Friday, May 09, 2008

Answers?! ;)

Mattsmom said...
Holy cow woman! That car ROCKS! Did you pay a bundle for it? I am MUCHO jealouso!
Actually we got a REALLY good deal on it. (There's ONE more left at the car lot we went to if you REALLY want it!)
Deanna said...
Sweet Ride! Were you able to get the window fixed in the van?
You can see the van in the background of the new car pic. We DID get it fixed....for $330!! :P YUCK!
Elena Manwaring said...
Now Jewelle's "Let's go riding in my automoblie" song keeps popping in my head. How fun for you!!!! And today's question is...What happened to Preparations A B C D E F and G? (Deanna, that was my favorite one from your list.)
I giggled a bit at your question! :) Sorry, but you know how they say that the world isn't quite ready for Formula 410? The world isn't ready to know what REALLY happened to Preparations A B C D E F and G! ;)

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