Friday, May 30, 2008

FFAF on Hold....and some other things

So the word is that the computer is half-way fixed!! YAY!! Seriously, I love both my home teacher and his wife (who is my visting teacher!) They're such great people!! :)
This week has been pretty uneventful....which is a good thing!! I did take a GNO with some computer friends and they threw me a surprise baby shower. It was SO much fun!! I got tons more cute outfits and someone has given me a gift certificate for birth announcements. I have seen some of her work, and honestly, she's AWESOME!! All in all it was a night full of fun laughs, good food (crappy service, but that's a whole 'nother rant....) and good times. I SO love my MOFs!!
Yesterday was Steve's 31st birthday and it was wonderful! He said he had a freak-out moment where he realized he's 31 and he'll have TWO kids as of next week. (I kind of laughed at took him THIS long to realize all of that?!) I ended up getting him a "singing" was Star Wars...TOTALLY him! Then I got him the 2 editions of Gordon B. Hinckley discourses, which he's been begging for forever!! I totally shocked him...I think! ;) Then we went out to dinner as a family and ate ice cream cake. This was the first birthday of his that we've actually had a birthday cake for the man in our whole marriage. (Usually we're off camping for Memorial Day, and it kinda gets pushed off to the side.) I think it was a good day....happy birthday, Sweetie!!
My parents left the country this week....they went on their annual fishing trip to Canada, and I'm severely missing them. Every ache or pain I worry that they won't be here for the birth of this baby, but so far, things are going well, and they'll be back 2 days before the scheduled C-section!
I've decided to put free-for-all-Friday on hold for a while. Seeing how I don't really have access to a computer (unless I'm not at home...) and the fact that I'm about to pop out a baby in a week....It will return, but not for a while! Sorry!
We've also put Cameron in the Learning Center 3 days a week. He's SO excited to be going there. I think the kid THRIVES on structure, and I'm not structured at all. Starting next week we've even lined up transportation for while I'm recovering from the C-section. He's so happy to be doing things, and I'm glad he's out of the house. (Does that make me a bad mommy!?)
And today is my final day babysitting until AFTER baby Jacob is here. The kid is hilarious, and I'm going to miss having him around for a while, but I am going to enjoy having just MY kids around!
Anyway, that's what's going on in my life. I swear, I will post pictures when I get my computer back....PROMISE! :)

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Kim said...

WOw, so much happening all at once. I think that's funny about Steve. Just think, next year we'll be celebrating 30 years! I'm getting so very excited for you to have this baby. I'm sure your parents will be back in time for his birth. Good thinking on Cam doing the Learning Center this summer. Not only will it help him academically, but it sounds like in the past it has been awesome to help him build his social skills! Can't wait to see pics when your computer is fully functional! :)