Thursday, October 28, 2010

Doesn't Everyone Have This?

I went with my mom and Jake to Grandma-Miriam's funeral. I was enjoying the talks and music, but Jake was antsy....and who could blame the little wiggly 2 year old?
I took him out twice. The first time for a diaper change, the second, because he was rolling UNDER the pews kicking the bottoms and annoying the people around him. The second time I took him to a little corner of the church where I made him run. I had him running from one door to the next, making him run to me and under the bench that was THERE...
Pretty soon, I was singing "Ring Around The Rosies." He LOVES this song. At home, he'll sing part of it at the top of his lungs falling down. He'll sing, "Ashes, we all fall down," then lift up his legs and land squarely on his bum. I know if I tried that I would re-break my tail bone.
The first time he fell down, he landed REALLY hard. He rubbed his little back-side and said, "Mom, I cracked my bum!"
Do you think I should tell him that EVERYONE'S bum is cracked?? ;)

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Mattsmom said...

Everyone I know has that problem. He is a funny kid.