Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Scouts No More??

Today was regular den meeting for scouts. I had planned on letting the boys make display boxes for their pinewood derby cars (using shoe boxes....REALLY simple!) then we'd go to the gym and play games for the rest of the time.
While we were in the gym, the primary president showed up. She had been getting things all ready for the boys to go to day camp (three days AFTER I have the baby....) and was bringing all pertinent information to the other leader (who called me last night and INSISTED I take the summer off....who am I to argue!?)
Anyway, we got to talking while the boys were playing/arguing over something dumb. And the primary president casually mentioned that maybe after I have the baby I could get released. This was news to me. She asked me my thoughts about it, and I said, "I'm up for anything." (Trying NOT to sound over eager to be relased or anything....) And I actually mentioned that when Cam comes into scouts in October I was worrying about how things were going to work out. So *shhhhhhhh* I may not be in my current position for much longer! (Not that I'm thrilled, but I am!)


stevie kay said...

I've had callings like that. I had one that I would just ball before I went to church because it was so stressful and hard on me given my circumstances at the time. It got so bad that Nick went in and asked the bishop to release me (without my knowing) to save my sanity. Thank goodness (although we moved into this ward a few weeks later and I would have gotten out of it anyway!) I know we shouldn't be so happy to be released, but sometimes . . . . we're just human :-)

Mattsmom said...

Tee hee hee.

I knew you didn't like that calling. Snaps for doing it anyway though.
My bishop called me last night just to "ask how I was doing". He was fishing to see if I was prego...and when I told him that I am he said congratulations...and then hung up.

I think I just dodged a calling! Not that that makes me happy or anything. I just knew he wanted me to be a primary teacher...and I wasn't super thrilled about it.

Okay...I am sounding really naughty now...but really...I can't add one more thing to my heaping plate, so I am thankful that he is mindful of things like this.

The Jones Family said...

You make me soooo jealous! Hopefully I will get to have that "little talk" with the primary president soon. There is NOWAY I am going to try and do nursery with a baby. Anyway, I am happy for you that you won't have to stress over a calling for awhile when you have Jacob

Anne/kq said...

Laughing at mattsmom "dodging" a calling.

And yay for lower stress levels when the baby comes!