Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well, the retreat was WONDERFUL!! We laughed and talked for a LONG time! (I pooped out early, I went to bed at midnight, while everyone else stayed up watching a movie until 2 am.) I was SHOCKED at the amount of snow that was still in the mountains! In some places there were drifts that were about 16 feet high! (I WISH I had taken the camera so I could show you some pictures!) The roads weren't AS bad, the sides had snowdrifts that were 4-5 feet high. I'm doubting that the snow will be gone by Memorial Day weekend!
I ended up sharing a room with my mom. I had worried that my pregnancy induced snoring would keep her up all night, but she said she didn't even hear me! I was SO relieved. (Steve must have super-sonic hearing....)
Then today, I was lounging in the cabin while the other ladies were taking a walk in the snow (I had only brought my Crock-type shoes, so I didn't want to walk and get wet feet...) and I heard my cell phone ringing. I called back (the phone was upstairs, and I was NOT) and talked to Steve. He said that when I got home he had something to show me. I asked him what it was. He said, "Something." I got a bit annoyed and asked, "WHAT!?" He told me it had to do with the van, and then I freaked!
He told me that last night between 9:30 and 11:00 someone had taken a bb gun and shot a hole in our rear window of our van. The window was shattered, but the window was still intact. I got upset. I asked him if he'd called the insurance people, and he had, but since our deductable is $500, we'd have to either pay the deductable, or pay full price for a rear-window...out of our pockets. Since a rear-window is a little over $200, we'd decided to pay for it ourselves. The problem is that any window replacement place is closed for the weekend, and they probably wouldn't have that window in stock. So we'd have to wait until Tuesday.
I'm so bummed.....why do some people delight in destroying other people's things?! ANNOYING!!


Mattsmom said...

What the ?????

"Annoyed"...THAT is quite the understatement. Down right TERRIBLE. I am SO SORRY! How incredibly rude. And $200...grr...where is that punk...

Okay...I am just emotional about this kind of crap.

I hope that things work out okay for you guys.

And...I am glad to hear that the retreat was fun! Was it in I.P.? That is where we snowmobiled last weekend!

Deanna said...

Wow. i agree - THat is rotten (understatement). i hope you're able to get it fixed in good time and for a reasonable price.

On a happier note, glad you had so much fun!!!

Elena said...

oh man! Are you kidding!? That is just so plain rude. Why do people do that kind of stuff!!!??? I'm sorry (even though I promise I didn't do it :) ). See you tomorrow for VT-ing.

Anne/kq said...

I hope you filed a police report. It won't be "high priority", but if they find out who did it, the jerk will be liable for paying for the replacement. File a report and keep your reciepts!

Dawnyel said...

Steve DID call the police, so there is a police report out there, but it just seems like there's been SUCH a string of vandalisms lately that I don't have MUCH hope of them catching the punks! :(

The Cook Clan said...

OUCH!!!! That sucks to have to pay or other peoples idiotsy. Like my word, I made it up. Especially when you would much rather spend the 200 on something else. stuff? :)

The Jones Family said...

Don't you just LOVE our neighborhood? Sorry that they picked you! Hope you can get your van fixed soon.