Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Um...You Eat What?

Cameron was snacking on some cherry flavored jelly hearts. Now, when I taste them I think they taste a little like cough syrup. So I really don't like them. (My mom has also mentioned them tasting like cold medicine...)
So Cameron was eating away and then said, "YUCK!"
I was a little shocked (the boy doesn't say "yuck" to any kind of candy...) I asked him what was wrong.
He said, "These are GROSS!"
I asked him, "What's wrong with them?"
Cameron said, "Mom, they taste like eye drops!"


Deanna said...

LOL!!! Eye drops, huh! What a character! BTW, he was great at scouts the other night! We had so much fun!

CareBearMommy said...

Now, how on EARTH would he know what eyedrops taste like? *snicker*

Elena said...

Funny! Maybe they were saly hearts. :)

Mattsmom said...

nice! Where is that :lolspit: emiticon when I need it? *snicker* I am a nerd!

The Cook Clan said...

That is too funny! Kids crack me up!