Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm Still Here

This week has been kind of a laid back one for me. I've been trying to enjoy staying home a bit more (normally, I'm climbing the walls if I've been at home for more than a day straight....) But I did venture out so that I could get some things done today (like all of Cam's Christmas...yup, we're DONE! Still have clothes to get for Jake, but we figured with his growth, waiting is the best option for clothes that FIT!)
Cam now has OT on Fridays (not that it's a big deal or anything...) starting in two weeks. He was tested by the new OT and he REALLY really REALLY likes her. I think he really likes the fact that she has a swing in her office, but that's beyond the point. I hope this new place works out as well as his last OT place did. I'm kinda sad that we won't be seeing Aaron anymore, but I know that times change and things do too.
I saw my eye doctor this week (along with my cousin who works there) and we picked out THE cutest glasses frames for me. I'm SO excited for them. I'm kind of bummed (again) that I won't have contacts, but I LOVE the new glasses. LOVE them! They're red and super cute! When I get them I WILL post a pic....just because they're SUPER cute!! And thankfully, my eyes have changed only slightly (but really, I'm blind.....)
We also set up our annual trip to the geneticists for next month. Unfortunately, Cam DOES have to have another MRI, but if there's no change in the tumors then the doctor will slowly space the MRIs further apart. (YAY!) We'll be there for a few days. I'm not necessarily looking forward to being in Utah, but I will be glad when it's over. I'm a little excited to see one of my friends (she's the geneticist's assistant) and show her our little Jacob, she's one that's also suffered from infertility in the past, she ended up having twins on fertility shots. She would commiserate with me whenever I saw her. She's so fun! I'm really excited to see her!
And as I mentioned before I'm nearly done with my Christmas shopping!! I can't believe it! Thankfully, I've only got 2 kids to shop for, but now I'm thinking about what to get my siblings and nephews. I THINK I've got my parents and Steve's parents gifts covered.....but we shall see.
Otherwise, our computer is completely out of commission. It's old and moldy, and died. I'm kinda sad, but at least I have access to a computer sometimes! So if I'm not around as much, don't worry.....I'm still alive!


Amy said...

*waving* Hi I've missed you. Hurry up and fix your computer!! psst..for christmas gifts for parents/gparents you should do a calender. Shutterfly has a lot of great options to put multiple pics/month and you can even personalize it and put the birthdays already in it :)

Anne/kq said...

I was always jealous because my brother got to go to OT as a kid and I didn't (his SPD was worse than mine and he also has dysgraphia.) But then my mom is an OT so I kinda did...

I have not met many OTs who were not great. :)