Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Really SHOULD Make my Blog a Priority....

I have a lot to say most days, but I forget it when I get on the computer and I play my time away. *hee hee*
Anyway, a few weeks ago the boys got hair cuts. Cam got a cool mo-hawk because the school had crazy hair day (not allowing hair paint, so what ELSE could we do with a little boy's hair??)
He LOVED it and Jake kept asking for the same thing....even though his hair was too short. Maybe this summer sometime we'll have matchy-matchy boys.
Cam tried to teach Jake the "cool" finger thing so he could look like Cam, but he couldn't figure out why we were making him put up his fingers, so we gave up.
*hee hee*

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Deanna said...

too cute!!!

I hope Karen got a hold of you...obviously we didn't have scout yesterday. :/ I was still out of town and Lynds graduated that day. :) Looking forward to Little Lemhi!!!