Thursday, May 22, 2008


Okay, major complaint coming up.....I HATE spyware!! AND spyware pretending to be anti-spyware!! I may have to freakin' clean out my whole stinkin' computer!! WHY!?!! :(
And after much internal debating, I've decided to go camping. My parents have an amazing motor home that will serve me well....equipped with a/c and even has 4 televisions. Yeah, it's not much like "camping" more like going on vacation. :)
My doctor did tell me to make sure and take it easy....guess what! I plan on it!


Kim said...

I think the spyware problems are getting worse. My whole system was infected with multiple problems and after trying to eliminate viruses and all kinds of stuff I ended up having to save all my programs and files I wanted to CDs and a flashdrive and then reformat my entire harddrive. Total pain in the butt! Have fun camping this weekend, although I'm not sure you'll need the A/C. :) Is Steve able to go with you or is he stuck at work?

The Jones Family said...

Yeah for fake camping! I am sure you will enjoy it. Eat a s'more for me okay? Sorry about the computer. We just went through the same type of thing about a month ago. It takes forever to clean up the mess! Why do people have to be evil and create such programs?

Dawnyel said...

Poor Steve is staying home...if anyone wants to feed him I'm SURE he'd love you forever! ;)

One Scrappy Gal said...

Hope you had a great time camping!! :)