Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Last night Cam kept coming in and out of bed to complain that his nose was stuffed up, his throat hurt, he was coughing, his tummy hurt....
When I woke up for the day, I heard a loud barking cough from the boy. That was enough to convince me it was time for a sick-day...whether he liked it or not. (Just for the record, he did NOT like it.) I called the bus to tell them he was sick and didn't need picked up. I called the school and left a message that we were having a sick-day, and then I settled in for the day. Cam wasn't really miserably sick, but just enough to be whiny. :P
Then later on, after Jake's nap, I realized that Thrush has reared it's ugly head AGAIN! I called the doctor's office to make sure he didn't need to go in, and found out that we can go through the purple cycle SEVERAL times before it gets cleared up. Uh, nice to KNOW! :P
So here I sit at home with two sick little boys...each in their own way! *sigh*


Elena said...

Ugghhh...I'm SO ready for spring!! I had to go purple with tow of my babies. It's just so fun isn't it? That thrush is a killer to kill. Good luck. And I hope Cam is feeling better too.

julie_77 said...

I'm sorry you have sick kiddos. I hope they are both feeling better soon.