Monday, May 30, 2011

Pure Bliss

I just returned from a fantastical weekend away with my boys and my family camping. (Sadly, Steve couldn't come, even had to work on his birthday.) Usually we go north for our camping, but this year I suggested a different location, and we've discovered that we LOVE this newer place.
I had worried about the weather. I'm still a tent-camper at heart, so I worried about the high speed winds we'd been experiencing at home. I decided that if all else failed, I would sleep with my boys in the suburban.
Late Friday evening we found our spot and it was LOVELY. There was little to NO wind. I was ecstatic.
Saturday was even MORE beautiful than I'd expected. We had camped by a few snowbanks, but we weren't too worried. My boys went fishing with Grandpa and I was free for a few hours....I totally napped, guilt-free!! It was THE best. Then, the boys came back, boasting of their fishing adventures. (They caught garbage fish, so both fish were killed and not allowed back at camp, but Jake would tell proudly of how his grandpa "boke" the fish and there was lots of "b'ood!") Everyone was sunburns, right?
That night the rain clouds came in. It rained a lot on Sunday, but we were with my parents and their "40-foot-Hilton on wheels." We watched movies and just sat in the warmth of the motor home.
Then this morning it was rainy again, and we knew we needed to pack up. I have yet to find the motivation to lay out the wet things to dry, but I will soon...I have to!
It was truly a beautiful weekend and one that I know my boys will treasure for years to come. I absolutely LOVE camping on Memorial Day weekend!


Jewelle said...

Sounds like a fun filled weekend, especially that nap that was guilt free : )

Kim said...

Glad you guys had a fun time :)