Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Really SHOULD Make my Blog a Priority....

I have a lot to say most days, but I forget it when I get on the computer and I play my time away. *hee hee*
Anyway, a few weeks ago the boys got hair cuts. Cam got a cool mo-hawk because the school had crazy hair day (not allowing hair paint, so what ELSE could we do with a little boy's hair??)
He LOVED it and Jake kept asking for the same thing....even though his hair was too short. Maybe this summer sometime we'll have matchy-matchy boys.
Cam tried to teach Jake the "cool" finger thing so he could look like Cam, but he couldn't figure out why we were making him put up his fingers, so we gave up.
*hee hee*

Monday, May 30, 2011

Pure Bliss

I just returned from a fantastical weekend away with my boys and my family camping. (Sadly, Steve couldn't come, even had to work on his birthday.) Usually we go north for our camping, but this year I suggested a different location, and we've discovered that we LOVE this newer place.
I had worried about the weather. I'm still a tent-camper at heart, so I worried about the high speed winds we'd been experiencing at home. I decided that if all else failed, I would sleep with my boys in the suburban.
Late Friday evening we found our spot and it was LOVELY. There was little to NO wind. I was ecstatic.
Saturday was even MORE beautiful than I'd expected. We had camped by a few snowbanks, but we weren't too worried. My boys went fishing with Grandpa and I was free for a few hours....I totally napped, guilt-free!! It was THE best. Then, the boys came back, boasting of their fishing adventures. (They caught garbage fish, so both fish were killed and not allowed back at camp, but Jake would tell proudly of how his grandpa "boke" the fish and there was lots of "b'ood!") Everyone was toasted...love sunburns, right?
That night the rain clouds came in. It rained a lot on Sunday, but we were with my parents and their "40-foot-Hilton on wheels." We watched movies and just sat in the warmth of the motor home.
Then this morning it was rainy again, and we knew we needed to pack up. I have yet to find the motivation to lay out the wet things to dry, but I will soon...I have to!
It was truly a beautiful weekend and one that I know my boys will treasure for years to come. I absolutely LOVE camping on Memorial Day weekend!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Who Are You?

My friend shared this video with me today....I'm literally in TEARS!!!

Sending all of you my love, and God's!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Where's The Love?

Lately I've been feeling like the internet is a huge waste of time. I've had some pretty fun places I liked to visit in the past, but lately I've felt like things have fallen too much into the negative. I have contemplated leaving the internet behind and living without it, but it IS a necessary evil. Bill paying has NEVER been better than before the internet.
Today I was talking about the bad feelings I've felt with my hubby, and he shared a pretty cool quote with me. I'd like to share it here, and vow to try and be MORE like my Heavenly Father.

“But while one portion of the human race is judging and condemning the other half, the Great Parent of the universe looks upon the whole of the human family with a Fatherly care and Paternal regard."
~Joseph Smith TPJS, pg 218

Friday, May 13, 2011

Ninja in Training

Jake's been having bedtime issues lately. He'll come downstairs after being sent to bed, and will complain, "Mama, I had a bad dream." He doesn't believe me that you can only have nightmares once you're sleeping, but that's beside the point.
Tonight he was extra grumpy and got sent to bed early. He was none too pleased with missing family prayer, so he came down and complained, "We need to pray!"
Yes, but you were naughty, go back to bed...
He came down several times, thankfully, daddy was here and took him back when he'd come down. (When mommy's alone, I just let him fall asleep on the couch, I have no staying power late at night...I just give up!)
Tonight after a while we heard nothing. I thought we'd won the bedtime battle. I was happy, and didn't think another thing of it....
....until Steve, after being frightened came to me, and motioned me to the stairs.
There he was....sleeping at the bottom of the stairs.
He sat silent at the bottom of the stairs for QUITE a while before he'd fallen asleep. He's mastered the art of sitting silently and sneakily.....
I think I might be in for it.

Monster to Mush

Mornings around here are NOT pretty. Usually one of us is grumpy, the other is defiant, and the other is so full of energy that the rest of us grumble. Yeah, we pretty much play the same three roles over and over every day.
I'm the grump....mornings have NEVER been my cup of tea. I've always been a night owl.
Cameron is the defiant one. I have to beg and plead and yell to get him to do ANYTHING! Usually it ends up with us fighting....that's never pretty.
Then there's Jake. Happy-go-lucky, Jake. He's pretty happy in the mornings just as long as he's got something to drink, something to eat, something to play with and something on TV to watch. He's not hard to please, but he's pretty demanding about it, every single day.
This morning Cam was especially grumpy. Jake was kind enough to wake his big brother up by banging on the wall. Nice, right? So Cameron started out yelling at Jake....NOT a good way to start the day.
Then when he came out of the bathroom, he informed Jake that he was going to take the toy Jake was playing with for show and tell. I told Cameron that he was not allowed to just take toys away from his brother just because he wanted. This caused a mini-tantrum.
When he came down, he was still being ornery about the whole toy situation, and instead of getting his shoes and socks on, he looked through the toy box to find a toy to take for show and tell. This is NOT cool with me. I don't care if he takes a toy, but he should at least have his other priorities in order. I told him to stop looking for a toy and get his socks and shoes on....this is when the fighting began. He threw a toy at Jacob (which caused mommy to see red) and then he sat on his favorite chair, folded his arms and said, "I DON'T WANT TO!"
Something you should know about me....I do NOT like to lose a fight, especially to a defiant child. I know it's something I should learn to let go, but I would like for him to obey his parents....just weird that way, I guess.
After much yelling and screaming, I lost it. I didn't beat him to death (although I was very tempted...) but I shook him and yelled....a lot. So I finally got ahold of my thoughts and sent Cameron to time-out before I REALLY lost it and hurt him, then I sat down and tried SO hard to calm myself down. It's hard to do that when you hear, "I HATE you, MOMMY!! I hate YOU too, Jake!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!"
Finally, after 10 minutes of calming and cooling, we both were fine. Cameron was punished by not being able to take ANYTHING for show and tell. He was okay with it, in fact, he told me that he loved me.
He turned from this horrid monster into my child, my pile of mush.
What happened?? Let me tell you, it's a little thing called a pill. I don't know why he can't be kind without it, but it seems he just can't.
I'm very glad that we have this modern medicine, but I'm ready for a continuous drip. I want my child back.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

5 Reasons I Love Being a Mommy

(I stole this idea from my friend, Deanna. Thanks for the idea!)
Random Loves
My boys will randomly come up to me, give me a nice hug and say, "Mom, I love you!" It's especially humbling when I'm in the midst of one of my many mommy-rants and they stop me in my tracks with their love. And I absolutely know they love me when they sweetly squeeze me in their little bear-hugs. So sweet.
Singing Primary Songs at the Top of Our Lungs
We're still pretty old-school when it comes to music. In the suburban I will play CDs that the boys love. I have to love them too, but that's besides the point. One of our favorites is Voice Male. They have a funny little version of "Popcorn Popping" that just makes my boys burst into laughter. When I begin the CD, Jake KNOWS it's his favorite and he instantly BEGS to hear "Cah-corn! Mama, Cah-corn!!" Once he says it correctly he's rewarded with the song. Then we'll all sing the song....yes, all of us.
My boys are pretty picky. Dinner can be a huge success or a HUGE bust. Tonight I made a giant chef salad. (Lettuce, cucumbers, green peppers, celery, carrots, tomatoes, ham, turkey....) Both boys gobbled up their salads and BOTH complimented me on my choice of meals. (Cameron said, "Mmmm...Mom, this is SO good!" Jake said, "Why'd you chose this?" *giggle*) Seeing them eat up healthy food and LOVE it, nothing better....
Quiet Times
Those are few, and far between, but when I can sit down with Jake on my lap, Cameron cuddled on "his" chair watching random cartoons (today it was Rocky and Bullwinkle.....) the quietness surrounds us and I feel peace and unending love. I know that my boys are busy, but they can also appreciate the quiet times.
Both of my boys LOVE to help me. They will almost fight over who gets to clean the kitchen table, fortunately there are enough washcloths and water to go around for everyone. It makes my heart swell to hear a little voice say, "Mama, can I help?"
Please don't take this list to say that my boys are perfect little angels, believe me, they're not. BUT there are those choice moments that make me stop and appreciate being a mom...the hardest, best job I've ever had.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A Lot to Say, No Particular Story to Share

Lately I've been in kind of a funk. I'm not all that happy with my hubby (I've been pretty grumpy, poor guy...) I've been a bear to my boys....it's not cool.
I think I need to make some new goals that will help me out. I need to go to bed at a decent hour (said the crazy lady at 2:30 in the morning...) I need to eat healthy foods. I need to exercise. I need to clean my house.
I'm just in a funk. Don't mind me.
I also don't have a lot to say about Osama's death. I am glad that we found him, but I don't know that his death is helpful. (I know, I may be opening a can of worms by saying this.) I'm sure he's got other trained members of his group ready to step up and take his place. I think we're not finished, and things won't be better any quicker.
I believe that Osama Bin Ladin will be judged by God, given the correct and just consequenses, but I would LOVE to see that exchange.
I'm on a Glee kick right now.
Steve and I found the first season on Netfilx, and we watched the whole thing in a week. We loved it and fell in love with the music. I've been listening nightly to the music and just singing, rocking-out, and enjoying it.
I wish the second season was available....I can't quite just jump into the middle of it without knowing what has happened before. *sigh* I will wait, but I won't like it.
My boys have been pretty cute lately. I pulled out the camera for some reason last week and both posed for a picture. It was pretty funny.
I've got two new night stands that match my pretty bed. LOVE them. We're trading them for our out-of-commission van. I think it's worth it!