Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Little Updates

I've been whining TOO much about my pregnancy!! Seriously, why don't some of you guys just cyber-slap me? ;)
There ARE other things going on in my life, and I'm going to take just a little bit of time and let you know what some of those other things are.
Cameron was supposed to have summer school, but we've recently discovered that he doesn't qualify! Yeah, we were shocked too! Apparently, to qualify for summer school a child needs to have a deficiency (meaning after a school break they regress) or an emerging trait (which he doesn't.) His teacher told me that after Christmas and Spring breaks he continued to progress....no regression! Which is actually a good thing, right!? (I keep repeating this to myself....) So his learning is GOOD, not bad! The problem I'm having with the decision is that he really SHOULD have summer school. Last summer the boy knew ALL of the letters of the alphabet (which according to their counting is 52...upper and lowercase letters). When he came back to school this year, he had lost the letters, instead of knowing all 52, he only knew 18. He also knew the letter sounds at the end of last school year, this year, he only knew 15 sounds...see the regression? To hopefully keep what he's learned fresh, we're putting him back in the Learning Center several days a week. I'm crossing my fingers that this will keep the boy from falling backward.
I've fallen in love with a new book series. Anyone heard of Fablehaven? If you haven't heard of these books, I would HIGHLY recommend you look into them. If you love (or even just like) the Harry Potter books, then Fablehaven would be right up your alley too! I read the first book in less than 24 hours, then I read books #2 and 3 before the end of the week. And since I loved the Fablehaven series so well, I even read The Candy Shop War....again, in less than 24 hours. I have to say, the guy who wrote these books writes in such a way that it's an easy read, without making you feel stupid. He even puts in words that make you think, "Now what does that mean again??" Yeah, SO good!! I love love LOVE them!!
Our bedroom is now ready for another person to inhabit. We've cleaned and rearranged things so that we now can fit the playpen at the end of the bed, and can hang our clothes in our closet. Steve fixed the closet while I was at either a church function, or something....I wasn't around....and he finished it!! He's such a great guy!!
We've also got an air conditioner that we're installing in the bedroom window. I managed to get my dad (the carpenter-man) to cut me some wood so that we can have an air-tight seal. I had measured wrong initially, but we've since fixed the prego-brain's boo boo.
And, hey, we've been stimulated!! ;) We're spending a little on Cameron, who has out-grown most of his current clothes, and using the rest on unpaid bills. Yeah, we're "stimulating" the economy! :P
Things really aren't all bad! I just seem to complain a lot....sheesh! Things are working out VERY well, and I do love my life! Among the different doctor appointments, the NSTs, and Cameron's appointments my life is very busy, but I do love every minute of it. If nothing else, I always have something to laugh about!


Melzie said...

Summer: this is YOUR chance to be his teacher. Just because school is over doesn't mean it's over. This is where mom & dad get a chance to increase his knowledge, and make sure he still knows everything he needs! Most teachers send home work books & packets. If yours don't- ask them, they will GLADLY (I woudl hope) send stuff hoem for the summer. N does an hour of "school" every day on all breaks. Do it for Cam, you'll be amazed!

We were stimulated last week- it all went to bills. Oh, and groceries... and I think N got a toy.... But 90% was bills. :)

The Jones Family said...

I agree with Melzie. You should try helping him a little bit each day with school during the summer. Talk to his teachers. They can give you specifics on what you could work on. If they don't give you worksheets, check out the dollar store. They have some workbooks that might be helpful. If not, come ask me to make up some. I still have most of my ELED stuff that I can search through!

Also, don't worry about whining on your blog. Isn't that kinda what they are for. To express feelings that we might not otherwise express? I don't think you whine all that much anyway. Glad to hear that you have some good things going for you right now though!

mattsmom said...

I will say that the previous comments are great and true...and that you really SHOULD teach Cam for at least an hour every day...but I am wondering if I can read your thoughts.

I am guessing that you are tired. You are having a baby...a really tiring job in its self for the first few months.

Plus teaching your own child can be HARD...especially if Cam is anything like Matthew...who is a GREAT kid...but doesn't like to listen to Mom all of the time. Matthew is really hard for me to teach. I am lucky to get 10 minutes of worksheet time in with him.

If this is true for you don't feel bad! I just try to sneak in teaching moments...because he refuses to listen to me in a structured environment every day. Even Matthew's Preschool teacher had to send her own child to another preschool because he wouldn't listen to her! And she is a PRO!

Cam will do GREAT at the learning center. While I agree that you should try to teach Cam every day, don't let yourself get overwhelmed. Just do the best you can and use those teaching moments as often as possible. If worksheets are something he will do...DO THEM...but don't get down on yourself if he needs extra help from a place like the learning center! You are a great Mom with a TON on your plate right now.


Kim said...

I'm surprised that the school didn't think that Cam qualified for the summer program. I think the learning lab will be great for him and he seems to really enjoy the time he spends there. I think if you just try and reinforce what he's been working on this year at school, at home then it should help. I think my parents just made sure I kept reading and wrote little love notes to my grandparents during the summer time so I was getting the practice I needed and didn't really think I was "at school". :) Did you decide if you were going camping this weekend? I'm supposed to be in town if my car will cooperate, and the weather. I snowed here all day long, but luckily it's not really sticking on anything, just being yucky for this time of year!!!