Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm Posting Pictures....Guess What That Means!!

The computer's fixed!! The computer's fixed!!! The computer's fixed!!!! YAY!!!
Here's my random picture post of the last week!! :)

This is my parents' motor home. It's HUGE!! On the ouside you can see that they've pulled out the outdoor kitchen! There's a teeny fridge, grill, and sink. It's SO cool!!

This is just a few pictures of the amazing view we had from our campsite. It was just BEAUTIFUL!!!

Cameron had to be a usual! :P

There was a jet flying overhead and Cam wanted the jet to hear him, so he yelled at it! As loudly as he possibly could!

The boys played Mario Kart Wii nearly the entire time. Cam was using the steering wheel (which is stinkin' hard to use, by the way...) and was leaning clear over! It was quite the sight!

This is Steve's birthday. He is proudly displaying his was SO yummy!!

This is the cake my friends brought to the GNO! It was chocolate with bavarian cream inside....SOOOOOO yummy!!


doug & mary said...

Looks like fun! Next time I'm coming in one of the pullout wont even know I'm there until you pull me out.

Kim said...

Holy crud that is a HUGE motor home! No wonder you went camping, or can you really call it camping when you have a video gaming system at your side? I love Steve's cake - it's so cute! I can't believe he's 31! Ha-ha! He'll always be older than me!

Deanna said...

ooooo - no wonder you had fun!!! What a fun (and clean) place to chill for the holiday!!! There's nothin' like camping with leather interior! I'm jealous you got to go!!

OneScrappyGal said...

Just in time to take and upload photos of the new baby!!

Looks like you had a great time!! I'm glad you were able to go!

Elena Manwaring said...

Wow, that is one MASSIVE camping t.v. How fun is that?! I'm glad you went and even more glad that you are now able to post pictures. Just in time for baby!!!