Friday, February 27, 2009

What A WEEK!

After my day with sick boys, I had a fun rest of the week.
Yesterday was Cameron's Blue and Gold Banquet. This was our first NOT as leaders, and just as parents. I ended up sitting next to a good friend who's life is kind of rough right now. She has some of the cutest kids I know, but they've all got some pretty intense medical problems (yeah, look who's talking? The mom of the boy with ADHD AND NF1.) We had a good visit, and I was glad that our ward combines with another I can see her more often!
Then today Steve and I did our errands. We went from store to store as quickly as we could, and got pretty much everything done. (YAY!) In the process, I got a new haircut...which I LOVE!! My hairstylist is so good with cutting my hair so it looks good for me. Today we decided that I need bangs....and I think it's a good fit...for now! (One picture was taken by Steve, the other by Cameron...can you guess who took what?)

New development: Jake is now cruising along furniture. I'm SO not ready for this yet. My sweet, non-trouble-making Cameron didn't do that until he was a year old. Jake's not yet 9 months old. I have a feeling Mr. Trouble will be into more things soon.


Mattsmom said...

You look great.
That pic of Jake is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny. Mr. trouble. I would agree! He looks like he is concocting his next escapades...once he gets free!

Deanna said...

I Love the new do!!!

cressfamily said...

I really like your new haor cut!!

Jewelle said...

What a big boy to be cruising! Make sure you a baby proofed. Our house is a mess because of the move, and of course Allie picks THIS weekend to start crawling. I guess since I can't baby proof I'll just have to follower her around :D Love the bangs by the way!