Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I've had a rough last few weeks. First off, Cam was sick, then I got the crud. (I've still got some stuff, but it's manageable now.) Then I found out one of my hang nails turned to infection. SO not cool. I also found out that despite a lovely chart, I am not pregnant (yes, we're trying for another, although some days I wonder why....) Anyway, it was a rough little patch.
BUT I have to say, I am truly grateful for my life, and I wouldn't change a thing.
I have a fantastic relationship with my hubby. He and I have grown SO much. We love to support one another in our various out-of-the-home activities. Steve plays basketball with the guys at church weekly (and he loves it!) and I get to play with my friends once in a while. It's wonderful. I don't know of many SUPER supportive husbands like mine. I'm grateful for him.
I'm grateful for the two children I do have. I know that most days they can be stressful and will fight me or each other, but there are many times when we all just laugh and enjoy each other's company. My boys are such joys. I'm grateful for their fun personalities.
I'm grateful to have a warm home. It's been pretty cold here lately, and I'm so glad that my house is warm and comfortable. It may not always be clean, but it's where we can be ourselves. I'm grateful for my home.
I'm grateful for fun mail. My Uncle Scott and Aunt Jana send out THE funniest Christmas/New Year's letter EVER. I was laughing SO hard over this year's installment. My cousins are hilarious, and my aunt and uncle are great. I'm SO grateful for happy mail.
Tonight, I'm glad I have fingernails. I was at a friend's baby shower and I was helping cut fruit for a chocolate fountain. My fingers accidentally slipped and I cut my fingernail. Yes, JUST the fingernail. I know that if my nail hadn't been there, I wouldn't have a tip to my finger right now. SO grateful for painful, ouchie finger nails.
I need to look on the bright side a little more often, thanks for letting me share just a little bit of my gratitude right now.


Deanna said...

It was so fun to see you and hang out with you ladies last night!!!

I hope your finger recovers quickly...ouch!!!

Jewelle said...

Dawnyel you always impress me with how upbeat and willing to see the positive in things. I'm crossing my fingers for you that youw ill get pregnant soon!