Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Just this last week I've come to the realization that Cameron will NOT be able to catch up with his peers. I don't know why I kept this hope alive, but it seems that the boy will forever be behind his friends. He's SLOWLY learning to read, and most of his friends from last year can read well. *sigh* This was my fear when the school told me that they wanted to put him in DACC. I wanted him to keep up SOME interaction with his classmates, but so far this year, he's been interacting more with the second graders.
Admitting this is SO hard for me. My son will always be behind. He may possibly end up in Special Ed classes his whole life.
I'm still doing the right thing, right?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Preparing for Cameron's Next Birthday

We had an informative meeting last night to prepare us for Cameron getting baptized this year.
All I have to say is we have a LOT to prepare the boy for. (I'm glad we've got until October to get all of this finalized in his mind.)
He is mentally behind his peers, but I'm sure he'll be okay getting baptized this year, as long as we can teach him about the basics. The kid just doesn't understand things on quite the same level as the other kids in his class. But like I said, I'm sure he'll be fine!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

What do You do with a Sick Kid?

I try to keep him locked in my house so that he'll get feeling better soon....otherwise, *shrug* We usually nap and watch cartoons.
Thankfully, he's doing better, but he's still congested and dripping from his nose. I know he's doing better because he doesn't want to cuddle on my lap the way he did LAST night. Cuddling is NOT his thing, so I know something's up when he wants to be held by mama.
*Sigh* I just hope he's better tomorrow!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Free For All Friday

It's time for Free-For-All Friday!
If you want to ask me a question -- and anything goes -- here's your chance. You can ask about whatever you wish, no holds barred. I'll either answer honestly, or I'll tell you that I won't answer.

Wow....I have TONS to Answer! ;)

Melzie said...
1. Is the stomach bug going around down there? EVERYONE i getting it here.. and me, just in time for the weekend. Blech.
2. What is your favorite kind of flower(s)? I'm all about "think spring!"
1. Yes, in fact, Cam has just come down with the crud tonight. Poor boy! I was HOPING to go to a cool Stake meeting tomorrow, but I guess I'll be staying home with the sick kid! :( (Hope YOU get feeling better soon!)
2. I have decided that I don't really have a "favorite" flower. I love them ALL!! This week Steve bought be a beautiful bouquet of mums and daisies. I think a good mix of flowers is my favorite. If I could plant ANY flowers in my little patch of ground, and have it survive my crazy neighborhood, I'd probably love to have a rosebush, and pansies. Pansies always make me smile! :)
Kim said...
If there was one talent you wish you had, or could even perfect, what would it be?
I wish I had the talent for speaking in public. I can talk in small groups, but in larger groups I feel like I'm just a little squeak in the group. I would love to be more eloquent and phrase my thoughts better than I do. (That's one thing my family LOVES to poke fun lousy speech!)
One Scrappy Gal said...
What do you take for a headache??
Did you get snow today like we did?
What is Pi squared?
What's your favorite pie filling?
I take a long nap for a headache.
We did get some snow was so pretty too!
I have NO idea about math questions....I'll have to ask my brother. (Honestly, I'm the English person, and he's the math guru!)
I love pumpkin or banana cream pies! Mmmmmmm! :P
Rachelle said...
Are you going crazy shopping for baby? Do you have a name picked out? Have you answered these before and I have just missed it because I suck? And do you use word verification because you hate us? ;)
Have you rejoined the blogging world? ;)
I am doing some fun shopping for little boy. We've been trying to stock up on church clothes for the little one, since church clothes are only out 2 times a year (Christmas time and Easter time). So far we've got two cute outfits for him, but we're still on the lookout. We've also been looking for a decent crib, car seat, swing, and standing bouncy seat. So far, we've got clothes....yet to find those big ticket items.
We do have a name picked out. If you look above my little baby avatar countdown thingy (I don't know what to call it...) We've decided to call our new little boy Jacob. :)
I don't know if I've answered these before....honestly, I've got preggo brain BAD! :P
I use word verification because once upon a time I had a TON of comments, but they were all from some advertising place...yup, I was bombarded by computer crap! :P I hate comments that aren't personal, so I want to see if you are human....if you can do the word verification, then you pass! ;)
AimeeTheSuperMom said...
If you're STARVING, and all you have is ketchup, what do you do?
Uh, ketchup?? I guess I'd try to boil it and make a mock tomato soup. (If I were Cameron, I'd just eat it straight from the bottle!)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

In the Air

This weekend my little sister and her husband came for a visit. While they were here they announced that they are expecting. I think my sister wanted a bigger reaction to the news, but we've all been hoping for this for so long that it was a pleasant surprise instead of instant shock.
She's due in September and so far has had no morning sickness. Am I a bad sister to wish that she experience what I had??
I'm excited and pray that all goes well for her! :)
While she was here we went to let my grandparents know the happy news, and I'm getting sad about the fact that my grandpa's memory is gone. We were there for an hour and a half, and in that time he asked me multiple times if I was pregnant. (Which they've known for a while!) I'm pretty sure the poor man has alzheimers, and I'm sad to see that change. Looking in his eyes I could see a child-like innocence.
Thankfully, he's not gotten agressive with us, but he's not so nice to my grandma. I worry about them!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fun and Inexpensive V-Day

This year, I tried to be frugal for Valentines' day, but I did go a LITTLE overboard...
He loved it, and especially loves the singing, dancing doggy that he's holding. It was fun!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Free For All Friday

It's time for Free-For-All Friday!
If you want to ask me a question -- and anything goes -- here's your chance. You can ask about whatever you wish, no holds barred. I'll either answer honestly, or I'll tell you that I won't answer.


Elena Manwaring said...
Did you do anything fun for V-day? If not(or even if), what do you wish you could have done?
We did a lot of nothing really. Steve had a split shift (it wasn't SUPPOSED to be that way...) so we ended up going out to lunch and then spending the night at home.
I don't know if I wish we could have done something different, really. I'm such a simple girl. I guess the only thing that I would have changed would be maybe to have watched a romantic movie together....
Otherwise, we did what I enjoy doing! :)
One Scrappy Gal said...
Do you still sell Scentsy?
Yes, I do. In fact, my FIRST party is Thursday....I'm excited!! :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Feeling the Guilt

So today I realized, I'm not a mean person. Because of this lack of mean-ness, my little scouts (who by the way are seriously obnoxious ALL the time) walk all over me. On top of this, I've had a complaint about one scout feeling extra picked on. He feels so bad that he often doesn't want to come to scouts. When I got the call from his mom about this, I really badly wanted to say, "You know, all of the boys pick on each other, it's a normal boy thing. But your son actually is one of the worst offenders!!" What I really said was something to the effect, "Uh, I think they all pick on each other equally, I haven't noticed it."
So at our weekly den meeting this week, I was extra sensitive to the boys being nice to one another.
As usual though, things quickly got out of control...boys calling one another names (weird ones that they made up), saying rude things, not following directions, being blatantly disrespectful (you know, the normal 8-9 year old boy stuff!) I didn't want to cause a huge disruption, but I had to address the crap they were doing. I calmly (or so I thought) reminded the boys that they were in the church, and that they should behave themselves. Well, the one boy who is usually the ring-leader of the rowdies said something sarcastic, and I asked him if he wanted me to write a letter to his "mommy." He instantly jumped on "mommy," and was ignorant again. So I asked him to come talk with me in the hall. Our talk didn't go over SO well. I think I ended up making him feel extremely guilty. What my intention was to get the ringleader to be more accepting and NICE, and maybe the other boys would follow suit....I don't think I did that!
Now I'm worried that HIS mom will call me and tell me that I've hurt HIS feelings. Which was NOT my intention!
Why did they put me in charge of these boys?? Do I need to learn to be mean??
Our plan for next den meeting is a lesson on partner is taking the reigns on that one....she's a former school teacher and can get these boys to do ANYTHING! She says she feels like the bad guy, but I think they just respect her more than they do me!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sick...and TIRED

So I haven't been to visit my computer for days now, simply because I've been hacking, and whinning....I'm sick. I've got a sore throat, ear ache, stuffy nose and cough. Normally, being this sick wouldn't be SO bad, but on top of the sickies, I'm constantly tired. *sigh*
I just wish I had some cure-all medicine to fix myself, but sadly, I'm trying to get better drinking as much water and OJ as possible!!
Also, last week I ended up seeing my "normal" doctor. He's worried that I'll develop gestational diabetes (since I'm already severely insulin resistant and morbidly obese) so he's got me pricking my fingers and checking my blood sugars twice a day. My fingers are covered in mini scabs and I'm surviving. (As long as you don't count my fasting blood or after breakfast blood....) Thankfully, my sugars are close to being under control (usually half-way through the day) and I'm not TOO worried!! Otherwise, things are going are you!? ;)

Friday, February 08, 2008

Free For All Friday

It's time for Free-For-All Friday!
If you want to ask me a question -- and anything goes -- here's your chance. You can ask about whatever you wish, no holds barred. I'll either answer honestly, or I'll tell you that I won't answer.


Elena Manwaring said...
What's your favorite ColdStone Icecream flavor and mix in?
Sadly, I've only been to ColdStone ONCE....but what I got was NUMMY!! :) I mixed in brownies. I don't remember the flavor (seriously, it was a LONG time ago...) But I do remember it was delicious!! Hmmmm....maybe a date night to ColdStone is coming! ;)
Sketchy said...
Do you have a favorite maternity outfit? How often do you wear it? And can we see a picture?
I love all of my stretchy clothes (not necessarily "maternity" clothing) I happen to be wearing my favorite outfit, but it's covered in chocolate (Cam ate some and then drooled on me!) I wear it at LEAST once a week (I have to rotate ALL of my clothes that often anymore tho...) Here's some OLD pics of me wearing the outfit, but you HAVE to realize, I took these as "belly" shots....and I took them using my "redneck" mirrors (it's 1 foot by 1 foot mirrors glued to the wall to make a larger mirror....don't laugh...we DIDN'T put them in!!)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Helpful Friends

For over a month I've had an extra fridge in my already small kitchen. Today I got a welcome call from my home teacher. He came over tonight and HELPED MOVE IT!!
He's so wonderful (as is his wife, who I consider a great friend!)
Gotta love it when you can use your house the way you need! :)

Monday, February 04, 2008

And The Results Are....

...our baby is DEFINITELY a boy. He wasn't shy about it either.
The technician was really nice and tried to get a little profile pic of baby boy, but he wasn't having any of it. So all we got are straight on shots of his face....he looks like a little skeleton baby!! *snicker*
All in all, I'm very excited. Cam is also excited! Daddy is happy, but a little disappointed. Maybe next time!! ;)
Here's my skeleto-baby....if you look to the right, you can see his face.

Saturday, February 02, 2008


This pregnancy has brought me many exciting things. The thought of another baby is SO exciting to me. I'm sure if I had been able to concieve when I wanted to, things wouldn't necessarily be the same....but because of this wait, I've learned to cherish EVERYTHING this child has brought.
Last night was one of the things I've been looking forward to for a LONG time. For 4 weeks now I've been able to quietly enjoy the fluttery movements of my baby (sometimes they're not so "fluttery...") and last night, I was able to feel the baby pushing through my belly....with my hand!! Outside movement has been something I've waited for, and last night, Steve got to enjoy the little movements, and this morning Cam got to feel his sibling kicking his hand (probably the only time it will have the upper hand over him!)
I love this, and just HAD to share!!

Friday, February 01, 2008


It's time for Free-For-All Friday!
If you want to ask me a question -- and anything goes -- here's your chance. You can ask about whatever you wish, no holds barred. I'll either answer honestly, or I'll tell you that I won't answer.

Friday Answers

Amy said...
Any crazy cravings as of yet?
Are you finding out the gender of your little one?
do you secretly hope for one gender more than the other?
Crazy cravings?? Not really, just random ones...the kind that hit in the middle of the night!
We HOPE to find out on Monday what we're long as the baby cooperates (so far, whenever I touch the outside of my belly to feel it move, it stops....must be a shy child!)
I secretly hope for another boy...just because I know boys and I don't think I could handle the emotional drama a girl brings!
One Scrappy Gal said...
What is your bedtime routine like?
Do you use mouthwash? What kind?
Are you ready for the warmer weather already?
What do you and your love muffin have planned for Valentines?
My bedtime routine is pretty off from what it is NON-preggo....I wait until close to midnight (yes, midnight) and take my prenatal vitamin, a folic acid pill, watch tv while Steve snores away, and then I go to sleep. I don't do a LOT, but it's my routine!
I hate I don't use it.
I wish it was spring, although, I've learned that with spring comes camping fever for me....and I can't go camping until later on in the summer....*bummed*
I don't have much planned for Valentines' day....because Steve is performing in his play that night....we'll probably watch a video or something and fall asleep....we're so romantic! :S
Sketchy said...
How's Cam reacting to the idea of the new baby?
How did you tell him and how did he react?
Cam's SO thrilled with the idea of becoming a big brother. Apparently he's told EVERYONE that we're having a baby we'll see whether he's right or wrong on Monday! He prays for it nightly, and asks me if he can change diapers and help with feedings. He's SO excited!
I didn't really "tell" him that we were having a baby, he overheard me. I was talking to Carrie on the phone about it, and he asked me when I had hung up who was having a baby. I told him it was me, he was SO excited THEN that he wrapped his arms around me and gave me a huge hug. He's been thrilled ever since!! :)
mattsmom said...
Have you ever thought about what life would be like had snow shoes never been invented?
Uh, not really....I, personally, don't use them, so I don't really ever *think* about them....
Does that make me a bad person!?