Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"I'm Hungry..." Said the Potty

So anyone who REALLY knows me, knows that I hate potty training....with a PASSION! Cameron had a ROUGH time training (and still has accidents...shhh...don't tell him that I told the whole world that.) It was a LOT of work for me, and I really worried when I had another child that I was setting myself up to go through that Hell again.
Jake is now a little over two years old, and his diapers are just disgusting. Anyone who has toddlers knows this. Baby poop: gross, but manageable. Toddler poop: GROSS, it's almost big-people poop! Every chance I get (normally when I'm changing stinky diapers) I tell Jake, "You know, this would be SO much easier if you went poop in the potty..." To which he ALWAYS replies, "No!"
Last night I was with my family and my younger brother told Jake that pooping his pants is just gross. Then he said THE most brilliant thing I've ever heard, "You know, Jake, the toilet is hungry! He loves to eat poop and pee..." Jake was excited about this...and proceeded to run to the bathroom (now, I guess I should tell you that we were in my parents' backyard....FAR away from the house and I was sitting comfortably in a chair....)
I called him back to me and said, "What are you doing?"
Then he told me, "Mom, I gotta feed to'let!!" Then he was off again.
If he was serious, then I guess I'd better be too, right? So I took him on the long trek to the house, and sat him on the potty.
Wouldn't you know it, the kid POOPED!! I know, I was shocked too.
I figured it was a one-time shot, but just now, he said, "Mom, I feed to'let...." I hurried him into the bathroom and he farted. I know, nothing there, but it was a good try....
I hope things continue on this route, if we do, potty training won't be as horrendous as I had feared. *crossing fingers*


cressfamily said...

love this!! I just may have to try this with my Jake. I am so TIRED of changing diapers.

Rebekah said...

Ever since Lars got off work for teh summer, he's been changing Jonathan b/c I couldn't get up and down on the floor being 8 and 9 months pregnant and then with post partum recovery. I jsst changed him for the first time again a few days ago and I do NOT remember him being that nasty in his diapers. Maybe having a new baby in the house has brought a new reality of how nasty his diapers really are. He's not even one yet, but I am SO ready to start him potty training. He IS interested in teh toilet and begs to have his diaper changed, but he still isn't talking very much yet. *sigh* I'm in this for the long haul...