Friday, May 13, 2011

Ninja in Training

Jake's been having bedtime issues lately. He'll come downstairs after being sent to bed, and will complain, "Mama, I had a bad dream." He doesn't believe me that you can only have nightmares once you're sleeping, but that's beside the point.
Tonight he was extra grumpy and got sent to bed early. He was none too pleased with missing family prayer, so he came down and complained, "We need to pray!"
Yes, but you were naughty, go back to bed...
He came down several times, thankfully, daddy was here and took him back when he'd come down. (When mommy's alone, I just let him fall asleep on the couch, I have no staying power late at night...I just give up!)
Tonight after a while we heard nothing. I thought we'd won the bedtime battle. I was happy, and didn't think another thing of it....
....until Steve, after being frightened came to me, and motioned me to the stairs.
There he was....sleeping at the bottom of the stairs.
He sat silent at the bottom of the stairs for QUITE a while before he'd fallen asleep. He's mastered the art of sitting silently and sneakily.....
I think I might be in for it.

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