Friday, September 17, 2010

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

Jacob is such a little chatter-box. And some of the things he says just CRACKS me up.
First off, he's on a birthday kick. He informs me daily that his birthday is June 6th. Then he tells me that it's soon. He's also been known to say that it's Tuesday. I guess Cameron being excited about his birthday is wearing off on Jake. Even though his birthday is past, he's ready for it again.
Next, he will say something, and even if it's a lie, he's VERY determined and will argue his point. For example, today I went with my parents to a dinner and we quickly buckled in the boys and we were on our way. After 10 seconds, yes, 10 seconds, he began yelling, "WHERE'S MY SISSER!?" I looked at him in shock.
"Jake, you don't have a sister, who are you talking about?"
"Really, you don't have a sister...."
"Are you talking about Cameron?"
*sigh* "Jake, you don't have a sister...please stop."
Who knows WHERE he got the idea that he has a sister from....but apparently she was lost.

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Rebekah said...

This makes me wonder if he knows something you don't. The veil is very thin for those little ones. Who knows. Maybe you have a baby girl in your future...