Friday, July 23, 2010

How To Entertain Your Two and Nearly Ten Year Old Children

I spent the day with a good friend today. I introduced her to the best ice cream EVER (which I was surprised they don't already have in Las Vegas). Talked with her for HOURS about what kinds of things I can do to help out my sweet Cameron (she's an AMAZING special ed, I wish she was OUR teacher, that's how amazing she is!) Getting all sorts of ideas from the kinds of books and programs to try (Bob books...we're going to find you!) and discussing the fun things that she does with her preschool kids. (Ocean-scenes and counting with goldfish crackers....Jake is ready for YOU!)
Then as we were finishing up our visit, she asked about dollar stores. I pointed her to one of my favorites, and OH MY GOODNESS, it was a good thing that it was payday today.
I found some super cute mini-lanterns that BOTH of my boys are loving. I also grabbed them some little plastic trucks (they're open, but sitting on the couch...) and my favorite things: GIANT bowls (for salads) flip flops (can't beat $1), and pens, envelopes and a new egg slicer. My boys are enthralled by the stuff I got. Cam's bummed that I didn't get him some flip flops (didn't know his size, and he was at the Learning Center, so I couldn't just measure his feet...) but the boys are happy and well entertained for VERY cheap!
I love dollar stores! :)

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