Thursday, November 04, 2010

Little Miss Homemaker?

Lately, I've been in a bit of a funk. Anything the boys do drives me crazy and I get the feeling that I've lost ALL control of my life and I turn into a screaming machine. I hate it. I'm pretty sure the boys hate it. And I've been trying to fill my life with busy things to keep me from getting depressed and REALLY upset.
Today I've been washing the blankets and sheets for our beds. It's SUCH a pain to haul all the bedding from upstairs to the basement, but it will be worth it to have yummy smelling blankies and sheets tonight. I haven't changed the comforter on my bed for a VERY long time. Now that it's fall/winter time I'm changing it to the darker blanket and the warmer stuff. I hope it will be worth it.
I'm also making HOMEMADE pumpkin pie. Okay, the only thing that ISN'T homemade is the crust, but I actually mashed the pumpkin by myself (this time using PIE pumpkins, so it's not nasty and stringy) and it smells SO heavenly. I can't wait to eat my hard work.
And with the cold weather coming I've learned a new skill. A long time ago, when I was 10 or 11 years old, I was taught a few crafty things in Primary. My sweet Primary teacher wanted us all to have the cutest things that we had created ourselves, and unfortunately for her, I was a bit of an impatient punk. We tried doing counted cross stitches, and I gave up on it before it was done. She sweetly took it and finished it for me. Then she taught us to crochet. I figured I would be FANTASTIC at this since my mom has ALWAYS been a crocheter, but it was NOT that way. I had no patience for crocheting. The only thing I ever retained from my crocheting experience was the hand hold and the chain stitch.
Fast forward to last week. I wanted to make my boys scarves for winter. I knew that I could do it, I have the determination, but I worried that I would give up like I had earlier in life. So, while I was at Cameron's annual genetics appointments last Tuesday, I had my mom show me how to make a simple stitch and a scarf. After several tries (pulling it all out after messing up) I got the hang of it, and had about a foot and a half of scarf for Mr. Jacob.
I took my crocheting with me to all of Cameron's therapy appointments, and began to get faster and faster. Then yesterday, after therapy, I finished a little scarf for my little man. I tied it all off and put strings on the end, and VOILA! I had crocheted AND finished a project!
I would LOVE to show you my craft, but sadly, my camera has decided to rebel against it's camera cord. I can't upload pics to my computer anymore, but I can upload at my mom's house. I just need to get over there sometime.
I'm just feeling SO proud of myself for accomplishing these rather homemaker-y goals! GO ME! :)


Jewelle said...

Wow, you have been getting a lot done! I can't wait to see a pic of your little man's scarf!

Jen said...

That's awesome!! I go in spurts with crocheting. Sometimes I love it, and other times I can barely stand it. Good job!!

cressfamily said...

congrats on getting the scarf finished. I have many half way done projects that I need to finish. Maybe I should take a lesson form you and do it.