Monday, June 06, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dear Jacob....

Today was my munchkin's 3rd birthday. My, how the time has FLOWN!
He got a few cool things for his birthday: a big monster truck, a pitching-tee, and then some Cars characters. He loved it and couldn't wait to play with his bat and pitching-tee, unfortunately the rain settled in before he got a good chance to play.
He'd asked for a monster truck rally cake, so I made one (it was SO yummy and WAY rich) and then we went bowling and out for burgers for family home evening.
Overall I'd say it was a VERY fun birthday for a certain little boy. I'm so glad he's in our family!
(By the way, the big-eyed face he's making in these pictures is new. We all laugh HYSTERICALLY when he makes this face.)


Deanna said...

LOVE that cheesy grin!!! He's SO happy!!!

Jewelle said...

My my has he grown! He looks so much older than Allie. I love the cake you made for him, you are such an awesome mom!