes French Fries Magically delicious?
HEY, long time no see....sorry! :(
The thing that makes GOOD french fries magically delicious is the fat they're fried in. (Oh, and they MUST be Idaho russets!) :D
Suzanne said...
Hmm... do you like S'mores?
What about marshmallows toasted over the fire?
Do you get stung by mosquitoes a lot when you camp? (I know I do!)
How many constellations in the sky can you identify?
Do you ever watch for shooting stars?
Can you tell I'm in the mood for camping! LOL! :D
I LOVE S'mores...I've even made them in my microwave when the urge hits me!
I LOVE marshmallows toasted (NOT burned) over a fire...must be perfectly toasted....Oh, I can SMELL them now! :)
Lately I haven't been bit too much by mosquitoes, BUT I did get bit in ODD places (my ankles, behind my knees, fingers....)
I can recognize the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, and Orion. Any other constellations and I'm toast!
I used to LOVE laying out on a trampoline watching meteor showers....those are as close I ever got to watching for shooting stars...but when I see one, I do take a moment to make a quick wish!
And finally, YES, I can tell you're you've got ME wanting to go! :)
txmommy said...
what is your favorite popsicle flavor?
Would you rather be a pirate or a penguin keeper?
If you had one afternoon, $300, and a baby-sitter to play with Cam what would you do?
My favorite popsicle flavor is a toss-up between root beer and banana!
I would rather be a penguin keeper than a pirate.
If I had an afternoon of bliss, I'd probably stash the dough, and play online! (Horrible...I know!)
Elena said...
Will you be at church on Sunday? If so, can Cam give the talk in primary? :)
Funny thing, I went to my class reunion tonight....and got home fairly late (it's after midnight right now...) and after Steve listened to the message on the phone he told me and Cam what it was and Cam's FIRST response was, "NO!" But yes, we will be at church, and YES he CAN give a talk....whether he likes it or not!! :P

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You Have a Pretty Face

Don't you just love it when well-meaning older people say things to you, that they TOTALLY mean as a compliment, but it's kind of a back-handed one!?
I went to a meeting with our Ward Missionaries tonight (they want each street in our ward to have their own neighborhood party, and guess who was nominated from my FREAKY street!?) Anyway, I was sitting at a picnic table talking with some members of my ward, and as they started to leave the table got a bit lopsided. I asked the woman who was being left behind if she wanted some company. I went over and made some comment to the tune of "I could balance out this side of the table on my own...ha ha ha...." And she looked at me with a completely serious face and said, "But you have a BEAUTIFUL face!" *shock* *giggling....even two hours later!*

Monday, June 25, 2007

If It Ain't Broke....Don't Fix It!!

I had a CRAZY weekend!! It all started on Friday. We got a promotional-type postcard in the mail from our current internet service provider saying that they now have broadband...and it was only $18!! I talked with Steve and we decided it would be worth it to have the faster speed and the non-interference with our land-line. ANYWAY, after attepmting to sign up, I found out that they have it, but they don't offer it in our area yet!! :( So I *tried* to sign up for their "faster" service and ended up messing EVERYTHING up!! SO ANNOYING!!
I had to add the upgrade, but it wouldn't work without the little icon in the bottom corner...which, of COURSE, wasn't ever there!! >:( So I UNinstalled it, and then REinstalled it, but I had to come up with a NEW account name to reinstall....Long story short, I had to call today to get the extra account disabled! (After 2 phone calls, 3 employees and 45 minutes....) Now everything is "back to normal...." (mostly!) The other annoying part, there was an annoying side-effect to the "new and improved" totally messed up some of my Internet reading!! So the tech support lady suggested that I uninstall the new Internet Explorer.....TOTALLY messed EVERYTHING up!! (Once I found out it DIDN'T help, I reinstalled it...but sheesh...with my connection it took over an hour!)
Lesson for the day: If it ain't broke, DON'T fix it!!
On a happy note, my grandma finished my shirt and got it to me!! It's SO cute!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!
Fun tidbit....the bloomers are sewn in glow in the dark thread!! SO FUN! Thanks, Gramma Sue! :)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Free-For-All Friday

So I'm late, and I apologize, but not much, because I'm having SO much fun! :)
It's time for Free-For-All Friday!
If you want to ask me a question -- and anything goes -- here's your chance. You can ask about whatever you wish, no holds barred. I'll either answer honestly, or I'll tell you that I won't answer.

Now you Know

One Scrappy Gal said...
Do YOU know when to hold them? When to fold them? When to walk away and when to run?
Why does the Burger King mascot freak me out so? He gives me nightmares!
I don't know when to hold them, fold them, or walk away....heck, I'd give myself black eyes if I I can't do that either! :(
The Burger King is FREAKY!! And now that he's on those commercials doing his little jig while he rubs his moustache.....*shivering* (Personally, I think it's because the Burger King is really a woman....transvestite woman.....)
Anne/kq said...
How come life is so unfair sometimes? :(
And why are people mean?
And if you were someone's friend wouldn't you listen to them when they tried to explain something to you instead of maliciously trying to ruin their life?
I don't quite understand why life is so unfair. I think it has to do with people having free agency. The ability to choose sometimes affects those around you in ways you don't even know. I just know that sometimes when it seems SO unfair, I'm usually being pretty self-centered, and it's MY cue to do some service.
I really do try to listen to people now. Even if I don't get along with them. I've learned a few hard lessons in my life, and one that keeps rearing it's ugly head is the lesson of forgiveness. When it seems like someone is out to get me, I have to consciously remind myself to not get defensive. I TRY REALLY hard to sit and listen instead of jumping down their throats. (That's not to say that I'm perfect in ANY way, but I am learning and TRYING!)
Sounds like you are having a bad time! *HUGS* my dear friend!
Liam's Mom - Gina said...
Are you addicted to blogging or have you found a balance? I try to tell myself that I am not addicted anymore... but I still check my email for comments every chance I get. What's wrong with me? Advice for finding balance?
You know, I don't THINK I'm as addicted to blogging as I used to be. (I've found a similar addiction that has consumed my previous blog time....)
I think I'm doing better at balancing the things I SHOULD do (clean my house, take care of my son...) with things I WANT to do (be online goofing off, napping...) I've found that if I make plans with people who are in the flesh, I do MUCH better getting off my butt and having a REAL life.
I do think that EVERYONE goes through times of addiction/obsession, but then after a while (which for me is STILL coming up...) the newness fades, and things that truly are meaningful will make their way back to the forefront of your life. It DOES take work and time, but it will happen.
I dread the day when I will realize that, "Oh, my GOSH!! I have my personal life written all over the Internet for ANYONE to read, and I can't remember the passwords to get it off!!"
CareBearMommy said...
Which spelling do you prefer? Ketchup? or Catsup? And why are there two different ways to spell the darn word?
I prefer "ketchup." Don't ask me why...perhaps it's because I like writing more letters than are REALLY necessary. There are two spellings because some people like the fancy spelling ("ketchup") and others like the phonetic spelling ("catsup") Either way, Cam would drink it for breakfast, lunch or dinner EVERY day if he could!! (How could someone LOVE ketchup so he REALLY DOES drink it straight from the container.....and not love tomatoes!?)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's Hard to Spread Yourself Thin When You're Chunky Peanut Butter

So much to little me to go around!
This last weekend was spent doing a few interesting things.
Friday, because it was payday, was my "spend-the-day-on-the-computer-trying-to-pay-bills-while-trying-to-have-SOME-money-left-over-to-buy-gas-and-some-groceries" day. Didn't QUITE work out, but we'll survive anyway. Friday was also the deadline for payment for a trip I'm making next month. So I figured I could use our PayPal account or if I had to, set up an account of my own. Let's just say, I'm THOROUGHLY annoyed with PayPal right now! >:( It took me FOREVER to figure out what they needed, and then, guess verify an account you have to wait TWO days!
I needed the money on FRIDAY!! In the end I just mailed a check....I hope all turns out well that way!
Then while I was also paying with the DUMB-DUMBS I decided it would be a good time to pay for my class reunion (which is in a few weeks.) I went through their site to reserve my spots for both the activities they had planned, and then the computer THREW a fit! I had to RE-DO everything! Luckily, things went better with them, with the exception that all of our accounts are under Steve's name, so they got the money, but didn't know WHO the money was FOR! But now that's all settled! *phew*
Then Saturday my sister and brother-in-law came into town. I didn't get to see her at ALL on Saturday, but she tracked me down (at my grandparents' house) to see if I would go to church with my parents. Their church meets at 9:00 am, mine meets at 1:00 pm. If I were to go to my ward, she'd be long gone by the time we meandered over to see my parents. I had been asked MONTHS ago to sing in a women's ensemble in church for Fathers' day, so if I were to go to my parents' ward, I'd STILL have to go to my own meeting. Finally, she dragged Cam into it. She talked to him on the phone, and convinced him that he should go to church with grandma and grandpa. She won out. I was going to go to both my parents' ward and my own.
Sunday morning came WAY too early and WAY too fast. I had stayed up the night before chatting with a friend until 2 AM. Not a good start to a long day. And it's not like I could skip out....I had already promised Cam that we would go with grandma and grandpa. Darn those promises!!
I only talked with my sister for a grand total of THREE minutes! Good thing I went to church with them! :S
As soon as Relief Society was finished, (which, I ended up saying the closing prayer for both Sunday School AND Relief Society....and it's NOT my ward!!) I hurried to my building...across town. I made it there just as they were finishing their first time through the song. In the end it went fairly well...our third alto didn't show up until 10 minutes before the meeting started, but she is a strong singer, and I think we did well. (Elena, you'll have to tell me the truth!)
That night we visited grandparents and had a good time giggling and catching up. I got to say good bye to my sister for a few SECONDS before they ran off. (I rarely see my sister when she comes here. They spend most of their time with HIS family, so we get what we get...)
The next day we did a LOT of running around and just having fun.
I have a friend who is kind enough to let me have her OLD monitor (just a BIT newer than the one we had before) and I had to go to her house to pick it up. Steve also had a dentist appointment that morning, so while he was getting his teeth cleaned, I drove to my friend's house. The silly lady, who went on a trip with her family to Boise this week, left the monitor on her front porch wrapped up in a black plastic garbage bag. But thanks to her, I no longer have a cruddy computer screen! YAY!!
Then we did some shopping for a tee-shirt. My grandma, who owns an embroidery business, is going to embroider a shirt for me, with my screen name on it and fancy, dancy panties!! I'm SO excited!!
Today I babysat, and had to run Steve to work, so I could take Cameron to therapy later in the day. I was awake at 5:10 this morning. UGH! Thankfully, I was able to come home later and go back to sleep for a while. Unfortunately, Cam was in my bed with me! I had little boy feet in my back for 2 hours!! Oh, well....
Now I'm here....trying to make sure that I have everything under control. This week looks to be a fun one. I'm babysitting on off days, I have pack meeting, I have to pre-register the scouts for day camp, AND one of my cousins is getting married while another is coming home from his mission. Then on Saturday and Sunday we have Stake Conference, and GUESS who's in the choir that performs BOTH nights?? If you're smart enough to guess that, then you can probably guess who doesn't really know the songs very well!! Oh, well!! Life goes warp speed sometimes!!
Reading this TOTALLY made my day...EVEN if you don't get it....but you read it, you will learn SO much about my sense of humor by reading it! :)

Saturday, June 16, 2007


So I'm slow and often need a good whack on the head before I realize things, but I just learned something important last week.
First, let me give you some background information, so you'll understand the lesson I learned a bit better.
I am the oldest of 6 kids, and we grew up in a very conservative, religious home. My brothers were all expected to go on missions when they turned 19 and the girls were expected to be good little Mormon girls. For most of us, that's pretty much how we turned out. So far two of my brothers went on missions, and my baby brother is planning on going on his next year. My sister and I both grew up to marry wonderful men in the Temple. So far, so good, right??
While growing up all of us knew there was something different about Shad. He really wasn't WEIRD, weird, but just enough that we knew that something was up. One of my best memories of Shad was when Carrie and I were walking home from school. Shad was always behind us (Yeah, and WE dawdled!!) Anyway, on this particular day he had gotten a package of M&Ms. He was SO happy!! He had them out and was whooshing them around like they were an airplane or a rocket. Carrie and I, of course, were giggling at his antics, and soon enough we heard him say, "Mission TO MARS!!" Then he pulled out a little M&M and began talking to it like it was an alien. Then he promptly popped it into his mouth. That was it, we BUSTED up laughing!!
Shad was always good for a few laughs!
In High school he was finally diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. Asperger's is a very high functioning autism. Because of this, he's easily persuaded to follow the crowd, and MANY times has!
After he went on his mission, he REALLY changed. His demeanor went from someone who was innocent and happy to a defensive punk. Soon afterward, he began to smoke cigarettes openly. We learned he'd started smoking in high school. Not only was he smoking, but he was drinking and doing drugs as well. I was FURIOUS with him. He had gone on a mission. Taught the gospel to SO many, and here he was, doing exactly what he KNEW he shouldn't do! I refused to talk to him for a LONG time!
Not only was he doing this JUNK, but he began sleeping around. BIG TIME!! He ended up hitch-hiking to Seattle because a girl, who was only 14 AND who he'd only met a few weeks before, accused him of being the father of her baby, which she was only 5 weeks pregnant with. Uh, that didn't add up, but he still freaked out and ran.
He's been doing this kind of stuff for YEARS!! My sweet Cam loves his Uncle Shad, but whenever he gets excited to see him.....I just barely acknowledge him. I have been THAT mad at him.
Now, fast forward through my anger and frustration to this last week.
I was at home flipping through the channels and found that Saturday's Warrior is on. Yes, I admit it's cheesy, but I can't help but watch it when it's on. So I'm watching, and it's kind of in the middle of the movie. The family is sitting around, being pleasant when Jimmy and Benji come in fighting. Jimmy, the family rebel, pushes Benji down. And his siblings come to his aid. The discussion begins. Jimmy has FUMED out of the house, and the family is left in his wake. What are they going to do with this brother of theirs? He treats their parents badly and they are just frustrated.
Julie pipes in, "But he's our brother..."
I STOP! Wait, I've got a punk brother, who treats MY parents badly, and one who I'm HIGHLY frustrated with. I must listen to what their solution is.
Pam (who is Jimmy's twin sister) says, "We just love him, that's all. But if we can't.....BUT we CAN'T!"
Again, I'm struck with the force that the lesson hits me.
Shad is my brother. If I don't show the boy love, who will?? Sure he's made some rotten choices in his life, but that shouldn't matter....because he's my brother.
Coming to this realization has been easy, gaining Shad's trust back has been another. Since I've been hurt and felt angry by the things he's done, I've treated him really badly! So all this past week whenever I saw him, I'd smile, and say, "Hi, Shad! How're you doing?" He grunts and goes into my parents' basement to hide out.
It's a long road, but one I'm willing to go on for as long as I need! He's my brother!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Go Ahead....Ask me a Question...

It's time for Free-For-All Friday!If you want to ask me a question -- and anything goes -- here's your chance. You can ask about whatever you wish, no holds barred. I'll either answer honestly, or I'll tell you that I won't answer.

You Asked For it...

nikko said...
If you could live anywhere in the USA besides where you live now, where would it be and why?
I LOVE where I live, but if money wasn't a barrier, I'd probably like to live in Rochester, Minnesota. (My aunt and uncle live there.) I've visited there TWICE in my life, and both times didn't want to leave. Not because family lived there, but because the WHOLE city was full of amazingly nice and happy people. The community felt safe, and it was VERY family friendly.
The weather there isn't TOO different from here...other than the extreme humidity, which I don't know if I would LOVE...but it's just such a nice place and not too far away from the "real" world!
One Scrappy Gal said...
I'm always feeling run down and exhausted. What are some snacks that you make that make you feel energetic and full of pep?
Also... are you looking forward to any of the summer blockbuster movies?
Sugar is a good pep for me! :D
And I'm looking forward to seeing Pirates 3, Shrek 3, and Harry Potter 5. (Yeah, I'm all about the sequals!)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

What a DAY!

I hate trying to figure out what's wrong with my electrical things! :P
Yesterday, while I was in the midst of running around, I stopped home on a whim, and while upstairs I sniffed an unusual smell....that STINKY electrical smell that sometimes happens when electrical appliances get too hot. (Kinda an ozonie smell...) So, thinking I was SUPER smart...I unplugged EVERYTHING!
Now, fast forward to computer screen is SMOOSHED!! It's aggravating!! :P
Guess, it's time to google it! Do you think I'll find my answers??
Oh, and on a funny side-note...Scouts didn't happen AGAIN this week...everyone forgot! :D (You can tell how FREAKIN' SAD I am!! LOL)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

You HAVEN'T Missed Me....

I've had SUCH a blast the last few days. I learned on Sunday that my uncle from Minnesota was in I've been neglecting my computerly duties!
We've been having so much fun, and just laughing and catching up. I LOVE these kinds of things!! LOVE THEM! :)
I've learned something new today though, if I turn off my television COMPLETELY, Cameron is more well-behaved and OBEDIENT! Well, that's it!! Less TV time for us!! Why waste my time in front of the boob tube, or leave that to entertain my's time I became the mother I've always WANTED to be!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Free-For-All Friday

It's time for Free-For-All Friday!
If you want to ask me a question -- and anything goes -- here's your chance. You can ask about whatever you wish, no holds barred. I'll either answer honestly, or I'll tell you that I won't answer.

Suitable Answers!?

mattsmom said...
They say that blondes have more fun...would you ever go blonde? I once went wasn't any fun!
I don't think I could ever go COMPLETELY blonde. I did try highlights YEARS ago (you might remember those days...) and my mom would FREAK out. She thought highlights were EVIL...and me becoming blonde was HORRIBLE! I think I'm a pretty good-looking brunette, and I would hate to have the upkeep of coloring my hair, so I don't think I would ever go blonde. (And who says ONLY blondes have fun!? ;)
How did I miss the burgundy days!? Sheesh!!
Millie said...
When it comes to stewed prunes, is three too much? Is four too many?
Never having had stewed prunes, I would say that there DOES come a point when you have to stop. Depending on the situation, four CAN be too many...
(Is this question from a personal experience?? 'Cause I would LOVE to hear the story behind it!)
One Scrappy Gal said...
Is the glass half empty, or is it filled with lemonade? Did someone spit in it?
The glass is filled with lemonade, and I spit in it....beware!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wacky Wednesday

Scouts was cancelled today.
I had everything ALL squared away, and then the weather didn't cooperate. It rained quite steadily all day long. I had planned to meet at the park across the street from our church building, but with the wet weather, it was a bad idea.
I had HOPED to get inside if we couldn't play at the park, but NO one has a key!! (Well, I lied, there are the chosen few who have a key, but I'm not one of the few, and neither is my primary President.) I hope that my former partner hasn't moved YET, and that before she goes away permanently she passes on her little tools of the trade, including the KEY to the building. *sigh* Until she comes back from her house-hunting endeavor, I'll not know WHAT her plans are!
On a happy note, Cameron and I baked some cookies today. Not a whole TON, but quite a few for the three of us. I think Cam ended up eating 12 before I stopped him and sent the kid to bed, but he had fun.
Whenever I make a fun treat, I have to stow it away in my bedroom, or when Cameron wakes up (WAY before I'm ready...) he'll eat anything within reach! If it's in my room he can't get it! :)
I don't think Cam will be doing summer school this year, they've already started and I didn't hear ANYTHING from ANYONE! So I've decided to have the boy do a worksheet a day. So far, it's NOT going well. He gets SUPER frustrated whenever he has to work with letter sounds. He had a worksheet today where he had to look at the picture and fill in the missing letters, and he only got through 6 before breaking down with frustration. He took the paper and the pencil and THREW them at the wall while storming up the stairs yelling at me.
Am I a bad teacher, or is there anything else I can do to ease his frustration?? I reminded him of something they talked about on Blue's Clues last week. According to that show, whenever you get frustrated you: Stop, take a deep breath and think. After I reminded him he did that, but then got frustrated again the very next minute. It's hard to have a child that is SO frustrated and be unable to help or soothe their aches!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Just a Few Thoughts...

  • My parents are gone for this week. They go on an annual fishing trip to Canada. They like catching the "big" ones! So, I'm in charge of making sure their house stays standing while they're far, it's a DISGUSTING mess! (Ugh, BOYS!)
  • Today was my parents' exchange student's final day in the States...but did we even get a chance to say good-bye to the boy??? NO! Oh, well...BYE, JAY/SUPAKORN!!
  • America's Got Talent is back...and BOY, are the judges STRICT! Sheesh!! I have to admit, I was impressed with the dueling chest/banjo guys! I was practically rolling on the floor with laughter!
  • I'm in a major Bill Engvall mood! The guy tells it just like it is...and I can't help but laugh HYSTERICALLY at his "bad wiener-day" sketch!! HILARIOUS!!
  • Tomorrow is my first day as a lonely Scout partner moved away. Thank goodness for willing Primary Presidents! And the other bonus?? For pack meeting this month they're having a Cub Olympics...with a few events...ALREADY planned!! We're just going to be tracking their progress for the month...YAY for pre-planned events! (They're doing the 50-yard dash, standing jump, sit-ups/crunches, push-ups, and a softball throw.)
  • We're slowly recovering from a crap-tastic weekend with Steve's work. He worked three days worth of shifts in a two-day period!! IT was DISGUSTING!! And then I found out that his boss told him last week, that he needs to step up his game! WHA!? When was the last time that IDIOT worked 24 hours worth of work in 48 hours time??? Surviving on 3 hours worth of sleep in that time period!! Needless to say, it's a good thing I don't see that moron face-to-face....he'd lose part of it!!
  • Learning that your car insurance covers emergency locksmith calls is AWESOME!! :)
  • And Steve's brother's girlfriend is now doing as well as can be expected. She's got her second doctor's appointment tomorrow, and from what Andrew tells us, she's just got constant morning-sickness. (I can TOTALLY relate to that one!! Poor girl!) Luckily, things are going well, and it seems like I will be an aunt by the end of the year! :)
  • As one FINAL note, I thought that the email spam guy was taken to jail....if so, WHY am I getting more junk in my junk mail box than normal!? UGH!

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Poison Control Center WILL Laugh at You if.... call and tell them that your child just ate deodorant.
I was reminded of this when I was reading the label on the back of a cleaning product the other day.
A few years ago Cameron was carrying around a little container of men's deodorant and making weird faces. I looked at the deodorant and noticed little teeth marks in it. I FREAKED out!! I immediately called Poison Control. I told the woman on the line what had happened and she said, "And...."
"And what?? That's it!"
At this point I could hear her holding back her laughter. She then told me that he will have a dry mouth for a while, and to make sure to push the liquids, maybe giving him some Kool Aid.
Yeah, nice people there....but couldn't they wait to laugh until I was off the phone!? Sheesh!!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Free-For-All Friday...yes, it's BAAAAAACK!

It's time for Free-For-All Friday!
If you want to ask me a question -- and anything goes -- here's your chance. You can ask about whatever you wish, no holds barred. I'll either answer honestly, or I'll tell you that I won't answer.
Oh, and happy birthday to my mummy today!! :)


mattsmom said...
How do you spell Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?
Oh, how my belly hurts after reading that!!
Did you know that there is an all new musical on Broadway called Mary Poppins!? And in that new musical they sing the spelling of this word:
But I guess if I were to spell it out, I'd spell it b-o-b! (And then I'd be wrong...wrong, wrong!)
One Scrappy Gal said...
Why does every deodorant, regardless of brand, stop working after a certain period of time? But then if you switch to another and then switch back a few weeks later, it works again?
Also... got any deep parables to share?
You know, I've noticed that with deodorants, and my guess is that your body starts to get used to the scent, and just eats it up, like candy. Okay, so I really don't know, but yeah, it's weird how the human body works! (OH, I'm experimenting right now with the new Secret Clinical strength's expensive, but SO worth it to me...I don't stink as bad! And my sweat circles have all but disappeared! The weird thing about this deodorant!? You have to put it on before you go to bed...yeah, weird, but it TOTALLY works!)
I DO have a deep parable to share....I heard it in church a few weeks ago. So sit back, kiddlets, and I'll share my new revelation with you!
Some of you may have heard of my cookie/prayer parable, and this one comes from the same deep-thinking woman.
We were talking about forgiveness and how it does you no good to harbor bad feelings. She was telling us that when you drive down a certain local road, eventually you will come to some pretty deep dips in the road. The people who made the gutters made this one intersection just a little TOO deep. When you drive over it the first time, unaware that the deep dips are there, you may think "OUCH! That really hurt me (or my car)!" But you will have learned that these dips are there and the next time you drive that way you will slow down and be cautious of that part of the road. She says, "You could stop and get angry at the dips in the road, but what good will it do you? It was a mistake made in the past, and getting mad at the dips in the road won't fix them!" When she told us this, I was very much shaking my head and thinking, "YES! It's SO true!"
So if you find that you're dealing with a dip in the road, don't get angry, learn from it and forgive the dips...they can't help who they are!
Suzanne said...
Why was a grapefruit named what it was? It looks nothing like a grape and it seems kind of redundant to put fruit on the end!
Where did the saying "I'm feeling just ducky" come from? What does it mean to feel ducky? All feathery and stinky? ;)
O.k. confession time. Did you ever fall off the 4 wheeler? I know I would, but that's because I don't have a steady hand to keep the gas going right...
Happy Free for all Friday! :)
Just a heads up: don't Google the words "Grapefruit...why?" You will get some questionable results! :S Although, I did learn that grapefruits and Lipitor do NOT mix!! (Hmmm...interesting...)
The grapefruit was originally called the "forbidden fruit" of Barbados. I guess from there some moron, (probably a color-blind redundant fool) called these round citrus fruits "grapefruits."
You know, I haven't heard the saying, "I'm feeling just ducky," used that much, until I googled it. Now I've got a few images in my mind. "Feeling ducky" comes from the movie Land Before Time, you remember Ducky, that adorable little big mouthed dinosaur (which I just learned was a parasaurolophus.) Do you remember how happy that little dinosaur was!? She was always happily running around saying, "Yup yup yup!" And when she was sad, she wasn't really that "sad." So feeling Ducky is to feel like Ducky the dinosaur! Happy and carefree. (Although, feeling feathery and stinky may apply, it may not be the "normal" feeling for being ducky!)
I haven't fallen off a 4-wheeler yet....but don't worry, I'm sure SOMEWHERE in time I will! (I did have a scare last year when I rode the machine, I took an off-the-beaten path, and it was almost vertical! SCARY! Luckily I took the path back down the hill VERY slowly, and didn't get hurt at all!) I do have to admit though, that I have given myself whiplash from pushing too hard on the gas...especially when I'm giving someone else a ride, and can't quite get a good grip on the handles.
CareBearMommy said...
Why are boobs called boobs? (I don't expect you to Google this one, just share your own personal insight). And why is a hot dog called a hot dog? It doesn't contain dog meat, and it certainly doesn't look like a hot dog!
Hand it to YOU to come up with THOSE kinds of questions!!
Boobs are booby. Therefore, they're called boobs. Maybe once, a LONG time ago, some little kid was hungry, and not able to say much more that baby-babble he mumbled "boob" while holding out his hands toward his mother's breast. The mom, not knowing another word for it, (because, you see, it was in caveman days...) the name stuck.
Hot dogs are called hot dogs because they look like a boiled weiner doggie. If you were to take the head, fur, tail, and legs off a weiner dog, then boiled would resemble a hot dog. :P
Millie said...
Why does Desitin smell so weird?
First off, who SMELLS Desitin?? Second...because they want to make you NOT want to eat's for bums...not for your mouth! :)