Sunday, September 12, 2010

Not All Piano Concerts Are Boring....

Steve and I went to see Jon Schmidt in concert last night. Steve has loved this particular artist for QUITE a while, and I had only ever heard his music when Steve played the CD in the car. Otherwise, I was clueless.
Several months ago, Steve found a video clip of Jon on youtube where he was playing a really cool mixed song. Steve played it for me, and I was HOOKED! I love this song (and can literally listen to it over and over and over and NOT get sick of it!)
Then in April, Steve was looking on Jon's website and found out that Jon was coming to our area for a concert in September. We immediately put it on our calendar (the date the tickets went on sale AND the concert date) making every effort to go and see his performance.
As the days got closer, Steve had talked to a guy he works with and invited them to join us on a double-date. They got excited as well. And thankfully, the husband got us all a good deal on the tickets!
Then came last night.
I have only ever been to ONE other concert (Tim McGraw, 1997, state fair....was FANTASTIC!) but I have to admit, this was NOT what I had expected. Jon was entertaining, especially with his cellist friend, Steve. They teased each other (when Steve introduced Jon, he said, "Welcome our pianist for the evening......Jim Brickman!" *giggle* Then when Jon came out, someone in the audience called out, "WE LOVE YOU, JIM!!" *laughing hysterically*!) There was dancing WHILE playing (Yes, it looked hilarious, but it added to the song as well!) playing upside-down, and backwards playing. He even did a little bit where he pulled a random guy out of the audience to "jam" with him. THAT was cool!
He started out playing some familiar songs, then he called his friend, Steve, out and they played Love Story and Viva La Vida (two separate songs....for legality sake!) and the crowd went wild!
He played his new favorite song to play, "Game Day." My Steve told me that he LOVES this song and wants it. I have to admit, it was amazing and VERY moving.
At the end of the concert, the audience all stood begging, PLEADING for more, and as part of their encore Jon and Steve played "Dumb Song," and then took a vote. By applause we were voting on "Tribute" or "Love Story meets Viva La Vida." The applause was overwhelming. We got to hear Love Story TWICE! The second time they played it, they encouraged us to sing along. SO SO fun and SO SO cool!
The song that actually made me cry was "Renaissance Hymn." He explained ALL the symbolism behind it and it made it so meaningful and just amazing! I want that song now....
If he's ever in your area, I highly recommend getting tickets. You will NOT regret it!

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Deanna said...

I LOVE Jon Schmidt!!! I've been listening to him since I was about 10. Maybe 12. But anyways, he's A.MAZ.ING!!! I have almost all his books and love playing from them. Glad you got to go and enjoy him!!!

*Jim Brickman...ha!*