Monday, September 29, 2008

Whose Child Is This??

Me with my parents at 4 months.
Jake at 3 months. Hmmm....I have no idea!! ;)

Sunday, September 28, 2008


The new glasses are here. (I know, I was shocked they came so fast too.) I thought I'd look SO cute, and totally different, but today when my brother saw me he said, "I was wondering why you were wearing your glasses. Oh, they're new...." Yeah, such a bummer! :P

I'm also losing my hair. I've ALWAYS had super thick hair, but now, it's only super thick in the back. With Cameron I lost my hair almost immediately, and it was at the perfect thickness. This time?? Well, it's been falling out for a few weeks now, and I have a HUGE bald spot on the top of my head that I try to cover, but my mom noticed it the other day. I guess my cover-up isn't as good as I thought it was. I may end up looking like my grandpa if this continues.
My grandpa's house is no longer the house I knew growing up. My cousins and aunt and uncle have been busy all week transforming it to a home that will easily be rented. And really, it's different, but I think it looks GREAT! They still have a few more things to do, but hopefully, my aunt and cousin will be able to rent it before too much longer!
Because of this HUGE renovation, my grandpa has NOT been taken to his house, and we probably will avoid taking him there if at all possible. Last night, after he arrived from Utah, he kept asking over and over if anyone was sleeping in his house. The first time he asked I made the mistake of telling him that they were fixing it up, and there wasn't any carpet in it. He got FURIOUS! He said, "I didn't authorize that!" We know, Grandpa, but if you were with yourself, then you'd understand the things we're doing are for the better good! Poor guy, I just can't imagine losing that much awareness!
And as a final little funny note, my brother weighed Jake and himself on my mom's scale to see how much Jake weighs. Now, mind you, he's wearing size 6-9 month clothes and size 4 diapers. On this scale, which only measures by the half pound, he weighs 17 1/2 pounds!! HOLY COW!! I think Cam was that weight around 11 months!! What a cute little chubbers!
He's SO close to cutting his bottom two teeth too. He's a miserable little guy! Today in church I had to leave meetings MANY times because he was just so miserable. I've been thinking that they'll pop through any day now, but we're STILL waiting! Poor baby!
The other fun thing with Jake, he's rolling from his tummy to his back. Every time he does it he has a shocked look on his face. It's SO cute. I used up 45 minutes worth of video tape TRYING to get him rolling over on video.....only to get 45 minutes worth of Jake on his belly! :P

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm Still Here

This week has been kind of a laid back one for me. I've been trying to enjoy staying home a bit more (normally, I'm climbing the walls if I've been at home for more than a day straight....) But I did venture out so that I could get some things done today (like all of Cam's Christmas...yup, we're DONE! Still have clothes to get for Jake, but we figured with his growth, waiting is the best option for clothes that FIT!)
Cam now has OT on Fridays (not that it's a big deal or anything...) starting in two weeks. He was tested by the new OT and he REALLY really REALLY likes her. I think he really likes the fact that she has a swing in her office, but that's beyond the point. I hope this new place works out as well as his last OT place did. I'm kinda sad that we won't be seeing Aaron anymore, but I know that times change and things do too.
I saw my eye doctor this week (along with my cousin who works there) and we picked out THE cutest glasses frames for me. I'm SO excited for them. I'm kind of bummed (again) that I won't have contacts, but I LOVE the new glasses. LOVE them! They're red and super cute! When I get them I WILL post a pic....just because they're SUPER cute!! And thankfully, my eyes have changed only slightly (but really, I'm blind.....)
We also set up our annual trip to the geneticists for next month. Unfortunately, Cam DOES have to have another MRI, but if there's no change in the tumors then the doctor will slowly space the MRIs further apart. (YAY!) We'll be there for a few days. I'm not necessarily looking forward to being in Utah, but I will be glad when it's over. I'm a little excited to see one of my friends (she's the geneticist's assistant) and show her our little Jacob, she's one that's also suffered from infertility in the past, she ended up having twins on fertility shots. She would commiserate with me whenever I saw her. She's so fun! I'm really excited to see her!
And as I mentioned before I'm nearly done with my Christmas shopping!! I can't believe it! Thankfully, I've only got 2 kids to shop for, but now I'm thinking about what to get my siblings and nephews. I THINK I've got my parents and Steve's parents gifts covered.....but we shall see.
Otherwise, our computer is completely out of commission. It's old and moldy, and died. I'm kinda sad, but at least I have access to a computer sometimes! So if I'm not around as much, don't worry.....I'm still alive!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

More Info

That last post about my nephew was a quickie. I got the text yesterday morning at 6:30, and was SO excited for my sister and my brother-in-law that I just couldn't sleep. (Thankfully I was finishing my nightly potty break and heard the texting chimes...)
Anyway, I got to talk with my sister for a few minutes last night, and she sounds kinda stressed. She'd been in labor for the majority of the day Thursday, even going from 6 cm to 9 cm in an hour, but then she got stuck at 9 cm for FOUR hours!! Finally, she asked them if she could just push through to get things going, and eventually got going. Well, Jonathan was turned sideways in her pelvis (he was facing her left hip) and she just couldn't get him to come. They tried using the forceps to get him turned, but he just wouldn't go. They were about to do a c-section to get him out, but she begged for one more try. They tried again and got him to turn, but ended up ripping her in the process. (On TOP of the episiodimy she already had!)
Because of all of the stress from his birth, he's not nursing well. He has the saddest cry she's ever heard, and of course being her child, she's quite emotional when he cries. I was trying to tell her that I understood when the call cut out. She was on her way home from the hospital.
Today I talked with my mom (who is preparing NOW to go to her house to help her out on Monday) and she told me that Michelle is REALLY struggling with breast feeding. I have all sorts of tips I'd LOVE to give her, but I can't get ahold of her. I think she expected it to be easy, but I NEVER had it easy!!
Why does she have to live so far away??? We'd LOVE to help her with any tips we have, but she just isn't here for us to help her out!
I'm just glad my mom will be going to help her out this next week.....

Friday, September 19, 2008

Jonathan Lee is BORN!!

My little nephew was born last night at 8:08 pm. He weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces. He's 18 1/2 inches long. The picture I was sent is SO adorable (the pacifier is as big as his whole head it seems) but I can't post pictures from my camera. (Thanks to my brother who fixed me up! YAY!!) When I get some new ones I'll share!! YAY!! He's here and healthy (as far as I know!)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

He's Coming....

My sister is being induced today. She's officially a week overdue, and yesterday her blood pressure was slightly high. They're worried it will turn into pre-e. (Yeah, I'd spell it out, but I totally don't know how to spell!) I'll let you know when he gets here!! YAY!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Boobies? Yes, Boobies

I've been thinking a lot lately about my boobs. So if you don't want to read about boobs....STOP NOW!!
I'm warning you, I'm going to babble on about boobs......
Okay, so nursing this baby has been a wonderful experience. But I do have a FEW issues. My nipples (see, I'm waxing on about my boobs....seriously, STOP reading if you don't want to know....) droop. Granted, my whole boob droops, but the nipple is actually quite low on the boob. So nursing with the Boppy (which I saw on many a Baby Story or Bringing Home Baby episode) was something I tried....once. Yeah, the Boppy brought Jake up SO high that he was trying to suck on my neck. (Okay, not necessarily my neck, but you get the point.) I have to stick Jake between my legs and kind of lean him back to get him properly latched on. Then he goes to town. Now, one of my nipples is more sensitive than the other. Here's my little admission: I don't have very much feeling in my boobs. Unless you pinch or otherwise hurt it (in a HARD way) I don't feel it. A brush up against me does not phase me. But my right nipple is pretty sore a lot of the time. In fact, my whole right side is more sensitive. If Jake doesn't eat for a while, then my right shoulder blade hurts.
Jacob is also teething. This is not fun for either of us. And yes, I do realize that he's only three and a half months old, but by the time I was his age, I had 2 teeth. He definitely takes after my side of the family! He thinks it feels good to gnaw on me to make his gums feel better. I know, I know...there's no teeth there, yet, but it DOES hurt. He bites down (or gums down) and then pulls his head to the side pulling himself OFF. YEOUCH! I must preserve my nipples!! I don't want to be the weird lady, who goes to the emergency room, with a "nipple" emergency. NO, please!
I've also noticed some nasty black hairs sprouting out of my boob. I know we're mammals and have hair on our bodies, but I didn't think I'd have such gnarly hairs THERE! There have been times, when I'm exposed and nursing, that I've tried to pluck out the hairs, only to make them curly and pretty.
Now, don't get me wrong, (PLEASE) I don't dislike my boobs. In fact, I think they're quite impressive. But with October coming, I'm thinking a bit about breast cancer. I've also got a good friend who has had breast cancer and she's a survivor. She talks about friends she loses to cancer, and I can't help but think that I could be one of those women who have breast cancer. Not that I've had cancer, but it runs in my family. Both of my paternal great-grandmothers had breast cancer and both had mastectomies (one a total and one was partial.) Whenever I think to complain about my boobs, I remember that it really is a blessing to have healthy breasts. Things could be so much worse.
My one complaint about my boobs is the fact that they really (REALLY) sag. They're so droopy. Steve and I had a cute picture taken of the two of us recently, and every time I see it, I can't help but notice that my boobs look like tear drops! HOLY MOLEY!! Can't I just get a lift and a bolt? (Okay, that's what I want...not an enhancement, but a lift and then bolt those suckers in place....) I know it's possible, but hey, I can't afford it....yet. Someday my dream is to have pretty and perky boobs. Someday my dream will come true. SOMEDAY!!
Okay, enough about MY boobs....
On another random note, I'm no longer babysitting. Long story short, my friend has to quit her job because babysitting just isn't working out for her. (I was only watching one of her three kids, I couldn't handle all three....) Anyway, Kenneth will STILL come and play sometimes, but I'm done. :(

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Who's Following Me??

Um....I haven't been on my blog for a while, but once I logged on I noticed I have ONE follower. Should I feel loved or suspicious?? ;)
Babysitting is actually not too bad. As far as I know, which really isn't much, I'm not going to be paid for doing this. If I do, then it'll be a perk!! Cam and Kenneth are always running, screaming, playing, goofing off.....typical little boy things. Cam only has problems when Kenneth is either doing his homework or when he goes home. I really don't know if I can handle this full time or not, but for now I'm going to try.
Steve wasn't surprised that I volunteered for this job, but he was weary for me. He lets me know when he thinks I'm not handling it (and when I'm sick, it's really hard to put up with little boy stuff....) and he is a good help.
Still no word on baby Jonathan yet. My sister was officially "overdue" on Thursday, and even called her doctor's office to push back her Tuesday appointment to Thursday so she can give him more time to come on his own. Now, here's my little soapbox speech, if you don't agree with me, TOUGH!! It's my blog, I can complain if I want to!!
My sister lives in the middle of nowhere Nevada. She has to drive THREE hours to the nearest, delivery hospital. Her doctor lives there too. She wants her baby to come naturally. FINE, but if you want that, you'd better have a husband who can handle blood and guts (Her husband can't....) and be prepared to deliver your baby either at home or on the road.
My philosophy here is induce. Then you KNOW when you'll be making your 3 hour drive, and you're a little more prepared. Sure, the labor isn't the "best," but you're still going to have a healthy baby out of the deal....INDUCE!! Now, if you live 10 or even 30 minutes from the hospital, I'm ALL for whatever your heart desires....home birth, natural childbirth, whatever.....But a 3 hour drive is NOT what I would think of as a fun way to have a baby.
Okay, I'm done. PHEW!! I love my sister, and I want her to have the healthiest possible outcome all around. Is that so bad??

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Babysitting is going well. I think....
All I know is I'm totally wiped out. Today I even fell asleep on the couch while the boys wrestled in front of the television. I think the reason I'm so tired is because I've got a cold. All weekend long Cam was complaining about an itchy throat and stuffy nose, well....
Tuesday I woke up with a sore throat and slightly stuffy nose. Jake woke up with a dripping nose and a voracious appetite. (He eats all the time when he's not feeling well.)
When I'm sick I hibernate, and Jakey has inherited this trait.
I just wish I was NOT watching Kenneth...then I could sleep this whole thing away!!
On another quick note, I'm expecting my new nephew to make his debut in this world ANY day now. I'm excited, but my sister seems to want to keep him in for a little bit longer! :P

Monday, September 08, 2008


Well, new happenings: I'm going to be watching a child for a friend. Hoping this time it goes better than the other times I've done this.
I'm actually quite hopeful. I visit teach his mom and he's one of Cam's BESTEST friends in the whole wide world. He'll only be at my house after school, and he and Cam can play (if Cam learns to share...) Am I setting myself up for some more doormat behavior? (OH, and I haven't even told Steve that I've agreed to it yet...)
Stay tuned.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

No Computer=Lots of Clean House Time

My house is probably the cleanest it's been in YEARS! (Shhhhh!! Don't tell Steve, he'd make me get rid of the computer all together if he knew that's why it's been so clean!) I had the cleaning bug get me last week and I folded all of my laundry (not necessarily putting it all away...but it's folded!), I vacuumed under my couches, and I scrubbed the heck out of my kitchen sink. Did you know it USED to be white? :P
Things are moving on too. I've slowly gotten past the whole "coyote" incident....but I still shudder when I think about how close that thing was to me and my kids. I'm giggling and WISHING I had a soundbite to give you of that scream. But I'm not so sure I'd be able to re-create it even if I knew how!
Jake is HUGE! My neighbors saw him the other day and mentioned that he doesn't look like he's 3 months old...more like he's 6 months old. The kid is constantly sleeping (which probably means he's gonna grow more, huh.) He's also making super cute "talking" noises. All through Relief Society today he was talking up a storm. He's pretty much outgrown any 3-6 month clothes he has, and SHOULD be in 6-9 month clothes, but that would mean he's getting older and I'm not quite ready for that. So he stretches out his 3-6 month clothes! :P
Cam has had an eventful week. We went to back to school night for the boy on Thursday. Since he's only got 10 kids in his class we were one of the only parents there. Our little classroom orientation was more like parent-teacher conference. He's doing well, but has issues with adjusting back to the school schedule. He also has had his allergies hit him big time and has a constant runny nose, itchy throat and nasty cough. I think his allergies were so bad that he threw up on Friday night, but it also could have been food poisoning. He was a pretty miserable kid for a few hours. We had been invited to go to a baptism on Saturday, but not only did I totally space it, but I really didn't want to take a barfy kid out of the house.
He's also going to have an all new occupational therapist as of next month. His current therapist, who he's had since he was 3, is now cutting out his pediatric patients, and only keeping his older ones. He's going to be doing the leg-work in finding who has openings, and then he'll be done. I'm kinda sad. He's been SUCH a good thing for Cam. I'm sure whoever he gets will be good too, but we'll miss Aaron!
Steve has been having his practices for the Opera he's in. (Yeah, I let him do yet another play....what was I thinking??) He is in The Gondoliers. Never heard of it prior to him being in it, and I really don't know what it's about. I do know that my minimal Italian knowledge has helped him with his singing. See, I didn't COMPLETELY lose my brain cells! :P
And me?? Well, I just try to keep my family going in the right direction. I'm taking Cam to therapies and keeping Jake fed. I try to keep my house clean, and well, without the computer around, I pretty much can....
I miss my computer! ;)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Weekend in a Nutshell....Okay, so it's LONG!

Okay, so I was gone all last weekend with my family on our annual camping trip to Leadore, Idaho....aka middle of nowhere! (Actually it's about an hour away from Salmon.)
Friday: We got there to see my uncle and his boys, who immediately sucked Cam up into their hunting fervor. Uh, not that I WANT him to not ever hunt, but get him so excited NOW?!
Saturday: Our annual shopping trip to Salmon where we hit up Kings and Alco. Sadly, none of the stores had out their Halloween stuff yet....that's our ENTERTAINMENT! UGH!!
That night I heard hundreds of coyotes howling ALL night long. Thank goodness I was safe in my tent, right?
Sunday: (Here's where it gets good....) We went to church where I had a HUGE fight with Cameron. He did NOT want to go to Primary, so I let him throw his tantrum all over the church...not on purpose....when he FINALLY, after 30 minutes of screaming, went to class. Jake decided he needed to eat every hour on the I got to know the mother's lounge pretty well.
The day started hot and eventually got super windy and cold. The wind was so bad that the fly from my tent nearly blew away. My little brother helped me peg it down with better pegs and we spent the majority of the day in my parents' motor home.
That night the wind was still howling, but we decided to go to bed early (well, early for camping...10 pm) I took the boys with me (Steve had to work) and I attempted to zip up my door's zipper, but it kept splitting. I was getting SO frustrated. One of the many times I was re-zipping the tent I happened to glance out the door and saw, not more than a foot away, a coyote walking toward me. I INSTANTLY screamed. Now, my parents and brother laugh at the type of scream that escaped my was a PETRIFIED scream. My main reason for screaming was to 1. scare away the intruder, 2. because I was scared SPITLESS!!
My scream scared off the coyote but my little brother (who isn't really "little," he's 26...) came over to help me fix the zipper....wielding a rubber mallet and his tent light. With his help I got the zipper shut, but I was shaking like crazy! Not only that, but Cam was completely freaked out. I helped him say a prayer, but I still allowed him to sleep with me on my bed.
The wind kept kicking it up over and over and I was worried that the wind would actually blow my tent away with me inside of it. I could feel the wind blowing under my mattress and Cam could feel the rain coming through the roof. After saying CONSTANT prayers that my little family would be kept safe I had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Not a minute later, my tent wall collapsed on our faces.
I'd had enough!
I dragged my boys and some of our things to my parents' motor home to spend the night on the floor. My brother eventually joined us, and we were person to person on the floor. The only things I'd left in my tent were my inflatable mattresses and sleeping bags.
The next day ALL of it was soaked clear through. The rain had been just as bad as the wind!
Thankfully, I'm home and safe, but sadly, my computer isn't so safe....the fan isn't even turning over. So I'm going to be sneaking in computer time when I can when I visit my mom's house. (And she's not playing on the computer...)
Oh, and go ahead and laugh....I've done my share!