Friday, May 02, 2008


Anne/kq said...
Don't you think my baby is cute? :p (Come see her at my blog...)
Are you SO EXCITED to be just one month away? Are you frantically trying to get things done like we did the last month (and didn't quite get them all done in time?) And have you bought the going home outfit yet? And do you have MATCHY outfits yet? :D :D :D
She's a DOLL! (And now that I know she's here I'm going to have to go back and read about her just a little bit more!)
I can't wait to have our baby. We've got almost everything finished...and I just wait for this pain to go away and hold my little guy in my arms. Seriously, I CANNOT wait!
Right now, we're in the middle of cleaning up our bedroom so that we'll have room for the playpen/bassinett. So far, we're doing okay, except we've got a TON of crap in piles in the room. A quick trip to DI will help that, I'm SURE!
I have a few cute outfits to bring him home in....haven't decided exactly WHICH one yet, but will soon. (And no on the matchy's hard to find them in such extremes in sizes...)
Liam's Mom - Gina said...
How did you get to be so lucky to have such crystal blue eyes?
Why are 2.5 year olds so impossible?
Uh, I didn't realize it was luck! My mom has blue eyes and my dad has green, I was destined for light colored eyes either way. (Just like my kiddos are....) If you want to see BEAUTIFUL crystal blue eyes, look into my son's eyes. Honestly, they're almost transparent!! SO pretty!
I think 2.5 year old are impossible, because they're trying to develop those personalities just a little bit more. They want what they want, but can't quite communicate the way they need to get what they want. Yeah, it's a pain....:P
Anonymous said...
Just how wonderful does it feel to have a sister? Wishing I had one.
Why are you anonymous today? :P
You know, having a sister isn't really what you THINK it would be. Sure it's fun to have another girl around, but really, the hormones, the fights, the clashing personalities....yeah, it's NOT what you think. Brothers are SO much easier when it comes to emotional problems.
This is NOT to say that I don't love my sister...I do, but somedays, it's easier to deal with my brothers....


Liam's Mom - Gina said...

So true what you said about sisters! I love mine, but I am glad we live far apart most of the time. I have no idea what it would be like to have a brother, but I bet it's awesome.

Thanks for answering my dopey questions. I can never think of anything good to ask you.

Anne/kq said...

My two-year-old communicates what she wants just fine; it's just usually at odds with what the REST of us want... :p