Monday, September 27, 2010

Must Share...

Saturday I went to the general broadcast of the world-wide Relief Society meeting. It was completely wonderful!
I usually go with my mom to her building, and when we got there, it was dark in the chapel. My mom is blind in one eye, and so her night-vision is horrible. (She doesn't drive at night anymore because she literally cannot see.) I had to grab her hand and lead her to the pew. We sat on the second row, pretty much by ourselves. The opening song was being sung, "Count Your Blessings." I sat and listened for a bit and started thinking about things. The first thought was, "I am truly blessed. I have so much to be grateful for, and now I'm honored to hear from a living prophet and church leaders tonight." I got teary and had to wipe my face.
After the song, the prayer was given, and in it, the woman mentioned that President Monson (the prophet) would be speaking. I was overwhelmed by a peaceful, excited feeling. He was going to be speaking to ME!
The meeting was wonderful, but the highlight WAS President Monson's talk. He made us all laugh and cry. It was wonderful. His topic was about not judging others. I've felt lately that I have been too judgmental. My younger brother, who's been rebelling for quite a while, made some comments a while back that has had me thinking.
My uncle was visiting at my parents' house and he asked my brother, Shad, what he was doing. Shad told him that he was working at Hot Topic. My uncle then asked him what Hot Topic was. Shad told him that it was a music store, and I added, "Yeah, it's where weird people go to buy weird stuff...." Shad then said, "It's where people go to be judged by others...."
I didn't think too much of it until the next day.
That Sunday I was helping my mom make dinner while my other brother was talking about how people had tried to enter the store he works at before it was opened that morning. I joked, "Keep the Sabbath day holy...." To which Shad said, "Judge not, lest thou be judged...."
Was I really that judgmental? I looked at myself and decided that I wasn't being very fair to him, so I needed to change my attitude.
Then when I heard President Monson talking about judging others, I was struck again. He told a story about a husband and wife. The wife would tell her husband every day that their neighbor, who hung her laundry out to dry, didn't know how to clean her clothes. She complained about what a lousy job this neighbor did EVERY day. One day, she looked and said, "Look, she's learned how to clean her clothes. What do you think happened?" Then her husband said, "I woke up early and cleaned our windows." Even though it's funny, and cute, it hit me. I need to stop judging others based on my poor view.
The whole talk was wonderful, and gave me hope that I can change and start to love others the way that Christ does.
I am trying harder to be a better mom to my boys as well. I've realized that I've been extra hard on them, and I need to give them extra love and understanding.
That meeting has helped me to see that I need to be a better woman, one who truly exemplifies Christ in ALL I do.


Jewelle said...

Dawnyel, thank you! I too loved Pres. Monson's talk, but I never stopped to think of how this could apply to my children. I was just thinking about how it applied to adults. Thank you again for giving me something to think about that I needed to hear :)

cressfamily said...

I to loved the whole broadcast. I really enjoyed all the talks but especially Pres. Monson.My favorite quote was the one by Mother Teresa that he gave..."If we judge people, then we have no time to love them."

Jen said...

Thanks for sharing!! I missed the broadcast because I had to work-- so I'm glad that you shared some thoughts about what you learned. I think learning not to judge others is a lesson that I have to learn over and over and over again.