Thursday, September 09, 2010

VIP Soccer Time Again

After much debate, we have enrolled Cameron in VIP Soccer again this year. He loves it and there are way more kids to play with this time around. Unfortunately there are less helpers to go around, but they've split the kids up well and it's working.
The first night they had practice Jake insisted on going with me. As Cameron took off to join the other kids on the field, Jake toddled after him. He knew that we were there so he could play too. Once I grabbed the younger boy and took him to the bleachers, I had some explaining to do. I told Jake that we were there for Cameron, and that once he got older, he could play soccer too. He whined and moped for a while, then he decided to run. Needless to say, that first night, I didn't get to watch Cameron as much as I would have liked.
The second week, I left Jake with Grandma, and went armed with the camera. This year the team wears green, and Cameron is good old number 21. He's one of the older kids on the team, and he knows mostly what he's doing. He even managed to score a goal in their "game." He was VERY proud.
I'm so happy that people in my community have volunteered to put this program together for special needs kids. It makes them feel special and apart of something bigger than themselves. It's WONDERFUL!


Deanna said...

Love the pictures!!! What a wonderful opportunity for Cam. :)

P.S. Sorry i don't always comment..I read your blog faithfully from reader, though!!!

Kim said...

This is so cool! Our community has been needing an activity like this for a long time. How awesome that Cam has a chance to experience this! Thanks for posting pics!