Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Flip Flopping

Last week we had a flip flop invasion. I found some SUPER cute flip flops at the dollar store, and got TWO pair, because, who can beat two pairs of flip flops for $2?
Once I had my pairs of flip flops, Cam insisted HE wanted some. I was taken back, because we HAVE tried flip flops on the boy in the past, and he just doesn't get them, or like having the strap between his toes. But he INSISTED, and I relented.
We bought him some cheap pairs from the store that I love, and proceeded to teach him how to walk with these flip flops.
The first time he put them on, I was napping and Steve had to help him. I awoke to Steve's laughter. Cameron was just a *tad* uncomfortable in them. Not only were his toes spread far apart, but his fingers were spread out, down by his side and he wouldn't bend his knees.
After a little training from mom, who had to walk around for a while for him, he has learned, but he's also now complaining of the soreness between his toes.
Such is life, right?
The funny thing about our whole flip flop adventure, Grandma still insists on calling them "thongs." Thankfully, we aren't wearing THOSE kinds of things on our feet.

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cressfamily said...

HAHA Love it! We all LOVE flip flops (except Jason) here at our house. Can't count the number that we have. Funny thing my mom still calls them that too. We DON"T wear those either.