Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Getting Demanding in Our Old Age...

Lately, Jake's vocabulary has taken off. He is almost always speaking in full sentences, and for the most part, we know what he's talking about. (He does still babble quite a bit, but it is usually when he's in a playful and goofy mood.)
Anyway, he's learned that a few choice phrases will get him more attention than others. For example:
"Mom, I c'ied." (Mom, I cried.) Usually, this is followed by him in my arms, giving me "squeezies." (Squeezies are what Grandma has dubbed hugs...we LOVE the term, and Jake gives out squeezies very rarely, we take them when we can.) This phrase is also usually followed by Cameron saying, "Sorry, Jake!" Yeah, brothers are TONS of fun.
"Mom, hold me!" Again, this is one where you take care of it when you can, because he's SUCH a tough guy, he usually doesn't need to be held.
He's just a funny kid. He also insists on fixing his "flat tires" on his truck (the tires are plastic, so they're never REALLY flat, but he thinks it's fun to fix them.)
And he's VERY helpful. During scripture reading, he gives me my "sc'iptures" and insists on using his own.
Overall, the language thing is HUGE! He talks VERY well, and if you don't understand him the first 3 times he says something, he'll just smile at you and go on with his busy life.

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Rebekah said...

Awww! Love that boy! <3