Saturday, June 04, 2011

Dream Night at the Zoo

On Friday night we went to our local zoo for "Dream Night." A night dedicated to special needs kids and their families. It was completely free and COMPLETELY fun! They had people all around the zoo with things for the kids to feel and see (pelts, skeletons, feathers...) then they handed out free water bottles, animal crackers, tattoos, ice cream, stuffed animals for the kids....
I was so happy that our community provided this service.
Cameron was thrilled that he could see his friends and the zoo at the same time.
Jake loved the painting, animals and playing the drums.
Steve was happy to spend time with our family and not be working.
It really was a great night. We topped the zoo by going to the drive in and seeing Kung Fu Panda 2 (good, very kid-friendly...) and Thor (good parent movie, and VERY good!) It was a happy night, one that we said celebrated the start of summer break. :)

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Kim said...

Now I'm even more jealous after seeing your pics on your blog! I love the zoo in Idaho Falls. Every time I wanted to take Trinity though, I was sick or the day was crappy :( Thank Goodness summer break starts tomorrow afternoon! :)