Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New President

Cameron said to me, "Mom, do you know who the new president is?"
Me: "Yes...."
Cameron: "President Monson! I watched it on tv at school today...."
I quickly corrected him, telling him that the new president of the country is President Obama, NOT President Monson. *giggle* I'm sure he was confused for a few minutes!
I do have to say, even though I'm COMPLETELY anti-political ANYTHING, I have been glued to the inauguration coverage today. I hope that the new president can help fix the problems that currently plague our country, I will be praying for his success. And as a note to former President Bush....I appreciate the way he turned over power to his successor. He was friendly and helpful, and even if you don't think his political decisions were very smart or correct, you can't help but admire the way he worked with President Obama in the transfer of power. I truly appreciate the fact that beyond ALL political lines, the man can do the right thing.
Now on to the future.....may it be MUCH better, MUCH sooner! *crossing fingers and praying for success*

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