Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Two minus One Equals Bummer

Last week, I had some van issues. I noticed that it wasn't staying cool when I drove around in the heat, which usually means I'm running out of coolant (we have a leak in the reservoir, so we have to fill it often.) I told my mom that I should probably add more liquid, but then promptly forgot.
Friday, after driving it around a bit, I stopped and smoke and steam POURED out. I was at Walmart, luckily, and decided to get some coolant among some other things. After getting ALL of my shopping done, I went out to the van with the boys, set Cameron to work buckling Jake in, and I filled the van with the coolant.
The noises coming from the van were NOT normal, it sounded like a big ol' monster truck or something. As I got to the Learning Center, where Cameron does developmental therapy, the van died. I took Cam in, and spent the next hour trying to get the van started. (Thankfully, Jake fell asleep, and wasn't too bothered by my "mechanics.") Finally, I decided that I needed to let the van cool, and called Steve to save me.
Since then, I have tried to drive the van, but it's met with the same results: billowing smoke from the tail-pipe.
Steve looked under the hood today and noticed that the upper hose is trashed.
It looks like we're back to being a one-car-family again. Bummer. :(


Elena said...

Oh that is a bummer!

cressfamily said...

if it's just the hose then they are fairly cheep. Go see Jason at Checkers by the 17th Alberstons.

Dawnyel said...

Denee, I think we will. Thanks! :)