Saturday, July 08, 2006

Results, Plans, and FUN

I'm ending my silly make-up poll. It was completely fun, and I think it's time for a new question anyway...still trying to think of a fun one...if you have any suggestions, let me know! for the results to my FIRST ever poll...10 WHOLE votes!! (And two were mine, so they don't really count!) The main consensus from the masses (if 10 is considered "masses") is that make-up is okay, we wear it once in a while. Five people voted for it. I guess that's the majority...2 people actually LOVE make up, and wear it everyday. And since I don't other person out there hates the stuff, and only wears it when they have to. I don't really know if it'll be worth it to post another poll, seeing how I only got a few people voting, I guess it just depends on the subject! Just let me know if you want to even do it!
Now for my plans for Primary tomorrow. I'm actually switching places with the other chorister, and I'm back with the older kids. They haven't learned the song from last month, so I'm going to review it. We're going to play a game, don't really know what yet, but I'll come up with something. Either Mixed up words...putting them in the right order, or pulling out cards with specific instructions on them as to who sings what. I'm thinking more along those lines...since I already have them made up. But we'll see.
The other chorister came up with some HILARIOUS and helpful actions to the second verse to "Holding Hands Around the World." Since I can't really do them the same way that she did, I'm going to have her teach the younger kids those actions. I'm going to attempt to remember them now....
  • "There are children sharing all around the world" - Hold out hand like you're sharing something
  • "Leading other children to the gospel fold" - Wave arm in "leading" fashion, then fold arms
  • "With the strength of youth we do the Father's work" - Make muscle arms, then bang hands together like you're "working"
  • "With our hears and our hands we will serve." - Touch heart, hold out hands, and cup hands like serving something
  • "We are cov'nant children with a gift to give" - Cross heart (like crossing heart and hoping to die)
  • "We will share the gospel by the way we live." - Stand in a pose like "see, this is how I live." (the other chorister kinda bobs a bit like a stuck up model...not that she's stuck up or anything...)
  • "With each word and action we will testify" - (This is really cute!) She does the "chicken dance": When she says "word" she does the 'quacking' action...when she says "action" she flaps her arms....when she says "testify" she shakes her hips.
  • "We believe and we serve Jesus Christ." - She points to her head, and cups her hands in her "sharing" action, then points her hands heavenward for Christ
Then the kids know the chorus from singing it OVER AND OVER....but there are actions to that too...but I got them from the Friend (June 2006) in the sharing time section. They ALWAYS have good ideas for the new song at the end of the sharing time ideas. Sometimes I try them and they work AMAZINGLY well, other times, they don't work at all. This one was an idea that worked!!
One more thing, and then I'm off to sleep-land....I had a huge family picnic today that was SO much fun! We went to my uncle's farm and had a ball. The little kids were completely worn out by day's end, and so were the adults. I haven't been outside for hours on end for a LONG time, but today I was. I'm thinking I'm going to be paying for it, with my red face in the morning. Cam got to play in my cousin's pool and nearly drowned (lucky for me, he's a complete wus, and wanted out of the pool immediately.) Then anytime he was around the animals he freaked out and came running to me.
I did get to see more of my cousins than I have in a long time...and I do mean that I got an eye-ful....these cousins have NO sense of modesty. They were stripping in their backyard to jump into the pool...and they're nearly teen-agers. I mean, I babysat these kids when they were younger and they were streakers then, but I thought that they'd grow out of it. Boy, was I ever WRONG!! I had to turn my head constantly. Those boys just DIDN'T care who saw what they were doing.
Even with the streaking it was a fun time. And I hope we can do it again!

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