Wednesday, June 14, 2006

100th Post

I haven't been on blogger that long, but this post is officially my 100th! I can't believe it...wait, I can!! I know I'm an admitted blog-aholic, but man, in just less than 5 months I've written this much! Now, taking a page from someone else's blog, here are 100 things about me: (I swear, it won't take FOREVER)
  1. I was born 25 April 1979.
  2. I am the oldest of 6 kids.
  3. I have 4 brothers
  4. and one sister.
  5. My parents were VERY young when I was born. (18 and 20)
  6. We lived in an apartment that was above the Japanese embassy
  7. That building is now a restaurant, and the apartment is STILL there...I saw it a few years ago, talk about weird!
  8. I went to joy school (mommy run preschool)
  9. I was the ONLY girl in my preschool.
  10. Because I was the only girl, I was VERY could have gone either way....
  11. When I was almost 5, we moved into a small house in the suburbs.
  12. I met my first "friend," Carrie, who influenced my life greatly! :D
  13. I walked to kindergarten with a neighbor girl...we never did get along that well....
  14. I got chicken pox during the last few weeks of Kindergarten and MISSED all of the cool things that happen that week.
  15. I was easily influenced to like things, so for years I thought my favorite animal was a horse, just because my cousin's favorite animal was.
  16. Years later I realized that my favorite animal is the pig.
  17. I was quite bright at an early age...loving to read almost anything I could get my hands on.
  18. In first grade I was burned by my mean teacher...I think I've repressed some bad memories of that crazy lady....I think she has finally retired....THANK GOODNESS!!
  19. I was good with math, until I was in first grade...then that teacher....
  20. I couldn't see the board in the classroom, so I was referred to an optometrist and I got my first pair of glasses.
  21. My friend made fun of them the first time she saw them...(you know you did, Carrie, admit it!)
  22. I picked purple plastic glasses....because I thought they were my favorite colors...again, someone else's...
  23. My REAL favorite colors are deep green and blues.
  24. I wanted to grow up to be a mommy or a bag lady, just because it sounded cool....
  25. I am a dream down....
  26. I made friends fairly easily and in elementary went through many "best" friends.
  27. My third grade teacher was also in my ward, it created awkward moments that year, such as:
  28. I had to go to school on a Saturday to finish the math part of the Iowa Basics test.
  29. I went to two different elementary schools, but it was normal for the kids in this area.
  30. In fourth grade I was in a class with my real best friend, Carrie.
  31. Yes, we still were friends even after she made fun of me...she still does! :)
  32. I rode my bike to school and have many funny memories of that!
  33. I helped the janitors work in the cafeteria after lunch, because I would rather do that than play outside.
  34. If I was outside playing, I played on TOP of the monkey bars (with Carrie) pretending we were astronauts.
  35. I still have my *swishing noises* astronaut diploma!! *hee hee*
  36. I discovered my weird streak while at this school.
  37. I wasn't discriminatory when it came to friends, until someone told me boys had cooties...then I avoided my good boy-friends....
  38. I think I missed out on some good friendships that way!
  39. I fell off of my bike one time into a ditch.
  40. Carrie was there to laugh at me! (she's probably laughing about it now)
  41. I was excited, because I was going to get my PERRRRRRRRRRM!
  42. I went to Junior high for only one year
  43. The next year it became a middle school, so I was there for 7th and 8th grades
  44. I hated 8th grade!
  45. I met some more friends in junior high/middle school...they carried over into my high school group of friends.
  46. I got my first BIG crush in 8th grade...unfortunately it carried me thru to 10th grade!
  47. I became a stalker! (I can still tell you his birthday and where his parents live)
  48. I saw this guy just a few months ago...I'm SO glad I didn't get what I had wanted! He's so skungy now!
  49. I learned to listen in middle school...something I still need to work on at times!
  50. I broke my tail bone....twice.
  51. Then I sprained my ankle...multiple times!
  52. In high school I became a member of a HUGE group of friends.
  53. We were the nerdy/weird clique!
  54. I took French for 2 years in high school
  55. I can only understand a FEW words of French now.
  56. I can read it better than speak it!
  57. I took Italian for 2 years in high school.
  58. I don't remember ANY Italian!
  59. I was the Italian Club president! (haha)
  60. I thought I wanted to be an English teacher in high school....until I became my favorite English teacher's assistant....
  61. Then I learned I have NO patience for obnoxious kids! (bravo to all you teachers out there!)
  62. My friends and I made many WEIRD movies for fun.
  63. I gained a testimony of the gospel while in seminary.
  64. I was miserably sick during the last week of high school...
  65. I learned my gall bladder misfires.
  66. I still have my gall bladder!
  67. I made a video tape of our "movies" for all of my friends including a picture tribute thing at the end with another friend.
  68. I learned that making movies TAKES FOREVER!!
  69. I was a very angry child/teen.
  70. After I saw my brother doing the same thing, I changed my attitude.
  71. I love camping.
  72. Many of my childhood memories are of camping trips we went the time we almost started a forest fire....ah, good times....
  73. I used to camp in a trailer, until I was 13...then I camped out in my own tent!
  74. I still like to sleep in a tent!
  75. I love rain!
  76. The week I graduated, one of my best friends died in a car accident.
  77. I went to Ricks College for 1 semester.
  78. I commuted a half hour both ways...I basically lived in my silver, 1971 Pontiac Bonneville.
  79. I hated school there, so I dropped out!
  80. My favorite class at Ricks College was Dating and Marriage Preparation.
  81. It was the HARDEST class I've ever taken! (I learned a LOT about myself.)
  82. I went to Idaho State University and lived in the dorms.
  83. I learned more independence living away from home for the first time.
  84. I was in the institute choir and met my hubby while I was in it.
  85. I was married in October of 1999.
  86. I had my son in October of 2000.
  87. I spent my first anniversary in the hospital.
  88. If I could be anything, I would love to be an editor for books.
  89. Or I'd love to be a Church historian or a sign language interpreter.
  90. I have a deep love of the early history of my church...
  91. There is a series of books called the Work and the Glory...I've read the entire series start to finish 3 times...each individual book more than that!
  92. I've been trying to have my second child for the past 4 years!I discovered that I'm insulin resistant and I have PCOS.
  93. My middle name is Marie.
  94. My favorite country singer in the world is Tim McGraw.
  95. His concert is the ONLY concert I've EVER been to!
  96. I love candles...especially scented ones.
  97. I've moved 3 times since I got married...and only plan to move ONE more time....when we find our dream house!
  98. I love slippers.
  99. I have to sleep with a small pillow that I can fold periodically throughout the night.
  100. I hope to continue to grow and change into someone that I am proud to be.

So that's it! I's not so much 100 things about me, as 100 random thoughts I'm having, but I'm satisfied with the list. Now I think it's time for me to go and eat lunch with my son and husband before I have to babysit!


mattsmom said...

FAB list! I was laughing at a lot of it right along with Carrie (c'mon Carrie...we all know you laughed)! I wish I had done one...but I am not even sure how to find out how many posts I have done. Next time we chat...please tell me how to find out without counting them all!

CareBearMommy said...

Yes, I laughed. I will admit it. One thing is bugging me, though. Who was the neighbor girl that you had to walk to Kindergarten with? I'm trying to remember the kids who were in our neighborhood at the time, but to no avail. I don't think it was me, cuz if I correctly recall, we went to Kindergarten at different times of the day. Hmm.... ANYhoo, great list.

By the way, I've only posted 76 entries so far. I think I'll go post my 77th here in a sec. I had to count them all.

Nikkie said...

What a great list! My middle name is Marie too!

Stephanie said...

Okay, I LOVE your list except to find out that you are the same age as my LITTLE sister! I feel old!

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

My MIL's and SIL's middle name is Marie too.

My posts are in the 90s... think I'll go get busy.

I had fun reading your list! :)

Gina said...

I just did my 100th post too! Check out my list in my side bar! Great work! 100 things is hard to list out... fun facts about you though!