Monday, January 31, 2011

Spending Quality Time With Family

Cameron has always loved playing board games, card games or any game with us. He BEGS constantly for a game to be played. On Saturday I played Sorry with him and Jake. (Okay, so Jake just messed up the board and picked up random cards...but HE thought he was playing.) They had such a blast. I was slightly annoyed....
Yesterday after we had a wonderful Stake Conference (seriously, it was SO good. I even got to sit by the cool kids of the stake!) Cameron asked if we could take a game with us to Grandma's house. Every Sunday we go to my mom and dad's house for Sunday dinner and some visiting time. For the last few weeks, Cameron has dug out my mom's Uno game and played it until it was time to go home. It's been fun, and I figured he could, as long as he was good.
The kid was a SAINT!
After dinner was cleaned up and the table cleaned, we set up the game and played. Jake gave up after a while and Steve took over for him. Cameron won the first game VERY quickly, and the rest of us played until we were done. Then Cam BEGGED to play again. We set it up, and one of my brothers took Steve's place. Soon, my brother had something to do, so my OTHER brother took over for him. Who knew that someone could get SO vindictive playing Sorry. Pretty soon we'd say, "Ooh, Sorry.....bwahahahahaha..." My mom would say, "That didn't sound so 'Sorry' to me." We would laugh.
In the end, I decided that games CAN be fun with your kids.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I've had a rough last few weeks. First off, Cam was sick, then I got the crud. (I've still got some stuff, but it's manageable now.) Then I found out one of my hang nails turned to infection. SO not cool. I also found out that despite a lovely chart, I am not pregnant (yes, we're trying for another, although some days I wonder why....) Anyway, it was a rough little patch.
BUT I have to say, I am truly grateful for my life, and I wouldn't change a thing.
I have a fantastic relationship with my hubby. He and I have grown SO much. We love to support one another in our various out-of-the-home activities. Steve plays basketball with the guys at church weekly (and he loves it!) and I get to play with my friends once in a while. It's wonderful. I don't know of many SUPER supportive husbands like mine. I'm grateful for him.
I'm grateful for the two children I do have. I know that most days they can be stressful and will fight me or each other, but there are many times when we all just laugh and enjoy each other's company. My boys are such joys. I'm grateful for their fun personalities.
I'm grateful to have a warm home. It's been pretty cold here lately, and I'm so glad that my house is warm and comfortable. It may not always be clean, but it's where we can be ourselves. I'm grateful for my home.
I'm grateful for fun mail. My Uncle Scott and Aunt Jana send out THE funniest Christmas/New Year's letter EVER. I was laughing SO hard over this year's installment. My cousins are hilarious, and my aunt and uncle are great. I'm SO grateful for happy mail.
Tonight, I'm glad I have fingernails. I was at a friend's baby shower and I was helping cut fruit for a chocolate fountain. My fingers accidentally slipped and I cut my fingernail. Yes, JUST the fingernail. I know that if my nail hadn't been there, I wouldn't have a tip to my finger right now. SO grateful for painful, ouchie finger nails.
I need to look on the bright side a little more often, thanks for letting me share just a little bit of my gratitude right now.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I've been sick all week, and it's NOT fun. Today my sore throat, which hasn't been good anyway, got worse. I woke up to it feeling sticky and then less than an hour later it felt like the muscle in the roof of my mouth went floppy. I really don't like this, but I'm dealing with it, because the alternative isn't for me.
Thankfully the boys haven't had ANY of what I have. I wonder if this is a flu, and I got it because I didn't get the vaccination, but all my guys did.
Either way, I'm out of commission for a little while longer (boo) and trying to survive. My coping method when I'm sick is to sleep it away. Jake just won't let me interferes with his TV shows. *eye roll*
And you may be happy to know that Jake informed me that he's feeling better. Better than good? Wow, at least someone's doing well!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Doing Things WITH My Boys

A few weeks ago, when I had that fantastic Relief Society lesson about strengthening our families, someone mentioned doing things with your children. They said that it will take more time if you involve the little ones, but you won't regret the memories made or the times you have. Tonight, I did just that.
My latest love is Papa Murphy's cookie dough. I took Jacob with me to pick up pizza earlier this week, and he "helped" me out by grabbing TWO containers of cookie dough. I didn't see a huge problem with it, so I got it, for a special treat later this week. Tonight, the boys and I cracked out the dough and worked together.
I gave the boys the dough, and they "rolled" it into balls. Jake was SO pleased with himself. Cameron was a great help, because he really DID know what he was doing and showed Jake what to do. Every few minutes Jake would call out to dad (who was just in the living room), "DAD! We's makin' COOKIE dough!!" It was way cute.
Finally, they helped me put them in the oven and were thrilled when it was done.
The best part? The boys are proud of something they did with their mom, and it was something easy.
Baby steps, but I'm going to keep trying. :)

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Cameron's Art Work

The other day at occupational therapy, Cameron brought me a picture he had made. I have to admit, when he first handed it to me, it was upside-down and I thought maybe it was a turkey.
I had to ask, "Cameron, what did you make?"
Proudly he said, "Mom, it's Rudolph!"
Oh, I can see it now. :)

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Wow....That Was Fast

Today in church I was sitting during the sacrament and thinking about Jesus. I was thinking about the mistakes I've made lately....most of them are with my children. I'm too quick to yell at them, get easily frustrated with the little things they do (or don't do) and I feel like I've lost the love that I have for them. In my heart I prayed that Heavenly Father would forgive me for treating these sweet children so poorly. I asked that he would show me a way to love them, the way that He loves them. I felt peace in my heart, and for the first time in a while, I was happy to sit with a wiggly 2-year old and a 10-year old who's always asking question after question.
Today was Testimony meeting, and many members got up and bore sweet testimony of Jesus and his love for us. I was touched by the Spirit, and again, I felt that sweet peace.
It was during our last meeting of the day that I truly felt Heavenly Father's love for me. The lesson was on strengthening our families. I felt like I had been hit between the eyes.
There were many great stories shared, examples of bringing up children the correct way. Then one of the topics addressed was respect. It was then that I realized that if I want my children to show ME respect, I must first respect them. I need to take their problems seriously (because to them, the broken toy is a HUGE issue and it's important to them) and show them my love through respect.
It was a HUGE eye-opener for me. I felt the answers to my prayers (that I had only prayed an hour and a half before) quickly and fully answered. I know there is a lot of work ahead of me, but I feel that I can make it. I can do it and I am ready.
I feel so blessed to have Heavenly Father answer my prayers SO quickly!