Saturday, January 17, 2009

Totally Random

Some bits of my life are more random than others....
  • Last night I woke up from a nightmare! I dreamed that someone told me that they were going to kill me by lethal injection today at 1:00 pm. I woke up thinking it was an omen, so I had to calm myself down before falling back to sleep. When I told Steve about it, he said, "I'm sorry," then he left for work. Thanks for caring, honey! :P
  • My grandpa is now moving back here. He's been living with my Uncle Ben since July. He's not been happy (but he won't be happy unless he's living in his house WITH my grandma alive again....) He's staying with my aunt right now, and when my mom and aunt took him to a local assisted facility he asked if he could move in RIGHT then. They've started doing the paperwork that he needs done so that he can live there. I'm actually really excited for this. Personally, I think he should have been living in an assisted facility since Grandma died.
  • Cameron has become quite the ornery night guy. We've been waking him up so that he can potty at night and last night he threw a HUGE tantrum. He flopped on the floor in front of the bathroom and REFUSED to go. He kept whining about how tired he was. Even if HE requests the wake-up-call, he still whines!
  • Jake is crawling more and more. Instead of a wounded soldier, it's more of a push-up type crawl. It's almost like he's an inch-worm. He still gets frustrated though. If he wants one of us to pick him up, he'll throw his arms and legs up and cry out. He's also picked up a piggy oinking from Cameron. ONE time, Cameron shows him and he's picked it up! Seriously, Jake is going to excel vocally!!
  • Steve hasn't seen all of the fun boy pictures we took the other day. He was working and since we don't have a computer at home to view the pictures, he still hasn't seen them all. I asked him if he wanted to go with me to Walmart to pick out a picture to turn into the newspaper for "Born in 2008" but he said he trusted my judgement. After I printed off the picture and turned it in the lady at the front desk at the newspaper kept saying, "Oh, what a cute picture...." I think she said it like 3 or 4 times! I definitely picked the right picture! When I got home, Steve asked if I'd printed off more pictures for him to take to work. I hadn't, but said I could make more copies today. I took them to him at work today and he seemed pleased. I can't wait until he sees them all though!
  • My high score on this game is 574.9! :)


stevie kay said...

I love the "born in ____" they have in the paper! Can't wait to see Jake in it!

Mattsmom said...

FUN! I should put Makayla in the born in 2008 section. Hopefully you get to read this...and you didn't die yesterday!

Elena said...

Your dreams never cease to crack me up!