Monday, January 31, 2011

Spending Quality Time With Family

Cameron has always loved playing board games, card games or any game with us. He BEGS constantly for a game to be played. On Saturday I played Sorry with him and Jake. (Okay, so Jake just messed up the board and picked up random cards...but HE thought he was playing.) They had such a blast. I was slightly annoyed....
Yesterday after we had a wonderful Stake Conference (seriously, it was SO good. I even got to sit by the cool kids of the stake!) Cameron asked if we could take a game with us to Grandma's house. Every Sunday we go to my mom and dad's house for Sunday dinner and some visiting time. For the last few weeks, Cameron has dug out my mom's Uno game and played it until it was time to go home. It's been fun, and I figured he could, as long as he was good.
The kid was a SAINT!
After dinner was cleaned up and the table cleaned, we set up the game and played. Jake gave up after a while and Steve took over for him. Cameron won the first game VERY quickly, and the rest of us played until we were done. Then Cam BEGGED to play again. We set it up, and one of my brothers took Steve's place. Soon, my brother had something to do, so my OTHER brother took over for him. Who knew that someone could get SO vindictive playing Sorry. Pretty soon we'd say, "Ooh, Sorry.....bwahahahahaha..." My mom would say, "That didn't sound so 'Sorry' to me." We would laugh.
In the end, I decided that games CAN be fun with your kids.

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